Al Sharpton holds protest about cartoon

Rev. Al Sharpton, having no other plans for the day, just held a protest outside the New York Post‘s headquarters to protest Sean Delonasmonkey cartoon. It’s more outrageous than Don Imus, sez the Rev!

Sharpton said it’s worse than Don Imus’ derogatory comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. The Post, Sharpton said, seems to play into the old stereotype of African Americans being monkeys. Sharpton says if the Post doesn’t “take some action” against Delonas and his editors, he’ll lead a boycott of advertisers.  To which Col Allan, we imagine, finished his Hot Pocket, licked his lips, turned to his editors, and said, “F*ck Al Sharpton.”

We can only hope that’s what Col Allan said (whoever Col Allan is).

Al Sharpton should be an embarrassment to the black community.  This is just silly.

H/T: Gawker

Posted:  02.19.09


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9 responses to “Al Sharpton holds protest about cartoon

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  2. msm22

    Bella, what this “coward” believes is as long as the black community has representation like reval, there will always be division & damn little honest discussion…what I want to know is when are we going to demonstrate against reval & his ilk? in my opinion, this is another example of political correctness against political satire, a shot to the very heart of freedom…freedom of expression, thought, & speech….


  3. bellalu0

    msm22, what concerns me is the complete lack of understanding among a lot of people that freedom of speech is at the heart of the country. Protesting a cartoon! What the cartoon means is up to each and every person who looks at it. And really what difference does it make anyway? A cartoon has no bearing whatsoever on anything.

    It’s no wonder there seems to be a lack of creativeness today. Too much control, always somebody looking for something to take offense at.

    Don’t people remember Lenny Bruce? George Carlin? It’s all about freedom. I would rather hear something that offends me every day all day long than have censorship. And believe me, I hear something just about every day that I could construe as offensive to me.


  4. msm22

    Bella, those persons ie reval have an agenda, & fire up the minnons in the name of some cause that typically screws the MAJORITY…& while these capped crusaders are touting “their own message”, you can bet someone with an even bigger agenda is behind them….


  5. bellalu0

    Reval has to keep it going I guess in order to justify his existence.


  6. Bella,

    Go have a look at all the negative satirical cartoons of Condi Rice over the 8 years of the Bush Administration. When did you hear Al Sharpton complain?

    I think the chimp cartoon was insensitive but they were aiming for Congress- The House that is who wrote the Bill everyone knows this, it is part of the complaint, that Obama handed over the writing of the So Called Recovery Bill to The House Democrats. Don’t let anyone tell me, that wasn’t political payback for helping him get elected. ” Yeah Recovery Bill they recovered our money from our wallets. I get what they were going for The house of Representatives are like a bunch of chimps. Remember when Obama made his lipstick comment and everyone on the Democrat side came to his defense Oh No you can’t criticize him he wasn’t talking about Sarah Palin. Well there you go Al Sharpton, they were not talking about Obama, they were talking about the U.S. house of Representatives. How does it feel when they get their own dirty tricks played back on them?


  7. bellalu0

    I remember those cartoons of Condi Rice.

    So as I have said before, it’s all about race and gender UNTIL it is a conservative black or female.

    I mentioned Alan Keyes earlier, and Condi Rice or Justice Clarence Thomas, they are open for anything because they are conservative.

    That’s the huge double standard at play and so none of the little tantrums over a silly cartoon have any credibility whatsoever. Even Obama himself said he would not have appointed Clarence Thomas.


  8. bellalu0

    Quote by Alan Keyes:

    “Obama is a radical communist and I think it is becoming clear. That is what I told people in Illinois and now everybody realizes it is coming true. He is going to destroy this country and we are either going to stop him or the United States of America is going to cease to exist,” said Keyes.

    More from Alan Keyes:

    Mr. Santelli is not the only one seeing shades of Cuba, et cetera.


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