James Bailey home for sale – The greatest show on earth – discounted

The owner of circus entrepreneur James Bailey’s 1880s mansion in New York has cut the price to $6.5 million after listing the home in November for $10 million — a drop of 35% in less than half a year.

baily-mansionThe rare free-standing house in Harlem (above), whimsical and turreted, measures 12,000 square feet and has original stained-glass windows and mahogany paneling . Mr. Bailey was one half of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, which Ringling Bros. bought in 1907.

Marguerite Blake, a former funeral-home director, has owned the home since 1951.  [Hmmm]

It is in a significant state of disrepair. The Wall Street Journal’s Private Properties column reports that the mansion has had a price cut from $10 million to $6.5 million and whoever buys can expect to expend significant money in rehabbing this old beauty.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was started when the circus created by James Anthony Bailey and P. T. Barnum was merged with the Ringling Brothers Circus. The Ringling brothers purchased the Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1907, but ran the circuses separately until they were finally merged in 1919.

Bailey’s managerial astuteness complemented Barnum’s abilities as a promoter and made their circus the most successful enterprise of its kind in the United States. After Barnum’s death in 1891, the circus made several triumphant tours of Europe under Bailey’s sole leadership.

Go to Luxis for a  look at the interior of this place. I’ll bet it’s haunted. 🙂  Spooo-ky.

Which made me think of the John Ringling mansion, Cà d’Zan, in Sarasota, Florida, now a Museum of Art.  It is really beautiful but I am pretty sure it is haunted.  Just a feeling I had when I was there.  Believe me, these old houses have stories to tell.

“”It is the remarkable legacy of a circus entrepreneur, collector of art and financier who endowed the State of Florida with a rich cultural future. As a part of Florida State University, the Museum of Art, Circus Museum, and Cà d’Zan Mansion located on a 66-acre estate overlooking Sarasota Bay, is the state art museum of Florida.””

Read more about the John and Mable Ringling legacy Here.

Posted: 04.26.09


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6 responses to “James Bailey home for sale – The greatest show on earth – discounted

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  2. Bella,

    They should get it a historical marker. Is it on the register of historical homes?

    I heart the Circus 😉


  3. Bella,

    Plez is offline today will be back on tomorrow I told her you were looking for away to save your blog archive offline. I told her you were on word press she is going to take a look tomorrow. She isn’t sure if there is software? You might have to cut and paste to document and burn to CD? That’s my thoughts. I am not technical at all but you have me thinking about it now, archiving is a good idea for prosperity sake. Plez keeps adding labels to my post because I forget to do that it makes a difference for search engines.


  4. bellalu0

    Boy, cut and paste would be labor intensive, as much as I have written. lol. But I will be anxious to see what she says. I think there’s an art to the tags, et cetera, and I’m not sure I have it figured out. You are directly on Google, but getting picked up by Google, I’m not sure what triggers that.

    Did you see that plane flying over Manhattan this morning?


  5. bellalu0

    I just put up a video. Terrifying.


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