Not everybody in the USA is hurting (Repost)

American People — Get ready for heavy lifting and sacrifices “for the greater good.”

Meanwhile — some recent real estate transactions.  I’m glad to see the Wall Street bailout was successful.  See more at Luxist:

–Lehman’s former head of mortgage banking, Kurt A. Locher, recently spent $5.25 million on a West End Avenue apartment.

–Ex-AIG executive vice president Robert M. Sandler spent $3.45 million at the Hampshire House the day after the F.B.I. announced its investigation into his old firm’s collapse.

–Rosemary T. Berkery, the former vice chairman, general counsel and senior vice president at Merrill Lynch, has bought a $5.2 million apartment at 975 Park Avenue. She and her husband, attorney Robert Hausen, already have a co-op five floors down in the building.

–Jeff Zavattero, a Bear Stearns senior managing director recently sold his apartment at 530 East 76th St. for $4.2 million for his apartment.

–A former Lehman Brothers vice chairman Kunho Cho sold his One Beacon Court condo for $10 million. Mr. Cho and his wife, Tay, paid only $5.975 million when they bought the apartment in June 2005.

-Leo Tilman, Bear Stearns’ chief institutional strategist before starting up his own firm, has paid $3.5 million for a condo at Tribeca’s 101 Warren Street.

–50 Cent has dropped the price of his 19-bedroom, 51,000-square-foot Farmington, Connecticut mansion by $4 million. The home, Mike Tyson’s former home, was listed at $18.5 million when it was our estate of the day in 2007.

It’s hard out here…..:

Posted:  01.11.09  Repost:  03.07.09


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5 responses to “Not everybody in the USA is hurting (Repost)

  1. ngoldfarb

    Yes yes yes some are prosperous but so many are truly needy

    but what is important is my newest bailout


  2. Bella,

    This is in reference to Oakland Riots, Murders my blog. I don’t know what I have to do to cut and paste a hyper link so it is just click able.

    This is San Fransisco take a look at the links, Hot Air included Code Pinkers showed up.

    What is happening in Oakland and San Fransisco reminded me of the end of this video Skiwolf posted on Imus Times. I do believe everything that has happened the “Financial Crisis” ect.. is Manufactured. Is Obama up to fighting these Dragons? I hope so.
    This is the video link below worth watching, if you apply what is being said toward the end of video to San Francisco and Oakland….well maybe I would have thought it is a coincidence. But Chavez wants an invitation to the Inauguration, and Code Pinkers are Anarchist, and they love Chavez, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he donates to them. Code Pink, causing trouble in San Fransisco,Chavez is Ahmadinejad’s buddy -Hamas belongs to Iran. The MSM doesn’t report about these affiliations in any meaningful way.


  3. Bella,

    They are reporting that tonight and tomorrow night an airing with George H W Bush on Hannity.

    I didn’t get to see Meatloaf either, I am looking for video weird that Fox doesn’t have any up for the panel?,0,4935988.column


  4. Bella

    It was the same blog it was a poll question about the FBI tapes and Emanuel.


  5. These comments of mine are cut and pasted from another blog where the topic was much the same where we were talking about the present economy.
    I pointed out that things cant be that bad when I see what I see.
    Check it out.

    About 4 years ago I started going thru trash cans and dumpsters looking for recyclable cans so I could use the money to buy food for homeless folks.
    It didnt take long for me to discover the great stuff that supermarkets and retail outlets toss.
    Most of what I find goes to the churches whos food banks I donate to.
    But the really good sh*t stays with me.
    In the last month alone I’ve scored.
    250.00 worth of NY or Rib eye steaks.
    150.00 worth whole headless salmon.
    200.00 worth of center cut pork chops.
    200.00 worth of Oscar Meyer bacon.
    500.00 worth of Hebrew national dogs and cold cuts.
    2 cases of Yoplait yogurt.
    25 gallons of milk.
    200.00 worth of assorted cheeses.
    50.00 worth of blueberries.
    50.00 worth of strawberries.
    Onions, potatoes, carrots, tons of apples and ornages, pineapples, corn on the cobb.
    Most of it is slightly blemished
    All the meat is dated that day or earlier so I just freeze it, same with the dairy.
    Of course I dont have room for all this sh*t so I give almost all of it away.
    I even found a piggy bank once with 89.00 in it.
    2 new leather Lazy boys, slightly damaged. Nothing some saddle soap couldnt handle.
    A brand new Sony surround sound system with only a small scratch on the sub woofer.
    Brand new computer speakers, fishing poles,power tools, quilts, microwaves.
    Not to mention I make a couple hundred a week of recycling the cans.

    That was just this month(DEC) or the last few weeks.

    You have to stuff some pride if you’re worried about being seen rummaging thru a dumpster.
    Sometimes people think I’m a bum and they gimme money.
    I take it. 🙂
    I’ve turned into an art form.
    I know the schedules at most of the stores.
    Produce and meat depts. usually toss stuff in the mornining after rotating stocks, sh*ts almost always still cold when I get it.
    Last month I scored 100 lbs of 16/20 per pound shrimp still frozen.
    20 five pound boxes.
    The sell date wasnt for another 3 days which meant I could keep it in my freezer for another 3 months and it would be fine.
    When the stores get a new batch in they dont want to mark down the old stuff because then the new stuff with a higher profit margin wont sell. If they toss the old stuff people are forced by having no other choice but to buy the new ones.
    However many old boxes they sell is that many fewer new ones they’ll sell.
    And then of course theres the tax write offs and the credits from vendors.
    If one soda in a 12 pack is damaged they just toss the whole 12 pack and get reimbursed from the co.
    It pisses me off big time when we see people everywhere starving, not just in America and I swear we throw enough good food away everday to feed everyone everyday.

    Update 1/11/09

    Yesterday I came across a full case of Alaskan king crab legs, still frozen with a “must sell by” date of 1/10/09

    Mind you, I’m a professional chef with a assoc. in Rest. management and am trained in all areas of contamination prevention and food safety so nothing spoiled ever gets past me, label or no label, I know how to tell.

    How can we be that bad off if the consumer is still willing to pay for the abuses and inefficiency of the retail system ?
    I live in hawaii, 2nd or 3rd most expensive state in the union, own my house and business.
    Things have gotten a little tighter but certainly not to the degree that Obama is cramming down our throats.
    If I can make it here and be comfortable without my quality of life changing that much recently how can it be that bad in other parts of the country where the cost od living is half what it is here ?
    Not too mention the excesses that I come across while grabbing cans ?


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