Is there a crisis? The crisis counter (Video)

Crisis, Crisis, Crisis

Ummm, whatever happened to the Hope and Inspiration message?

Posted:  02.20.09


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9 responses to “Is there a crisis? The crisis counter (Video)

  1. i burned my waffe this moring but i still want one. and still hungry


  2. Bella

    Would you believe anything this man told you? And if you did, would you think it was because he caused it? Soros it’s bad it’s really, really bad… hoping the bottom falls out of our economy, and in turn the worlds.


  3. Anonymous

    I really like your website. Have you written anything on the fact that OBama is comparing the US’s financial situation with the depression years? Because from the statistics that I have read, I understand our crisis is mimicing the early years of the 1980’s, and not even close to the great depression.

    In my opinion, I think this stimulus package is far more likely to take us into the great depression than our current economic situation.

    Anyhow, thanks for a great website!



  4. bellalu0

    Thanks, Anny, so glad you like it.

    No, I haven’t looked into the comparison to the Great Depression, but I need to do that. I don’t think this is anywhere near the Great Depression. It may get there. Some of us were talking about that recently, and if you have ever talked to anyone who lived through that era, you wil know this is nothing in comparison.

    Someone said that there are still lines to get into restaurants in many places. So I say when the restaurant lines become soup lines, it will be more like the depression years.

    Here’s an article in Slate which does some comparisons, one being that the Obama plan promises 3 to 4 million jobs in 18 months, FDR did it in two months. This was by the federal government actually hiring the workers which put the money directly into the economy.


    • Anny

      I live in Boulder, Colorado… and yes, in the people’s republic of Boulder we still have lines to get into restaurants. Plus, since we are closed off by open space, we have no additional real estate available, which means while our home is not gaining money, it is not losing money… and it has almost become our retirement… we bought for 90k, and it is worth 700+k, and we owe nothing on it.

      Perhaps we are isolated here in Boulder… and so we don’t realize how bad it really is… but our way of dealing with money has become more conservative. We buy our foods on sale, we don’t have daily lattes anymore, and we don’t go out as often. So, we are somewhat prepared if we have no jobs… we have a healthy bank account, we save 30% of our income, and I am studying to get a new job as a nurse. In any case, we are unlikely to spend more money even if we do get an extra 65 per month.

      Anyhow, I should be studying and not typing… and yet here I am.


  5. Anny

    Thank you for that… 🙂 I need to register, but then I read something I want to comment on, so, I just keep commenting.

    I like this blog because you are conservative AND openminded.



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