ACORN organized fake “protests” at AIG homes

Okay, now I’m mad.  This has nothing to do with the “Tea Parties” that have been held across America.  NOTHING.  Notice who organized this protest on private citizens and their homes.  Believe me, The Working Families Party had nothing to do with the Tea Parties either.  40 people showed up for this orchestrated protest and the press showed up from all around the world.  More press than protesters.

“”Protesters organized by the Connecticut Working Families Party prepare to visit homes in Connecticut where AIG executives live, Saturday, March 21.””

Working Families Party was first organized in 1998 by a coalition of labor unions, ACORN and other community organizations, members of the now-inactive national New Party, and a variety of public interest groups.

“”A busload of activists representing working- and middle-class families paid visits Saturday to the lavish homes of American International Group executives to protest the tens of millions of dollars in bonuses awarded by the struggling insurance company after it received a massive federal bailout.

About 40 protesters – outnumbered by reporters and photographers from as far away as Germany – sought to urge AIG executives who received a portion of the $165 million in bonuses to do more to help families.””

The people who are supporting and participating in the Tea Party movement (me included) are protesting the President and the Congress for passing all these bailouts. I don’t believe we would EVER demonstrate in front of a citizen’s house or hold a “bus tour.”  This is ACORN style stuff and I should have caught it immediately.

But just watch how the press and the MSM mix the two together and MISLEAD people.


I just wrote in my previous post how I was suspicious this was going to be used as a tool to push an Obama agenda and this is proof.  These people are protesting capitalism, the “evil” capitalism.

NOTICE:  It is Capitalism we are trying to SAVE!!!!

Posted:  03.22.09


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5 responses to “ACORN organized fake “protests” at AIG homes

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  2. Bella

    When was the last time an American President mentioned Prosperity?

    American Prosperity…remember Obama is the wizard when it comes to lowered expectations…his community organizers are kind of behaving like co-dependents. Makes you wonder about their back grounds?


  3. George

    The protests at the home of AIG employees was the first, scary use of Obama’s Citizen Army..and Army he wants to establish that is to be “as powerful” and equal to the US Military. The AIG protests were first established use of that Army…….an indication of what we can expect from the Brown Shirts as they indinmate Amercian Citizens to tow the party line and abide by the rules they will estbalish..outside of the legal system. Be for warned…this is only the beginning.


    • AnnaMossity

      Wow, you REALLY need to work on this, the latest attempt at conspiracy-theory FEAR TACTICS–“Brown Shirts??!” How DARE you? What an irresponsible comparison; People DIED at the hands of the Italian Brown-Shirts.

      So this group of people, ALL 40 OF THEM, are Obama’s Army? Oooh, terrifying! If you truly find them to potentially be “as powerful [as] amd equal to the US Military,” then not only is that an INSULT to our massive military-industrial complex, but to the efficacy of your PSYCHIATRIST!!


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