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Is there a crisis? The crisis counter (Video)

Crisis, Crisis, Crisis

Ummm, whatever happened to the Hope and Inspiration message?

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Fred Cooper jury selected, trial II begins

Jury selection was completed today in the Fred Cooper trial in Saint Petersburg.

Nine women and five men comprise the jury. Two African-Americans. One Hispanic-American. Also, an indication Cooper will probably testify in this trial: One of those selected is the man who said he would hold it against Cooper if he didn’t testify.

Steven Beardsley of the Naples News is live blogging the trial.

Some of the officers who discovered the bodies testified this afternoon.

They testified that Steven and Michelle Andrews were found on the second floor of their home in the master bedroom and there was “a lot of blood. It was apparent there were no signs of life.”

The couple’s 2-year-old son, Lukasz Andrews, was found in the home unharmed.

The trial was adjourned about 5:20 p.m. and will resume on Monday.

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Rick Santelli: President Obama, are you listening? (Video)

This is what Robert Gibbs is red in the face about and what everybody’s talking about.

Rick Santelli from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade Friday:

Now MSNBC is trying to do damage control.  This is good, They have Rick Santelli on and he is taking on Contessa Brewer, the lovely Contessa.  Too funny.  Here’s the clip of Contessa and Rick:

(Note 9.24.11 – here you have it – censorship.  There’s a public  broadcast stripped from public view on copywrite violation because it was put on video?)

Rick says (excerpts):

“How about let’s reward those who carry the water instead of those who drink it?”

“This is America.  How many of you people want to pay for  your neighbor’s mortgage who has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills? ”

“Cuba used to have mansions and a fairly decent economy now they’re driving 54 Chevys.”

“What we’re doing in our country now is making our founding fathers roll over in their graves.”

“Are you listening, President Obama?”

Take it to the streets, people. The silent majority needs to be heard.

Michelle Malkin, from Mesa, Arizona, yesterday where President Obama appeared, says:

“…..outside the Secret Service perimeters, a raucous grass-roots rebellion against Beltway spending binges has caught fire. The new Boston Tea Party is here, baby, and it’s doused in barbecue sauce.”  See more at Michelle Malkin.com

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Real economic recovery – 1 year mortgage holiday

Here’s a plan that would help all Americans, and provide immediate economic stimulus



You will not have to make any monthly principal and interest mortgage payments for one year under this common sense economic stimulus plan!!!

Congress should pass immediate legislation for the President to sign into law that offers temporary relief for twelve months for all homeowners and business owners who have mortgage/trust deed/note debt obligations for a one-year mortgage moratorium forbearance period.

You would not be required to make monthly principal and interest mortgage payments for a one-year forbearance period on your mortgage debt obligation.

Imagine what the American family, consumer and businesses could do with their extra cash: Pay down their personal and business credit card debt or fund college education to help build a better America, make donations to their charity of choice, rebuild their personal savings accounts, and of course spend the money back into the business community, providing jobs, and stimulating our economy.

Most importantly, this plan will lift the spirits and morale of the American people. It will help restore confidence in the economy and stability to the financial credit markets. It will restore trust in our elected government officials and create hope for our families and America’s future.

This is the ultimate WIN WIN for Democrats, Republicans, Liberals & Conservatives… ALL AMERICANS!!!


How it would work

I just thought of the renters.  What about the renters?  (Just noticed:  There is a provision for renters in the plan.)

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Million dollars per day since Jesus was born


“Suppose you spent $1 million every single day starting from the day Jesus was born — and kept spending through today,” says the announcer as an image of the three wise men flashes on the screen. “A million dollars a day for more than 2,000 years. You would still have spent less money than Congress just did.”

See this new video that started airing yesterday. Ends with Charles Schumer saying that the American people (AKA the chattering class) just don’t care about the little tiny porky amendments.

MSNBC just gave the video “mention” but did not play it. This is on the David “Shyster” program. Shuster says “what’s the point?” of the video. They are having a little difficulty keeping ahead of the criticism of the stimulus bill and it is increasingly more difficult for MSNBC and CNN to provide cover for Obama and make him look good. Now Jonathan Capehart is on to reinforce the disdain for the video, and the “so what?” defense. Capehart has been on MSNBC since what seems like the beginning of time promoting Barack Obama.

I just heard a statement made by Alan Keyes that makes me want to say “Alan Keyes for President.”

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