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Morning Joe to broadcast from White House Tuesday

That’s what I say.  What about this?  From the Orlando Sentinel:

What do you make of this access? “Morning Joe” will broadcast live for three hours from the White House on Tuesday morning.

MSNBC said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and senior Obama adviser David Axelrod will preview President Barack Obama’s speech to Congress that evening.

Who else might drop by? That should be something see, and the setup will be a challenge for anchors Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist.

I guess MSNBC earned the position, “Tuesday Morning Live From the White House.”  Goodness knows they worked hard enough on the Obama campaigns follo.

Gloria comments (in the comment section) in the Sentinel as follows:

“No surprise here,NBC, MSNBC have been puppets for Obama since the beginning of his running for president. They have no more credibility as a news outlet.

They are bought and paid for by Obama, the first government controlled media outlet.  Sad…very sad..”

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Rick Santelli responds to Gibbs on Kudlow Report (Video)

Rick Santelli responds on the Kudlow Report to Robert Gibbs’ remarks about him during the press conference on Friday.  Also Kudlow speaks about the bullying aspect of the personal attacks coming from the White House and the press secretary in response to any criticism.  Paranoid?  Shades of Richard Nixon?

It should be noted that Rick Santelli opposed and ranted against the TARP plan under Bush as well.

Posted:  02.22.09


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