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George and Cindy Anthony angry at depositions (Update)

UPDATE: Here’s the beginning of each deposition taken of Cindy Anthony and George Anthony on 04.09.09.

I just watched pretty much all the videos and I think I can understand their anger to some extent but I have never seen such combative behavior by witnesses in a depo.  They were horrible.  Zaneida’s attorney said that Casey had also sued Zaneida, so they are both plaintiffs and both defendants which complicates things.

See all the videos of Cindy Anthony’s deposition Here and George Anthony Here.

This (below) is a raw video of interview with Zenaida’s attorneys after the depositions.

These were some very contentious depositions today of George and Cindy Anthony.

Both of them are very combative.  George accused Zenaida’s attorney of shooting him a bird.  The lawyer said he was just pushing his glasses up but he would use his pinky if it bothered him.  Cindy supposedly called him a b*stard after the depositions.  They do not like him to say the least.  Pretty funny.  You have to watch the video to see the intensity of it.  This sheds quite a bit of light on the grandparents.  Orlando Sentinel.

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