Camille Paglia: Democrats have betrayed the soul of the party to mention Fairness Doctrine

New Audio: Camille Paglia Blisters Democrats for Pushing Return to ‘Fairness Doctrine.’


Ms. Paglia:  “They’ve totally betrayed the soul of the party to even mention this.”

Breitbart tv has an audio of Camille Paglia ripping the efforts of the democrat party to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Listening to her brings back memories of the democrat party as it used to be, all about freedom and fairness, not the party of control and of the elite that is today. And it is getting worse every single day. I say this as a former democrat that the party left behind. It’s hardly recognizable in its present form.

I want to try to make a transcript of what she is saying, if I can, but in the meantime, anyone with the time will not be sorry they listened to this.

Audio Here.


I did it, the best I could.

This is not an exact transcript of her words, but it is an excerpt to give a feel for what she said. It’s still worth it to listen to the audio to hear the inflections in her voice.

When asked about the Fairness Doctrine Ms. Paglia said:

“I don’t get it.  I don’t get it.

The essence of the 1960’s was about free speech.  That’s what Lenny Bruce and Berkley were about.  It was about free speech.

And not for one second should the government be wandering into the surveillance or montoring of the ideological content of talk radio.

They have betrayed the soul of the democrat party to even mention this.

Every true liberal democrat should be standing up in defense of talk radio no matter how heinous they may think what is being said is.

This is immature — immature for people of one party to try to squelch or erase the thoughts of another.

Liberals have a strangle hold on the major media and have had for 50 years.

What more do liberals want?

Talk radio rose as a counter to that fact. And I talk as a democrat.

Liberals for some odd reason cannot command the medium that is talk radio. AM radio is a distinct medium. The voice of AM radio is the voice of the people, the voice of the working class, lower middle class, the voice of early rock and roll and liberals have got to wake up.

I am a professor of humanities and media study and I see talk radio as coming out of the great tradition of our popular arts going back to vaudeville.

Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and others have recreated a feeling from the early days of tv when everybody watched Ed Sullivan.  You didn’t have to like Ed Sullivan but it was a shared experience.  These guys have worked their way up from the bottom – from nothing and it’s the audience that voted them in. It’s not some conspiracy, that’s an idea that comes from the ivy league that there’s somehow some conspiracy.  That’s an idea from the 1930’s, from a period of fascism.  The mass audience votes with the dollar whether it’s for movies, for tv, or for radio.”

Posted: 02.16.09  Updated:  02.16.09 @9:19 pm.


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2 responses to “Camille Paglia: Democrats have betrayed the soul of the party to mention Fairness Doctrine

  1. llabesab

    And to think that once I was rabid Democrat. But that was in the days when our Democratic leaders put God and Country first and party a distant third. Remember Harry S. Truman? JFK? Adlai Stevenson? Hubert Humphrey? Tip O’Neill?

    And what do we have today? Pelosi-the “hairy” one (that’s what Pelosi means in Italian); Dingy Harry Reid; Dick Durban; Steny Hoyer: Barney”I never saw a man I couldn’t love” Frank; Chris “I’m no friend of Angelo” Dodds, etal.


  2. msm22

    I have thought for some time the new dem pty is a “private club” for angry white women…nouveau elites with designer axes to grind….so prim & proper, not about ideas or others attitudes, always so politically correct, while descriminating against age, ideology, using whatever necessary to featherbed their own nests in the name of “good”…..


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