Panic in NYC – Low flying Boeing 747 near Statue of Liberty called a “Photo Op” by FAA (Update)

“An Air Force fighter jet and one of President Barack Obama’s official planes on Monday flew low over the Statue of Liberty in an approved photo opportunity.”

O.M.G.  This video is unbelievable.  Can you imagine how terrifying this was for all those who didn’t know what was happening, which was everybody?  What in the world were they THINKING?

The FAA called it “an approved military photo op.” The White House declined to comment.

The U.S. Air Force, which operates the president’s plane, said the “aerial photo mission” involved an F-16 fighter jet escort and one of the Boeing 747s designated as Air Force One when the president is aboard. Obama was not on board.

Police said federal authorities told them not to disclose the information ahead of time but to direct inquiries to the Federal Aviation Administration.

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UPDATE:  04.27.09 @ 10:00 p.m. – I would think this was a hoax or maybe one of those flying object films that may have been doctored, but this really happened.  And to think, what if it had been a hijacked plane or something of that nature, absolutely NOBODY even knew about it.  Bloomberg didn’t seem to know, he said he got a text message.  Robert Gibbs said he didn’t know – “what can I tell you, I don’t know.  I have no information.” It seems nobody had a clue.

Air Force One with two figher jets following.  Dear God.  Who okayed this?

Headline:  New Yorkers terrorized by Air Force One.  You can’t make it up.  🙂

I saw one version of the video of people scared and panicked in the streets and evacuating buildings.  Just watching it scares me so I can imagine had I been in lower Manhattan, the scene of the 9/11 tragedy, thinking is it happening again?  This is not a good omen really and shows an extremely high level of incompetence.  Is America safe?  Hell, no.

Even in the best of scenarios, wasn’t it insane for a 747 to fly low over NYC with two fighter jets following along?  And how much did this cost?  What was the purpose of it?  Were they making a brochure or something?  Who was taking the photo, for God’s sake?  It looked a little overcast to be taking pictures.  Actually, I don’t believe the story.  What were they doing?

White House took responsibility and apologized

Here’s the video of the reaction of the people (with sound):

See New York Post account.

An administration official says a presidential Boeing 747 and a fighter jet(s) flew low near ground zero in New York City Monday because the White House Military Office wanted to UPDATE ITS FILE PHOTO of the president’s plane near the Statue of Liberty.  You CANNOT make it up.

Posted:  04.27.09  Updated:  04.27.09


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7 responses to “Panic in NYC – Low flying Boeing 747 near Statue of Liberty called a “Photo Op” by FAA (Update)

  1. testing it sent me an error message last time I tried to comment.


  2. americanruby

    Bella, I had the same thoughts to vent tonight. I was absolutely dumstruck by the stupidity of the Air Force One photo op today. You can’t make it up, as Imus says… how idiotic that was! As I mentioned in my blog, a three year old would have known better.

    Contrary to what the Obama administration might perceive, there are a great many American people, especially those living in New York City, who haven’t forgotten 9/11. It seems like only yesterday, especially after what happened today.


    • Marcuz

      The taxpayers paid over $60,000 just for air force one to fly this route. That doesn’t even count the F16 escorts. The “photo op” story does not make any sense. If they wanted a picture to look like that, all they would have to do is doctor it up on a computer. Instead they wasted money, unnecessarily panicked New York, flew the President’s plane at unsafe altitudes, and used F16s to take the pictures??? Something is just fishy about this story. I think we are being lied to again.


  3. bellalu0

    Ruby, I just can’t get over it. Colossal blunder. BHO says it won’t happen again. Well, I should hope not. President Bush didn’t fly over New Orleans but once either. Which to me made sense because he couldn’t land Air Force One in the middle of a disaster area.

    But for a freakin’ picture?!?. Somebody said with all their computer genius, a cut and paste could have done the job. What did he want the photo for anyway? Maybe a thank you note to Hugo or something, I don’t know.

    Watch out, Grand Canyon and Mt. Rushmore. You will be next. Well, no, I guess they will want to wait until BHO’s face gets added to Mt. Rushmore. 🙂


  4. bellalu0

    In speech at the FBI yesterday, another blooper:

    And the president let out a Freudian slip showing that the marker of his first 100 days in office was on his mind. At one point in his speech, intending to refer to the FBI’s 100 YEARS, Obama said: “There’s much to celebrate from the FBI’s first 100 days.”


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