Cockatoo shakes a tail feather (Video – Funny)

Frostie is a Bare-Eyed Cockatoo dancing to the Blues Brothers & Ray Charles hit from their Difinitive Collection Album!   This is too funny.

Posted:  05.17.09


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4 responses to “Cockatoo shakes a tail feather (Video – Funny)

  1. LOL! awesome video, i wish my cockatoo did that. Its amazing what parrots seem to learn to do and the fact that they learn so quickly is still suprising to me. Thanks for the laughs and God bless!


    • bellalu0

      I think whoever first used “birdbrain” to mean sort of dumb never was around a parrot. They are so amazingly intelligent.


  2. Okay this is wonderful I sent it to my mother in law who is an avid bird watcher and bookmarked frosties you tube channel.

    Thanks Bella and Janet both of these post were great.

    One was about a talented bird, and the other about an old dog who knows all the old tricks 🙂

    I wonder if Imus will mention anything about Bill and the Nanny?


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