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Fred Cooper trial II to resume Monday

Testimony ended for the week about 6:00 p. m. today.


The DNA evidence was introduced.  In my opinion, the DNA was confusing and does not nail Cooper.

Analysts compared the samples against DNA standards for the four major players in Cooper’s case: Cooper himself, Steven Andrews, Michelle Andrews and Kellie Ballew.

The Andrewses were found dead in the bedroom of their Gateway home on Dec. 27, 2005. Prosecutors say Cooper killed them out of jealousy over an affair between Ballew, his longtime girlfriend, and Steven Andrews.

Both samples showed mixed profiles, DNA analyst Julie Heinig said. That is, each showed characteristics not only of Cooper’s DNA, but Steven Andrews’.

Outside the presence of the jury, Barbara Andrews, Steven’s mother, gave some testimony that could have been more damaging to Cooper than any DNA.

It was after January 11, when Cooper was arrested. Barbara and Russell Andrews came back down to Fort Myers to take care of some of their son’s business and estate matters.

The couple spent a day at the ocean with Lukasz, after which they returned to the hotel.

As he was running around their hotel room, he caught sight of a newspaper hanging off a table. Fred Cooper’s picture was on the front page, she said.

He stopped “dead in his tracks” and stared at it, she said.

She took him outside to get a snack. On the way out, she told her husband to put the newspaper away.

“He looked frightened to me,” she said.

Considering that Lukasz was in the house during the murders of his mother and father, this would not have been good for Fred.  Defense attorney objected to admitting this testimony and the judge agrees and says it can’t come in.  Hope the jurors don’t read the papers this weekend.

Trial will resume at 8:45 a.m. on Monday.

See Naples News.

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Taxpayers protest D. C. spending spree in rallies across the country (Update)

All across America today thousands of citizens expressed the growing disgust for the massive spending going on in Washington, D. C.

I made a list of at least some places.

SanDiego; North Carolina; Oklahoma City; Nashville; Orlando FL.; Ft Myers FL; Austin Texas; Portland Oregon; Shelby Alabama; Lansing Mi, Cleveland Oh, Houston; Denver; Hartford Conn; and Washington D. C.  See video below and go to Michelle Malkin.com for photos.

Scenes from the DC Tea Party on Feb. 27, 2009, where hundreds of taxpayers rallied in support of free markets and limited government – and against endless bailouts.


Oh, that’s right, they’re following George Anthony around, they are staked out in front of Haleigh, Cummings house, and they are obessessing about every word Rush Limbaugh utters.  And don’t forget this earth-shattering news:  Michele Bachmann said, “You be the man,” to Michael Steele, which was a big compliment in my book.

UPDATE: Greta is covering this!!!

Posted:  02.27.09

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