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Obama speaking in Egypt: “assalaamu alaykum”

Complete transcript of Barack H. Obama’s speech.

“I am also proud to carry with me the goodwill of the American people, and a greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country: assalaamu alaykum.”

Never in history has a president of the United States “addressed Islam.” Odd, he was not addressing another country, but Islam, saying at the beginning:

“I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world…..” (a country and a religion?). And he continues with a speech riddled with religious references and many quotes from the Koran, and I believe only one time quoting from the Bible, and once from the Talmud.

“The people of the world can live together in peace. We know that is God’s vision. Now, that must be our work here on Earth. Thank you. And may God’s peace be upon you.”

More mixing of “church and state” than I have ever heard, except you can’t say “church,” but what would you say? “Mosque and state?”

And he denies it, but I predict Israel will go under the Obama bus before it is over with.

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