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Senate passes disgraceful ARRP bill

What more is there to say.  We can hold THESE THREE REPUBLICAN SENATORS responsible:


Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)


Sen. Arlen “I was not drinking wine, little lady” Specter (R-PA)


Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME)

3.5 million estimated jobs at a cost of $800 Billion

This piece of $%$# bill will cost over $220,000 PER JOB




Uppity Woman sizes it up with a list of some of the items that are in this bill – the bill that is being sold to the people as measures to stimulate the economy.  I feel sick…..

Maybe it’s that large screw going through my body.

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World’s longest fingernails broken in wreck (really)

nails This is just too weird.  No wonder she is in Believe it or Not.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah woman listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for her long fingernails has lost them in a car crash. Lee Redmond of Salt Lake City sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries in the accident Tuesday.

Redmond’s nails, which hadn’t been cut since 1979, were broken in the crash. According to the Guinness Web site, her nails measured a total of more than 28 feet long in 2008, with the longest nail on her right thumb at 2 feet, 11 inches.

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Lt. Don Hutson says Redmond was ejected from an SUV in the crash and taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Redmond has been featured on TV in episodes of “Guinness Book of World Records” and “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”

Posted:  02.13.09

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Caterpillar CEO refutes Obama’s claim to rehire

EAST PEORIA, ILL. — President Obama today repeated the claim we asked about yesterday at the press briefing that Jim Owens, the CEO of Caterpillar, Inc., “said that if Congress passes our plan, this company will be able to rehire some of the folks who were just laid off.”

Caterpillar announced 22,000 layoffs last month.

But after the president left the event, Owens said the exact opposite.

Asked if the stimulus package would be able to stop the 22,000 layoffs or not, Owens said, “I think realistically no. The truth is we’re going to have more layoffs before we start hiring again”

“It is going to take some time before that stimulus bill” means re-hiring, he said.

Owens supports the stimulus plan, but said it would take some time to have an impact on his industry and “is a little light on the heavy construction.”

Posted: 02.13.09

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