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President Obama’s “gallows humor” on 60 Minutes

You know how you read or hear something and think you either misunderstood it or even maybe it’s just a spoof, maybe you landed on one of those “Onion” sites.

Well, that’s happened several times to me in the last few days.  This is another one of them.  I didn’t see this 60 Minutes interview so when I read that Obama was actually laughing during his discussion of the economy, I thought, no, that couldn’t be.  But, yes, it is.

Here’s the exact transcript of the part where he is laughing, several times, and the interviewer (Steve Kroft) says, “Are you punch drunk?”  Is there a video?  Haven’t found one yet.  It has probably been confiscated like the Saint Patrick’s Day event where the TelePrompter got messed up and he introduced himself.  Update:  Here’s a link.  This segment is at about 2:40 in.


And here’s a cute little montage:


“”60 Minutes transcript By Politico Staff| 3/22/09 7:20 PM EDT

STEVE KROFT: Do you have any idea when this might end? Or when things might start getting better?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, we’re already starting to see flickers of– of hope out there. refinancings– have significantly increased. Interest rates have never been lower. That promises– the possibility at least of the housing market bottoming out and stabilizing. It’s not going to happen equally in every part of the country.


PRESIDENT OBAMA: I just want to say that– the only thing less popular than putting money into banks is putting money (LAUGHS) into the auto industry. So–

STEVE KROFT: 18 percent are in favor.


STEVE KROFT: Seventy-six percent against.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: It– it– it’s not a high number.

STEVE KROFT: You’re sitting here. And you’re– you are laughing. You are laughing about some of these problems. Are people going to look at this and say, “I mean, he’s sitting there just making jokes about (LAUGHTER) money–” How do you deal with– I mean, wh– explain –


STEVE KROFT: –the mood and your laughter.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Yeah, I mean, there’s got to be–

STEVE KROFT: Are you punch drunk?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: No, no. There’s gotta be a little gallows humor to (LAUGHS) get you through the day. You know, sometimes my team– talks about the fact that if– if you had said to us a year ago that– the least of my problems would be Iraq, which is still a pretty serious problem– I don’t think anybody would have believed it. But– but we’ve got a lot on our plate. And– a lot of difficult decisions that we’re going to have to make.

President Obama, in my book, you are not allowed any “gallows humor.”  You are the one who asked for a man to be fired over three words.  Remember that?  And you are the one who referred to three little words as  “violence” equal to the Virginia Tech masacre.  Remember that?  You advocated a man lose his job, his career of a lifetime, over a joke.

This is not a joke and you should not laugh about the serious problems facing America right now.

And that’s my opinion about your gallows humor, Mr. President.  What goes around comes around.

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ACORN organized fake “protests” at AIG homes

Okay, now I’m mad.  This has nothing to do with the “Tea Parties” that have been held across America.  NOTHING.  Notice who organized this protest on private citizens and their homes.  Believe me, The Working Families Party had nothing to do with the Tea Parties either.  40 people showed up for this orchestrated protest and the press showed up from all around the world.  More press than protesters.

“”Protesters organized by the Connecticut Working Families Party prepare to visit homes in Connecticut where AIG executives live, Saturday, March 21.””

Working Families Party was first organized in 1998 by a coalition of labor unions, ACORN and other community organizations, members of the now-inactive national New Party, and a variety of public interest groups.

“”A busload of activists representing working- and middle-class families paid visits Saturday to the lavish homes of American International Group executives to protest the tens of millions of dollars in bonuses awarded by the struggling insurance company after it received a massive federal bailout.

About 40 protesters – outnumbered by reporters and photographers from as far away as Germany – sought to urge AIG executives who received a portion of the $165 million in bonuses to do more to help families.””

The people who are supporting and participating in the Tea Party movement (me included) are protesting the President and the Congress for passing all these bailouts. I don’t believe we would EVER demonstrate in front of a citizen’s house or hold a “bus tour.”  This is ACORN style stuff and I should have caught it immediately.

But just watch how the press and the MSM mix the two together and MISLEAD people.


I just wrote in my previous post how I was suspicious this was going to be used as a tool to push an Obama agenda and this is proof.  These people are protesting capitalism, the “evil” capitalism.

NOTICE:  It is Capitalism we are trying to SAVE!!!!

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Obama’s “You’re doing a fine job, Brownie” Moment

Frank Rich lays it on the line.  And you know if he is willing to come to grips and talk about the thus far total incompetence of the Obama Administration, you know that covering for him is becoming impossible.

From the New York Times op-ed:

A CHARMING visit with Jay Leno won’t fix it. A 90 percent tax on bankers’ bonuses won’t fix it. Firing Timothy Geithner won’t fix it. Unless and until Barack Obama addresses the full depth of Americans’ anger with his full arsenal of policy smarts and political gifts, his presidency and, worse, our economy will be paralyzed. It would be foolish to dismiss as hyperbole the stark warning delivered by Paulette Altmaier of Cupertino, Calif., in a letter to the editor published by The Times last week: “President Obama may not realize it yet, but his Katrina moment has arrived.”

And yet they don’t get it.  I heard yesterday that he was sending out his little ACORNs to go door to door like a bunch of beggars to get some petitions signed to support the massive spending.  Come on.  But this is all he knows, this is his only experience – community organizing.

And so Rich goes on to say they seem to have failed to get the message:

Otherwise it [the Obama Administration] never would have used Lawrence Summers, the chief economic adviser, as a messenger just as the A.I.G. rage was reaching a full boil last weekend. Summers is so tone-deaf that he makes Geithner seem like Bobby Kennedy.

Bob Schieffer of CBS asked Summers the simple question that has haunted the American public since the bailouts began last fall: “Do you know, Dr. Summers, what the banks have done with all of this money that has been funneled to them through these bailouts?” What followed was a monologue of evasion that, translated into English, amounted to: Not really, but you little folk needn’t worry about it.  [Another version of the ‘chattering classes just don’t care about all these little porky projects.’]

The only good thing I can see from all of this is that it is heartening to see the citizen voices are finally breaking through.  The people are being heard.

But then on the other hand, we better be careful.  Obama says he is mad, too.  So in some way, I think he is misreading what we are saying.  I believe the Saul Alinsky student is looking at it through that prism and is going to try to use the discontent to expand his agenda, that agenda being the total gutting of America as we know it.  This is the Alinsky model, and I believe it is Barack Obama’s view, as well:

“”Saul Alinsky’s worldview was that the United States is an oppressive and racist society where most people (the Have-Nots) are the victims of economic injustice with a future of despair. He wanted a radical change of America’s social and economic structure, and he planned to achieve that through creating public discontent and moral confusion. His goal was not to arrive at compromise or peaceful solution; his goal was to crush the Haves and transform society.””

It’s something to think about.

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