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Obama spent at least $236,000 today just to make a speech!!

As President Barack Obama flies Monday to Chicago for a midday speech on health-care reform, the round trip on Air Force One will run about $236,000, according to government estimates of the operating costs for one of the top symbols, and perks, of the presidency.

But that does not include such expenses as Secret Service protection, motorcades and helicopter transports.

My goodness. He just got back from a town hall in Wisconsin.  Can’t he just make a speech in Washington?

See Chicago Tribune:

This is infuriating.

Posted:  06.15.09


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Released Gitmo Prisoners now in Paradise

Bermuda Guantanamo

Two of the four released Gitmo prisoners take a little dip in Bermuda over the weekend


Guantanamo four: Ablakim Turahun, Abdulla Abdulqadir, Khelil Mamut, and Salahidin Abdulahat (left to right) are already looking to the future with talk of opening Bermuda’s first Uighur restaurant

More pictures and an account of their first weekend of freedom

Posted:  06.15.09

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