Robert Gibbs complains about Rick Santelli

I mentioned in a previous post how flustered Robert Gibbs was about Rick Santelli’s remarks from Chicago.

This from CNN Political Ticker:

The White House press secretary took the opportunity to blast the medium at Friday’s press conference when asked about CNBC reporter Rick Santelli’s recent tirade against the president’s mortgage plan. “I…think that it’s tremendously important that for people who rant on cable television to be responsible and understand what it is they’re talking about,” Gibbs said. “I feel assured that Mr. Santelli doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”


Has anyone noticed how thin-skinned the new administration is?  Speaking of “ranting on cable tv,” the likes of Keith Olbermann and others ranted against George Bush for eight solid years.  Did you hear him whining about it?  I didn’t think so.

Mr. Gibbs goes on the complain about coverage during the campaign.

“If I hadn’t worked on the campaign but simply watch the cable news scorekeeping of the campaign, we lost virtually every day of the race,” he said. “If I would have just watched cable TV, I long would have crawled into a hole and given up this whole prospect of changing the country.”

All I can say is, most everybody knows that the cable news coverage of the Obama campaign was close to an all-out campaign ad for him.  So for Mr. Gibbs to now turn on cable tv is turning on those who were largely responsible for Obama’s election,  especially NBC.

This is a quote from a commenter (Beppo) on the CNN site where this article was posted.

February 20th, 2009 7:15 pm ET

Yeah, thank God the Democrats never tried to undermine the Republican administration. Oh wait, they did every day for eight years.
Hey, whatever happened to “dissent is patriotic?” Has that gone away now that His Holiness has built Jerusalem on the Potomac?
Honestly, the cult of Obama is creepier than anything wicked old George Bush ever did.

First it was Rush Limbaugh, now it’s Rick Santelli.  They are just a little too concerned about any dissent.

You can watch the segment of the press conference where Gibbs defends the plan and rags on Santelli.

Posted:  02.21.09


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19 responses to “Robert Gibbs complains about Rick Santelli

  1. llabesab

    Is Robert Gibbs really “Mrs. Doubtfire?”
    Or is he a member of that “Chicken Family”, “..The Perdues?”


  2. whichwayisup

    The Bush administration never complained about media coverage? Did you not hear the “questioning the president is emboldening the enemy” talk?

    Everyone in politics complains about the media. That’s why it is important to defend an aggressive free media.


    • bellalu0

      But targeting those in the media by name? Not to defend the Bush administration, but there was a lot of back and forth between Congress and the White House, but three weeks into his administration Obama and Gibbs are calling out people in the media by name. Well, not even three weeks. I think that is childish and thin-skinned, to be honest. Whining.

      And Media Matters? They have no credibility with me.

      I certainly agree that an aggressive and free media is of utmost importance. I’m just not sure that’s what we have.


  3. whichwayisup

    You can disagree with the conclusions that Media Matters draws, but you cannot argue with their direct quotations from the media and politicians. They are still a good source of transcripts, if not analysis.

    Moreover, the Bush administration did not call out individuals in the media by name, because they had fox news and other right-wing windbags doing it for them. When you have Bill O, Hannity and Rush Limbaugh all screaming at Paul Krugman or whoever, then the Bush administration can sit back and pretend to take the high ground, by merely calling the media “unpatriotic.”


    • bellalu0

      Let’s just say you are right about the Bush administration.

      Let’s talk about the present. If it had not been for the fluff coverages of Obama by MSNBC and CNN, in particular, and other media and press, he would not have won this election.

      So for Robert Gibbs to use a press conference to lambaste Santelli for speaking his mind a mere month into the administration is overly sensitive and childish. Kind of biting the hand that has fed them, isn’t it? But maybe it will cause some introspection of the MSM’s part and they will tone down the worship. Besides, Santelli is only giving a voice to a lot of us out here.

      Media Matters has no credibility with me. I can get direct quotations without having them filtered through the agenda of Media Matters.

      The difference between Fox and the MSM is that Fox is widely considered to be “right wing” and many people disregard them, but the heretofore respected mainstream media is not even questioned by many because they are supposed to be reporting unbiased news. I do think a lot of people woke up during this election process to the fact that they are as biased as biased gets.


  4. I think Gibbs responding to Santelli is more about the Obama administration’s sensitivity that a lot of what needs to be done right now will be unpopular with a lot of people on both sides. The more bail-out fatigue sets in the more the administration has to sell the idea that the bailouts are a necessary evil and frame the conversation in that way. Having Santelli yelling to traders on the floor that this is honest people paying for “the losers” mistakes, just runs counter to what needs to be accomplished to start digging out of this mess.

    Also, I think news without “bias” is impossible in today’s climate. When everyone has an agenda to sell, even “the truth” will make a lot of people unhappy. Meaning the battle to find “the truth” involves digging through lots of sources and seeing which ones bend it the most and discounting those that do – Fox News.


  5. bellalu0

    Maureen Dowd is catching up:

    (…..)””Though he (Obama) demonstrated in the campaign that he has a rare gift for inspiring the country with new belief in itself, Mr. Obama has not yet captured either the grit the moment requires or the fury it provokes.

    He has not explained in a compelling way why Americans who followed the rules need to sacrifice more to help those who flouted the rules.That is why the CNBC reporter Rick Santelli struck a populist nerve with his screed about the unfairness of responsible homeowners picking up the tab for irresponsible homeowners — following the unfairness of taxpayers who are losing jobs, homes and savings propping up the exact same bankers and carmakers whose greed and myopia caused the economy to crash.He spoke for those who want a pound of flesh.

    With the Wall Street bailout, Mr. Obama at least gave bankers a bit of the belt, and capped their pay. But homebuyers who wanted more than they could afford seem to be getting a free ride.Yet Obama is oozing empathy compared with his attorney general, who last week called us “a nation of cowards” about race.

    Eric Holder, who showed precious little bravery in standing up to Clinton on a pardon for the scoundrel Marc Rich, is wrong. We have just inaugurated a black president who installed a black attorney general. We need leaders to help us through our crises, not provide us with crude evaluations of our character. And we don’t need sermons from liberal virtuecrats, anymore than from conservative virtuecrats.In the middle of all the Heimlich maneuvers required now — for the economy, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, health care, the environment and education — we don’t need a Jackson/Sharpton-style lecture on race.

    Barack Obama’s election was supposed to get us past that. Besides, the president has other issues that demand his passion.””

    President Obama has told us this thing “has to be done.” And a whole lot of people don’t trust him or Wall Street, or Congress, or any other damn person or institution.

    I personally believe they are using tax money to fill the pockets of those who did the dirty deeds to begin with. And why should I not believe that? The money keeps going in, and nothing is coming out. So in the end, some will be saved, and the rest of us will pay with the deepening recession or depression.


  6. MSNBC and Media Matters were cited as promoting the Democrats, through the last election. Hillary Clinton claimed she helped establish Media Matters at a Kos Convention. Media Matters is funded by George Soros. MSNBC has zero credibility to unbiased reporting re tingle up his leg Chris Mathews. No The Obama administration only wants positive coverage, they only want one choir to be heard their cheerleaders in the Mainstream Media. CNN,ABC,NBC,MSNBC ,CBS, and countless print media. They object to Fox News because Fox News has the largest ratings and reaches the most people. Why? Free Market.

    I pay my mortgage, I pay my taxes, I don’t owe it to any other FREE AMERICAN, the key is FREE to do whatever they want, including messing up their finances. In a FREE COUNTRY I don’t have to dig them out of their self inflicted financial mess. Everyone is going to suffer -the housing bubble cannot be re inflated. There is going to be Pain. The present Administration is just trying to blunt that pain, with other American’s tax dollars. Why? So their “Party” can stay in the seat of power. I am not going to pretend that Politicians in this county do anything else, then look to their own job security and pad their self interest nest.


  7. bellalu0

    And Obama has the nerve to get on tv and brag about the whopping $65.00 or LESS per month for the American people. That is an outrage right there.

    And why is it the markets have plunged since the inauguration? Every time this administration speaks, the market goes down more.

    TUES. JAN 6, 2009

    FOXNEWS O’REILLY 2,747,000
    FOXNEWS SHEP SMITH 1,754,000
    FOXNEWS GRETA 1,377,000
    CNN KING 1,373,000
    MSNBC OLBERMANN 1,308,000
    CNNHN GRACE 1,264,000
    MSNBC MADDOW 1,169,000
    CNN COOPER 1,035,000


  8. Oh course there is self interest involved that’s why the system is set up the way it is. But to sit back and allow a depression to take hold simply to punish the irresponsible is silly and vengeful without any positive benefit.

    Yes we all know that O’Reilly is the ratings king, that’s because the man is entertaining. Getting worked to the point of heart attack every night from 8-9. Hell I watch the guy often just to see what he’s pissed about this hour. But that doesn’t mean that his version of events isn’t flat out wrong, most of the time.


    • Anonymous

      We are a very long way from a depression. If you look at the statistics, we are at roughly the same level we were in 1981, and would have to go down approximately 3-4 times as much to hit depression levels. Please read the statistics on unemployment etc regarding the depression era before you comment, because we are not even close to that… no matter what the new administration tells you.

      Plus, when I got my mortgage, I read every single word that was typed in it, I signed it, and I am responsible for it. I do not expect to be bailed out for being foolish, or uninformed, and yes, it included an ARM that I got out of as soon as I could. When I lost my job, I got three jobs in order to pay my mortgage and bills.

      Is that what this administration is about? Making decisions for the American people because we are too stupid to think for ourselves, because we are too stupid to be trusted when we say and said we want no bailouts? What ever happened to government representing what the people wanted? I honestly expected better than this.


    • bellalu0

      As far as Fox fans being misinformed, that assumes that Fox is the one and only place a person gets the news. It’s for sure if MSNBC or CNN are the only news outlets you watch, and none other, you will be, not misinformed, but brainwashed.

      I will say Fox proved itself to me when the others were reporting a lie — not a lie but a distortion, a gross distortion — it was Fox who actually gave the one and only true account of an event that I knew about personally inside and out. But still watch everything and read everything I can.


  9. But your holding out on the event? What was it that everyone distorted except fox? And you don’t consider being misinformed about basic facts brainwashing? I think you need to lump fox together with MSNBC and CNN.

    Anonymous, It isn’t a depression I agree, but had we avoided bailing out AIG, Fannie/ Freddie, Citi, Bear Stears, and all the others then it would have quickly developed into one. The Great Depression developed primarily due to the loss of confidence and subsequent bank runs, not the Black Tuesday market crash.

    Moreover, it’s laudable that you acted responsibly, but there are a great many people that are purposefully duped into loans that they have no chance at paying back. No asset, no income loans are an invitation to lie. The banks didn’t care because they weren’t holding on to the loans and the people accepting these loans had terrible credit and thought they were fooling the banks. The problem here is collateral damage to the rest of the economy. That’s what has to be contained. Please listen to this report it offers a fantastic overview from all perspectives of what happened from all perspectives.


    • bellalu0

      I don’t have a problem putting Fox in the basket, but I am glad there is a Fox because without it, there would be no counter to the others, which was the reason for it’s birth anyway.

      Haven’t read your link yet, but I will. The fact that some people were duped, I have never in my life heard of the government coming in and helping out someone who has been duped. It’s just too bad, that’s all there is to it. And if you want to include the dup-er, that’s fine. I think the banks and lending institutions who made the loans should lose the money, if they took a risk on an iffy borrower. BUT if the government is going to interfere into the mortgage business, then the government should just pay off everybody’s mortgage and have done with it. Then the people will be happy and the lenders will be happy.

      Some who are paying their morgages are having to sacrifice luxuries in order to do so. Now, those who don’t pay their mortgages, hey, they have lots of extra money and don’t really have to sacrifice anything. They get a house to live in free of rent or mortgage, and get what would go to the mortgage to spend. That just is not right, and as I said, I am waiting for a protest rally to come near me.

      This is not the American way. We are all to be responsible for our actions.


  10. Ronald Reagan quote:

    “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”


    • bellalu0

      Wow, Ree, isn’t that the truth.

      The government is the great Oz out there pulling all the strings and affecting people’s lives, but you can’t even get in touch with anyone to answer a simple question.

      That’s the reason I am not in favor of the universal healthcare. A person could actually die waiting for approval or trying to correct a mistake. I may be wrong, but what I could find out about the healthcare plan is that it would be a giant Medicare program, except every American would be on it. Has anybody stopped to think what a monster that would be?

      Oh my Gibbs is saying “cutting the deficit in half.” That is a big lie and will fade away just like the hope did when the time comes to do it.


  11. Bella

    I wasn’t feeling so bad about this win when it was announced a lot of the Clinton people would be part of the new Obama administration I thought well at least these people have experience. But that isn’t how it looks 1 month later. They look like clowns and perception is everything. Bill Clinton tried to get the message out he wanted Obama to stop being so negative it is affecting the confidence that needs to be built up. The amateurs are running the show.

    “President Clinton, never bashful to offer his advice to anyone, has suggested Obama become more positive that the economy will rebound.

    But, putting a happy face on slashing the deficit defies logic at this point in our history. It doesn’t seem credible. It is a promise leading to failure. ”

    The Clintons will go rogue, the question is when?


    • bellalu0

      Ree, Not only is Bill Clinton trying to give a hint, today Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman were really hitting Obama hard. I had to watch it twice to believe it.

      Chris Matthews called Geithner “Barney Fife.”

      “He (Obama) hasn’t conveyed the sense he really knows the way forward and is going to lead us out of it.” Quote: Howard Fineman

      Chris Matthews says Obama needs to stop running all over the place making speeches and holding summits and go away somewhere and figure out what to do.

      “”People are really getting angry. I’m getting angry. Dow headed to 6000.” Quote: Chris Matthews

      These are some of his biggest supporters.

      Cramer was on at the beginning of the program and he said Geithner was the problem and should be replaced. He also outlined things he thought should have been included in the stimulus/mortgage plan.

      I never expected the Clintons to get on board in the first place, but if the campaign was any indication, there was no love lost between them and Obama. I don’t know. And all the while, I heard somebody say it would by May — May! — before any of the jobs materialized.

      I don’t think Obama can help himself though because I don’t think Obama really believes in this country. He believes America has a huge flaw and it needs a gut remodel. That was just apparent during the campaign if anyone listened closely to what he was saying.

      I just wonder what the reaction will be to some real criticism. He does not like criticism.


  12. Look Minta Garcia Makes my point. Dear Minta, you are free to take risks, Minta and you are free to experience the consequences of your risk but you are not free to stay in a 800 thousand dollar home you could never afford and have me an American Taxpayer finance/subsidize your “Fantasy” of living over your means. This isn’t in the U.S. Constitution anywhere.

    This is why there is a populist chord being struck and people respond, when Rick Santelli makes the very point above. In the example of Minta Garcia. It isn’t like she is asking us to make sure she isn’t homeless, she is asking us to make sure she can keep living her fantasy.


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