“Historic” handshake between Obama and Chavez

Well, President Obama bows to the Saudi king, he plays footsy with Castro, and now a high-five and a handshake for Hugo Chavez.

I hear now there is a second encounter today where Chavez presented the president with a book entitled Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano, where the author spends over 300 pages expounding on the “horrors” and “injustices” that the western world has plagued on Latin America.

CB Trinidad Americas Summit Obama

So should we be surprised at our president?  No.  It was all there to see before the election – from his own statements to those he has chosen as associates and mentors through his relatively few years of adult life.  So it really does not surprise me, just sickens me to see it.  And the only criticism our president seems to have is criticisms of his own country while bowing and scraping to thugs in other countries.



Before the election there were some facts that should have been made known by the media, but were not.  Instead, the MSM played down connections that I believe are important.

See interesting fact here and some more Here.

Posted: 04.19.09


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3 responses to ““Historic” handshake between Obama and Chavez

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  2. The thing is this guy is a coco leave chewing clown. He spent the entire time posturing like he was the Alpha as though he is the un named leader of Latin and South America. Just ain’t so, they said he was constantly trying to be standing- when Obama was sitting to make Obama seem the lesser of the two…well now Obama knows first hand what Latin American Socialism looks like. Chavez is such a tool and this is who wants to be America’s friend. Sometimes you just got to be more selective with who you will meet with. I have heard Bill O’Reilly say Obama is on a learning curve with his new position so much for Ready Day 1.


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