Morning Joe to broadcast from White House Tuesday

That’s what I say.  What about this?  From the Orlando Sentinel:

What do you make of this access? “Morning Joe” will broadcast live for three hours from the White House on Tuesday morning.

MSNBC said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and senior Obama adviser David Axelrod will preview President Barack Obama’s speech to Congress that evening.

Who else might drop by? That should be something see, and the setup will be a challenge for anchors Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist.

I guess MSNBC earned the position, “Tuesday Morning Live From the White House.”  Goodness knows they worked hard enough on the Obama campaigns follo.

Gloria comments (in the comment section) in the Sentinel as follows:

“No surprise here,NBC, MSNBC have been puppets for Obama since the beginning of his running for president. They have no more credibility as a news outlet.

They are bought and paid for by Obama, the first government controlled media outlet.  Sad…very sad..”

Posted:  02.22.09


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15 responses to “Morning Joe to broadcast from White House Tuesday

  1. spiritualway

    Would the “Fairness Doctrine” apply here? If so, possibly Fox News could have next Tuesday’s slot.


  2. “They are bought and paid for by Obama, the first government controlled media outlet. Sad…very sad..”

    The first? No one remembers Fox News and the Bush Administration sharing talking points?


    • bellalu0

      It is the first. Did O’Reilly or Hannity ever broadcast live from the White House? If so, I sure don’t remember it.

      But Bush is in Texas now, he’s so over. We are focusing on the present administration now.

      As to Morning Joe, I think Mika is the one with the influence due to her father.

      Are you saying there’s something wrong with sharing talking points? The democrat spokespersons all say the exact same thing, just pull their string and they talk the talking points. And Chris Matthews? He is a joke and should not pass himself off as a journalist.


  3. spiritualway

    Bush is in Texas now and perhaps we should stay very focused on the present administration; at this administration’s present rate of “stimulating” I’m not sure who will own us in four years.

    Texans have always said they can build or buy whatever they want, so maybe “W” is not”so over”. He may return as the President of the Republic of Texas and we find out they own us.


  4. Oh, I know. I just object to this being called the first government controlled media outlet. Because that’s just negligent reporting and it puts Gloria on my list of people in the media with such a large and obvious agenda that they are irrelevant.

    And of course MSNBC gets the access, Obama got a peek of Bush’s playbook and liked some of what he say, including a huge cheerleader in the media.


  5. bellalu0

    My fault. I’ll clear that up. She did not write the article but commented at the end of the article as we are doing here.


  6. llabesab

    Joe!! I don’t care that Mika is gorgeous. Dump her. She’s an airhead just like her father who made sure he never got rid of the phony, artsy, pretentious “AKscent.”

    You were once a “Good Republican”, (although that’s the ultimate redundancy), but now Aesop stamps you for what you have become: “Birds of a feather flock together.”


    • bellalu0

      Yeah, Joe is the token MSNBC Republican. In order to sta employed there I am sure he has to be very careful. I’m really surprised that he is still there.

      That makes me think, is Pat Buchanan on MSNBC? I think he is. So maybe he’s token II. lol.

      But really, it’s pretty weak when the only thing that can be said in defense of the Great Plan is that “he inheriited the problem.” He campaigned for the problem for at least three years and he won, some say, based on the fact that the economy tanked there at the end of the campaign. He wanted it, he got it. Seems the talking points are, he inherited the probelm and you must bail out foreclosures because it makes you own value decline. I don’t think either one of those points are valid. Is his inexperience showing? I think so.

      Property values went way out of the actual value, and even I knew it. But property values have been going up and down for as long as I can remember. But they always end on the up side so people should just hang on, keep paying their mortgages. But actually the thought has crossed my mind that maybe I should have bought one of those very nice places that was just a little bit out of my reach. Instead I got something within my range. My first payment is my mortgage. Well, not really, food is first.

      But what I’m trying to say is that property values went out of sight, and if someone sold at the peak, they made some good money. And even if values comes down, they will still be above what they were five years ago.


  7. Bella

    I hope you can access this my space blog, it is an open letter for the Barack Obama Administration, to stop and desist:)


    • bellalu0

      Ree, I tried to make a comment at your site but I did something that wouldn’t let me post it. Very interesting post though.

      I’ll go back later and try again.


  8. Bella

    Check it out-

    This morning Imus in the Morning.

    Outside the studio this morning, did they know there was a Stop Rush Limbaugh sign being held up outside Rainbow Studios?

    Seen in NYC

    Van Morrison on the Imus in the Morning show 2/26/09


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