Dick Cheney on national security – Hooray!

I like Cheney’s speech today. So good to hear somebody stand up and speak out. In so many places, I can say “he took the words right out of my mouth,” especially in the following quotes:

“”Yet for all these exacting efforts to do a hard and necessary job and to do it right, we hear from some quarters nothing but feigned outrage based on a false narrative. In my long experience in Washington, few matters have inspired so much contrived indignation and phony moralizing as the interrogation methods applied to a few captured terrorists.

I might add that people who consistently distort the truth in this way are in no position to lecture anyone about “values”…..

[I think I detect a little bit of Saul Alinsky’s Rule #4 in all the moralization – ‘ Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules,’ while all the while practicing ‘the ends justify the means’ yourself.]

…..In the category of euphemism, the prizewinning entry would be a recent editorial in a familiar newspaper that referred to terrorists we’ve captured as, quote, “abducted.” Here we have ruthless enemies of this country, stopped in their tracks by brave operatives in the service of America, and a major editorial page makes them sound like they were kidnap victims, picked up at random on their way to the movies.….

…..It is a fact that only detainees of the highest intelligence value were ever subjected to enhanced interrogation. You’ve heard endlessly about waterboarding. It happened to three terrorists. One of them was Khalid Sheikh Muhammed – the mastermind of 9/11, who has also boasted about beheading Daniel Pearl…..

…..blames America for the evil that others do…..””

I listened to both speeches and I don’t have a doubt in my mind that the terrorists are happier with POTUS’ views than with Cheney’s.

One thing about it, it is not an opinion or a theory that we have not been attacked again, it is a FACT.

[Has anyone noticed the POTUS does not know the proper usage of “a” and “an”?  He also called the Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, William Gates.  Wouldn’t bring it up except that he’s so, you know, “intelligent.”  But whatever…..] 🙂

See complete transcript of Cheney’s speech Here.

Posted: 05.21.09


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6 responses to “Dick Cheney on national security – Hooray!

  1. Do people actually listen to Cheney anymore? I mean, people who don’t support the dying GOP?


    • bellalu0

      It’s not so much who said it but what was said. But it does seem there’s quite a bit of interest in what Cheney has to say.


  2. bellalu0

    Thanks for the linkage! Appreciate it. I’ll link back to the Cheney video.

    So far…I have received more than twice the amount of hits on the Cheney transcript I posted compared to the Obama transcript. Not to shabby for an ex-VP speaking on the same day as a sitting POTUS.


    • bellalu0

      Thanks for the comment, Velvet.

      POTUS has given too many speeches and much of what he says is just a repeat. It’s all generalities when it’s time for some details.


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  4. Ms. M

    Bella, I miss your posts at Imus….site really has gone down hill due the “compassionate” individual….how about Pelosi’s press conference today? the one where she refused to answer any questions? I really believe these people don’t believe they have to account for a damm thing….2010 can’t here soon enough!


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