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Chris Matthews tries to explain his “Oh, God” remark

Sometimes it takes me a few days to absorb something and this is one of those times.  I’m talking about Chris Matthews, MSNBC, and his muttering before an open mic on national tv “Oh, God,” as Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana approached the podium to give the republican response to President Obama’s address the other night.  “Oh, God.”  Reminds me of that 70’s movie.

Okay.  So he expressed himself.  We all know how he feels.  But what makes it beyond offensive is his absolutely unbelievable explanation the next evening.  He made the following statement to excuse his mistake:

“I was taken aback by that peculiar stagecraft, the walking from somewhere in the back of this narrow hall, the winding staircase looming there, the odd antebellum look of the scene,” Matthews said in a script for his “Hardball” show on Wednesday. “Was this some mimicking of a president walking along the state floor to the East Room?”

What is so odd or peculiar?  So Chrissy insults the Governor of Louisiana,(before he says a single word, by the way, so it has to be explained by something visual) and then he tries to justify it by smarting off about southern architecture and I believe the south in general.  I don’t know where Jindal was when he gave the speech, but maybe the “peculiar stagecraft” was the Governor’s mansion (below).  Do you think?


Here’s another nice example of an antebellum structure in New Orleans:

antebellumThis  Greek Revival masterpiece built in 1857 is clearly one of the most celebrated and opulent of the unique raised cottages of New Orleans – a city that boasts of more properties and Historic Districts on the National Register than any other.

So Matthews insults the governor of Louisiana, (the first Indian-American elected governor in U. S. history)and he has also insulted the governor of Alaska, a woman, of course. Don’t forget he had some very demeaning remarks to make about Hillary Clinton, too.

But, hey, he’s on MSNBC and what more do you expect?

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