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Fun with Etsy – Everything handmade

I am having lots of fun with my little Etsy shop, “Mostly Making Memories.” See more @  http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6777897 (bellalu0.etsy.com)

Here’s a sample:


Bonnie Bluebell earrings (sold)


Bounce earrings (sold)


Pool Party earrings


Cotton Candy earrings

Posted:  04.29.09  Updated:  05.12.09

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Louis Caldera, White House Military Office, man of the week

Digging a little deeper into little-known Louis Caldera, Director, White House Military Office,  the man responsible for the low flight of Air Force One over Manhattan:

Louis Caldera, director of the White House Military Office, apologizes to the city of New York. Caldera came to the White House from IndyMac, where he served on the board of directors from 2002 until the bank was seized by the feds last year.

IndyMac is under investigation for fraud.

Read the story Here.

Posted: 04.28.09

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Time Magazine “world’s most influential person” poll manipulated by an internet group (Update)

ll, this for anyone, as myself, who has wondered about poll results and their validity.  An internet group with a reputation of being part of the underbelly of the net successfully rigged Time Magazine’s “Time 100” poll to name their founder, moot, as the world’s most influential person.

Now, I’ll have to say, once again I thought – this is some kind of joke, I’d better check further, but from all I can see, it is for real.  One source said that Time Magazine has sort of shrugged it off saying it was just an internet poll.

“”Look closely at Time magazine’s online voting results so far for the Time 100 and you will see at the top someone called moot (aka 21-year-old Christopher Poole), the founder of 4chan, the notorious online bulletin board where hackers like to hang out. Not only did moot’s followers manage to get his name to the top of the Time 100 reader’s list, they also manipulated the next 20 spots.””


See the gross details Here.

UPDATE:  I just caught a glimpse on CNN of a special program announcing Time Magazine Worlds Most Influential People to be aired on May 1st, with Anderson Cooper and George Clooney.  I said, nah, surely they are not going to have a special program about a bogus list of influentials!

I was in disbelief so I go searching again and found this:

“”Anderson Cooper is teaming up with Time magazine for a special look at The World’s Most Influential People.

CNN announced that the news network would air the one-hour special edition of Anderson Cooper 360° on May 1 in conjunction with the release of the Time 100 special issue. The program, anchored by Cooper, will feature interviews with the magazine’s honorees, conducted by other influencers.””

And from Time.com website:

“”In a stunning result, the winner of the third annual TIME 100 poll and new owner of the title World’s Most Influential Person is moot.””


Posted:  04.28.09  Posted:  02.28.09 @ 6:00 p.m.

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New Yorkers Terrorized by Air Force One



An eyewitness account:  Amy in Jersey City wrote “I work in the 30 Hudson building in Jersey City, on the side that faces the Statue of Liberty. Our group is on one of the top floors and needless to say we probably had some of the best views of this incident. We were conducting work as normal when all of a sudden we see this huge commerical plane coming at us. People were ducking and on the floor because it came so close. The plane flew right over us and couldn’t have missed the building by more than 100 feet. Then we heard people scream it was coming back. The plane literally looked like it was going to barrel into our building coming straight at us until it turned upwards at the last minute. I can’t believe I saw the underbelly of a plane fly over me. When it started coming back a 3rd time, we ran for the stairs. It’s safe to say we are pretty angry about having to evacuate and go down 30+ flights of stairs for a ‘photo shoot.’ What a start to the week.”


See more accounts Here.

Posted: 04.28.09

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White House requested the fly-over of Lower Manhattan

Well, mystery solved.  Who is responsible for the irresponsible fly-over?  It came straight from the White House.

The White House Military Office TOLD the FAA that it updates file photo of Air Force One near national landmarks and they wanted to update its file photo of the President’s plane near the Statue of Liberty.

And I guess the FAA responds when the White House calls them, even if it is a foggy Monday morning and scares the bejesus out of workers in highrise buildings at Ground Zero.

“”An administration official says a presidential Boeing 747 and a fighter jet flew low near ground zero in New York City Monday because the White House Military Office wanted to update its file photo of the president’s plane near the Statue of Liberty.

This official said the White House Military Office told the Federal Aviation Administration that it periodically updates file photos of Air Force One near national landmarks, like the statute in New York harbor and the Grand Canyon.””

There is something wrong with this picture.  It does not make any sense.  Has anyone ever seen a picture of Air Force One flying over the Grand Canyon or the Statue of Liberty?

See more here.

Posted:  04.28.09


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