Tax Day Protest in Gainesville, Florida

There were some 700 such rallies across America yesterday.  Peaceful protests.  Americans exercising our right to free speech and right to assembly.  And Nancy Pelosi is either so out of touch with what is happening or is just plain lying to say it is some “astroturf” movement financed by the rich in the country.  Just not true. And MSNBC and CNN and their “journalists” just plain think it’s funny.

This all started back during the very first Bailout by the Bush Administration.  At the time we were just individuals out here in our homes mad and outraged about it.  It takes a little time for a real and authentic grassroots movement to take shape and for likeminded Americans to make contact with each other and get this huge statement before the country and the world that happened yesterday.

And of course the Bush Bailout was not the end but only the beginning and it’s just enough already!!

Truth:  The MSM has deliberately failed to cover any of the rallies that preceded this one that have been popping up across the nation since last Fall.  And they are making fun of this one yesterday.

Fox covered the events but they did not start nor organize them.  There would have been no honest coverage if not for Fox.  All that would have been broadcasted would have been the lies of the other networks and politicians like Pelosi who think they know everything and are extremely out of touch.  I honestly feel sorry for anyone who only gets their news from the likes of CNN or MSNBC.  Their coverage of these events yesterday when contrasted to the truth about them should be enough to wake up any fair-minded person.

We are hard-working, law-abiding citizens, mothers, fathers, families, ex-military, parents with children now serving in the military, voters, consumers, the people who keep this country running.


Protesters on a variety of political issues line up along East University Ave. with signs during the conservative tea party protest on Tax Day at the downtown Gainesville square on Wednesday, April 15, 2009.


Protesters line up along East University Ave. with signs during the conservative tea party protest on Tax Day at the downtown Gainesville square on Wednesday, April 15, 2009.

Here are some accounts from others:

See Here, this one in Texas.

And this account below from a friend in Missouri:

“”Today, our city of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, on the outskirts of Kansas City, had a tea party in front of city hall. It was held between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. The weather cooperated beautifully, and I would estimate that 1,000 people attended. It wasn’t a “hate Obama” rally but a more spiritual oriented rally with emphasis on opposition to the gross ( an understatement) amount of money that has been authorized lately by way of the stimulus bill that none of our lawmakers read.

I got a lot of still photos, but they were from my cellphone only, so don’t know how they have turned out yet. There were lots of unique signs. My favorite was :

“Next Time Read The Bill”

It was all positive and inspiring and I sure didn’t feel so alone. I’m sure most everyone there was gaining encouragement from each other.

I wanted to go to the one in Kansas City later this afternoon which will be held at Liberty Memorial and will probably have some national coverage, but because of time, I opted to go to the one in my town, and it was rewarding to see all this at a grassroots level.

I’ve always been proud of my country but had a special excitement and love for it today.

God Bless America!””

Posted:  04.16.09


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5 responses to “Tax Day Protest in Gainesville, Florida

  1. Bella

    She isn’t out of touch – she is SCARED, you just can’t tell because her face is frozen:)


  2. Oh good. More bitter hypocritical Republicans, who appear to have decided that the absolute diabolical past eight years, is all obama’s fault.
    Where were you all when Bush was wasting billions destroying half of Iraq?


  3. bellalu0

    Yep. Scary, aren’t we?

    The Sleeping Giant doesn’t roll over too often. lol.

    Too busy working.


  4. Incredible the Messiah is Perfect even when he is spending us into unprecedented debt…All The Money The Obama Administration is spending is more then the money that has been spent sense this country was founded but it’s all George W Bush’s fault. Bush started it he pre socialized the economy for Obama that doesn’t let Obama off the hook or his supporters. Some people don’t know how economics work you can’t spend your way out of debt you can’t spend more money then you have. When China stops loaning and we start printing worthless paper unprecedented Hyper Inflation will set in, SEE Argentina who tried to spend their way out of debt Japan and right now Zimbabwe, and then the Obama Trolls won’t be able to afford their ISP.


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