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Fred Cooper guilty on all charges

A few minutes after 8:00 p.m., after about six hours of deliberations, the jury has found Fred Cooper guilty of all counts.

Count 1 — Guilty as charged of first degree murder of Steven Andrews with a firearm.

Count 2 — Guilty as charged of first degree murder of Michelle Andrews with firearm.**

Count 3 — Guilty as charged of first degree armed burglary.

His first trial had ended in a mistrial after four days of deliberations.

Cooper closed his eyes as the verdict was read. Other than that, he showed little reaction to the verdict and didn’t seem to look at his family. A few jurors looked in his direction.

He was fingerprinted at the defense table before being escorted away.

Cooper could face the death penalty.

The penalty phase is set for Thursday at 8:45 a.m.

The jury will recommend either life imprisonment or the death penalty. The judge will make the final decision.

Synopsis: Fred Cooper was on trial for two counts of first-degree murder in the December 2005 deaths of a Gateway couple. Police received a 911 call the morning of Dec. 27, 2005, and the discovery of a toddler, Lucasz Andrews, alone in a home in Gateway in south Lee County with the bodies of his parents. Steven Andrews, 28, had been shot in the head. Michelle Andrews, 28, had been beaten and suffocated.

Jurors heard final arguments in the case on Tuesday, October 14. The judge was forced to call the case a mistrial Friday, October 17 after the jury couldn’t decide Cooper’s fate. The trial has moved to Pinellas County and will begin Feb. 17, 2009.

**I thought she was beaten and strangled, so the firearm may be an error.

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Hope directly from the white house throne

Today’s message of hope and inspiration from the White House:

President Obama on Tuesday said that despite an onslaught of bad economic news in recent weeks and months, there is more pain to come in the days ahead.

“The economy’s performance in the last quarter of 2008 was the worst in over 25 years. And frankly, the first quarter of this year holds out little promise for better returns,” Mr. Obama said.

Well, thank you, Jesus.  🙂

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CNN’s Bill Schneider thought Rush Limbaugh’s speech was “angry”

What?  Angry? I don’t think so.

I’ve been thinking about this for a couple days.  I heard this on Saturday when CNN immediately cut to the following analysis of Rush Limbaugh’s speech at CPAC.  It is such a prime example of the wholesale media bias practiced by CNN.  This speech was on CNN and Fox but not MSNBC because they were on their Doc Block format (where they give almost unlimited airtime to prisoners) or I would probably include them in with CNN.

But this is pretty funny.

BILL SCHNEIDER: (CNN chief “analyst”) Well, it was an angry tone. He was the hero of 1994. Fifteen years ago when Republicans won a big victory in Congress. And that was the year of the angry white men. When they came to power they honored him as being the prophet who led them to victory. Well, this was a very angry speech. By the way, they’re not all white and they’re not all men but they are angry conservative voters. They didn’t do so well last year but they’re still angry. The tone of this speech was mocking, bullying, it was full of contempt, and I thought it was a very harsh speech. One that while it rallied the conservative audience it also angered a lot of Democrats and people who aren’t particularly partisan just by the tone of it.

And he also repeated the distortion that Limbaugh said he “wanted Obama to fail” which anybody with an ounce of fairness in them knows that is not what he said.
Here’s what he really said and it’s been twisted and misquoted and taken out of context over and over. But even if he did say he wanted Obama to fail, what of it? I don’t suppose anybody, not anybody whatsoever ever  hated and wanted Bush to fail. Nah.

But here’s the direct quote from the earlier interview with Sean Hannity:

LIMBAUGH:  Look, he’s my president. The fact that he is historic is irrelevant to me now. It matters not at all. I — if he is going to implement a far left — look it. I think it’s already decided. $2 trillion in stimulus? The growth of government. I think the intent here is to create as many dependant Americans as possible looking to government for their hope and salvation.

If he gets nationalized health care, I mean, it’s over, Sean. We’re never going to roll that back. That’s the end of America as we have known it because that’s then going to set the stage for everything being government owned, operated, or provided.

Why would I want that to succeed? I don’t believe in that. I know that’s not how this country is going to be great in the future, it’s not what made this country great.

So I shamelessly say, no, I want him to fail, if his agenda is a far- left collectivism, some people say socialism, as a conservative heartfelt, deeply, why would I want socialism to succeed?

And why, indeed?

But getting back to Mr. Schneider, did he even watch or hear the speech?  I doubt it.  Mocking?  Bullying?  Full of contempt?  Please.  This is just such a great example of the manipulation the MSM engages in.  Schneider says, “It was a very angry speech.”   And not only that, it was “full of contempt and very harsh.”

And he didn’t stop there — he said the “conservative voters” are also angry.  🙂 Should I take that personally?

I know a lot of people in this country are busy, they have lives and families and they don’t have time to eat and breath this stuff the way I do, but it is really a shame that the above description of the speech is the only assessment of Rush Limbaugh that many get.  I hope at least some were able to watch for themselves.

In reality, Limbaugh gave a very uplifting and inspiring speech.  There was a lot of laughter, lots of applause.  He ad libs, he talks, he tells jokes, he talks about our country with pride and I loved it.  I haven’t listened to him all that much heretofore, but his 20 million listeners just became 20 million plus at least one.

Here’s the full transcript of the speech.

More on Schneider’s comments.

And some ratings stats from Saturday’s speech:

Fox News and CNN each aired Limbaugh’s keynote speech to the CPAC Saturday afternoon. It was the biggest draw all weekend on cable news.

• From 4:46pm-6:20pmET Fox News averaged 511,000 A25-54 demo viewers and 2.22M Total Viewers. The network peaked at 6pm with 602,000/2.73M. FNC also produced an hour Sunday night at 9pmET with speech highlights which drew 454,000/1.66M. It was Sunday’s most-watched cable news hour.

• CNN added another 222,000 demo viewers and 932,000 Total Viewers for their Limbaugh coverage from 4:47pm – 6:12pm.

• MSNBC stayed with their documentary programming which, from 4pm-7pm, averaged 163,000 demo viewers and 374,000 Total Viewers.

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