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Idea to have Hillary and Sarah Palin join forces?

This is a very interesting story from Politico that the idea was presented to Sarah Palin to help Hillary retire her debt. I don’t think this is such a stretch myself. She did decline stating she didn’t think her contributors would be in favor of such a move, but what would it have meant if she had decided to participate?  John Coale said it was a reaction he had to the poor treatment both women received and that he was hoping to forge some alliance of women by hooking up Palin with the former first family.  The fact that I always thought Greta was very impressed with Sarah and respected her whether she agreed with her or not makes me think she may have had some input.

In an unusual attempt to forge an alliance between two of the most prominent political families in American politics, John Coale, a Washington-area Democratic donor and onetime adviser to Sarah Palin, urged the conservative Alaska governor to use her political action committee to help retire the presidential campaign debt of Hillary Clinton.

Coale, a wealthy trial attorney and the husband of Fox News talk show host Greta Van Susteren, approached Palin with the improbable plan in February while in Alaska with his wife, who was taping an interview with the former Republican vice presidential nominee.

Posted:  05.20.09


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