Jury recommends life for Fred Cooper (Update)

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About 2:30 p.m. today a jury recommended sparing the life of Fred Cooper and sentencing him to life without parole.

Lee County Judge Thomas S. Reese makes the finale decision but he will likely follow the recommendation of the jury when he sentenced Cooper on March 16th.

Cooper, 30, convicted of killing Steven and Michelle Andrews, both 28, showed little reaction to the news, despite an emotional day that at times brought him to tears.

cooperverdict12Fred Cooper guilty of the murders of Steven and Michelle Andrews in their Gateway home in December of 2006.  Today the jury recommended a life sentence.  He will be sentenced on March 16th.

See Orlando Sentinel.

UPDATE: On March 16th:  Convicted murderer Fred Cooper will spend the rest of his life behind prison bars, a Lee Circuit judge ordered Monday.

“It is the intention of this court that you never again be able to look at the light of day except through steel bars and barbed wire,” Judge Thomas S. Reese told Cooper.

Cooper showed little emotion as the sentence was delivered. He stood before the bench, handcuffed and clad in an orange jail jumpsuit. He stared directly ahead. Four deputies surrounded him and his attorneys.

Posted:   03.05.09  Updated:  03.29.09


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5 responses to “Jury recommends life for Fred Cooper (Update)

  1. Anonymous



  2. melody

    “anonymous”? i am sooo sorry- you said for what he did to MY family! i agree with you ha should have gotten death- maybe even some pain first! god be with you and yours!


  3. Melissa

    I am not so sure he did it. Maybe that Kellie had something to do with it. Maybe both. The lack of evidence is very powerful. That’s why there was a hung jury before. Maybe they should have looked at the case more, instead of just going for Fred Cooper. Which Kellie pointed her finger at in the beginning. They didn’t look anywhere else from there. I do feel for the family of the victims. It is very tragic. And should not have happened. Maybe he is guilty……. Maybe not….. I am not the person to judge him. Nobody is actually. If he did do it then he will get what is coming to him when he meets his faith. And if he didn’t, then he spent his life in prison for nothing. Jury duty is out of the question for me. I will not be responsibile for taking anybody’s life from them.


  4. Anonymous

    God be with Michelle & Steve & little lucasz, Fred Cooper should have gotten the death penalty!


  5. sarah castaneda

    i knew michelle very well i worked with her at edina care center are sons are not that far apart…i had never met steven she talked about him alot…about the new job and starting over as a family…i even knew about the trouble abut the other guy at edina that she had… know this happened my last words were to here were good luck and i hope everything works out…she was so happy about a new beggining….i miss her so much and yes fred got what he desevers for what he did to lukasz for the rest of his life poor child i cant imagine what life will be like for him knowing some day what happend to his parents we always hope we as parents go first but not like this we want to see them grow and have children and then knowing that they are going to be okay then move on….i pray for little andrews and the rest of the family…my god bless u always and forever and i hop that mr cooper will get the death penlty


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