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Good day, Mr. Harvey

Paul Harvey died yesterday at age 90.


In many ways his era of values and respect had already died.  It has been replaced by the unprofessional likes of Keith Olbermann, which is demonstrated in the video below as he declares Paul Harvey the “worst person in the world.”

But Olbermann’s lack of style and class has not been all that popular, not really, when you take into consideration that nobody much watches.  Check out the recent ratings of his program Here. And not only that, he will never be an American icon like Paul Harvey who was always a gentleman.

So rest in peace, Mr Harvey.  Hope you and your wife have now been reunited.  I am sad to know of your passing.  We will miss you.

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Fannie Mae wants more money

What’s new from Fannie Mae?  Well, guess what, they are now asking the U. S. Treasury for $15.2  billion more and this is (after the bailout).

The US government-controlled Fannie  Mae reported a loss of 25.2 billion dollars in the fourth quarter driven mainly by the effects of a prolonged housing slump and a global financial crisis.

It had a third-quarter loss of 29.0 billion dollars. For the full year of 2008, the company posted a loss of 58.7 billion dollars, almost 27 times higher than the 2007 loss of 2.1 billion dollars.

Fannie Mae said it submitted a request Wednesday for 15.2 billion dollars from the Treasury “in order to eliminate our net worth deficit as of December 31, 2008.”

“We expect the market conditions that contributed to our net loss for each quarter of 2008 to continue and possibly worsen in 2009, which is likely to cause further reductions in our net worth,” the company said in a statement.

For the rest of the story. (RIP Paul Harvey)

Now, watch the video below from late 2004 how the regulatory guy who was trying to put a stop to the lending practices and fraud in Fannie Mae – how he is being berated and attacked by these people who are supposed to be representing the people of America.  We have been had.  And had bad.

Note:  Mr. Arthur Davis shown on this video was a man and stepped up and said he was wrong in his comments at the time and for that he has my admiration.  I don’t know of any other person who is shown who has done that.

H/T:  Jammie Wearing Fool

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I’m changing my name to Fannie Mae (Video)

If you’re a corporate titanic and your failure is gigantic
Down in Congress there’s a safety net for you  🙂

Arlo Guthrie updates Tom Paxton’s “I’m Changing My Name to Chrysler” for these times.  Performed live at the Guthrie Center:

Oh the price of gold is rising out of sight
And the dollar is in sorry shape tonight
What the dollar used to get us now won’t buy a head of lettuce
No the economic forecast isn’t right
But amidst the clouds I spot a shining ray
I can even glimpse a new and better way
And I’ve devised a plan of action worked it down to the last fraction
And I’m going into action here today

I am changing my name to Fannie Mae
I am going down to Washington D.C.
I’ll be glad they got my back
‘Cause what they did for Freddie Mac
Will be perfectly acceptable to me
I am changing my name to Fannie Mae
I am headed for that great receiving line
So when they hand a trillion grand out
I’ll be standing with my hand out
I’ll get mine

When my creditors are screaming for their dough
I’ll be proud to tell them all where they can go
They won’t have to scream and holler
They’ll be paid to the last dollar
Where the endless streams of money seem to flow
I’ll be glad to tell them all what they can do
It’s a matter of a simple form or two
It’s not just remuneration it’s a liberal education
Ain’t you kind of glad that I’m in debt to you


Since the first amphibians crawled out of the slime (of the slime!)
We’ve been struggling in an unrelenting climb
We were hardly up and walking before money started talking
And it’s sad that failure is an awful crime
It’s been that way for a millennium or two
But now it seems that there’s a different point of view
If you’re a corporate titanic and your failure is gigantic
Down in Congress there’s a safety net for you


H/T Michelle Malkin – Tea Party USA

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Cable ratings from Thursday, 2/26

From TVNewser/Mediabistro

Data by Nielsen Media Research. Live and same day (DVR) data.

Total Viewers: (L +SD)

Total day: FNC: 1308 | CNN: 624 | MSNBC: 551 | HLN: 328

Prime: FNC: 2839 | CNN: 1017 | MSNBC: 1314 | HLN: 791

5p: 6p: 7p: 8p: 9p: 10p: 11p:
FNC Beck: Baier: Shep: O’Reilly: Hannity: Greta: O’Reilly:
2191 2034 2127 3717 2767 2030 1513
CNN Blitzer: Blitzer: Dobbs: Presents: Cont.: Cooper: Cooper:
737 763 852 915 1221 624
MSNBC Matthews: Shuster: Matthews: Olbermann: Maddow: Olbermann: Maddow:
625 461 955 1607 1359 976 703


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