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Surprise! Surprise! Homeless Henrietta exposed

H/T Chickaboomer:

Miss Henrietta and son, Cory, seem to be experienced flimflam artists or to be kind, she was not telling the complete story when she cried to President Obama about needing a “kitchen and a bathroom.”  Seems she had a kitchen and a bathroom but gave the house to her son, Cory, after paying off the $124,000 mortgage in two years.  So why is she homeless?

See the records Here:

And, can you believe it? CNN actually had her on this morning.

Huffington Post proudly reported:

“”Henrietta Hughes appeared on CNN’s American Morning Thursday with Chene Thompson, the woman who gave her a house to live in after Hughes told President Obama she was homeless at a Florida town hall Tuesday.””

Oh, and, by the way, Keith Olbermann and CNN both got that coveted interview with the “oh, thank you, gracious God” Disciple of Obama, Mr. Osegueda.  Excerpt:

OLBERMANN: So this is—obviously, the stimulus package has already worked pretty well for you. What do you think? Why do you think the president picked you out of that crowd?

OSEGUEDA: Because—well, I mean, I definitely feel bad. Other people tried to be picked as well. But I just like jumped. I got up on my chair. I jumped and I screamed, and I said, Mr. President, pick me, pick me, pick me. I like screamed.

Overused phrase, but you just can’t make it up.

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The story of Obama and homeless woman,Henrietta

Remember this?  Peggy Joseph from Sunrise, Florida.

And now we have Henrietta Hughes from Ft. Myers:

“We’re going to do everything we can to help you, but there are a lot of people like you,” Obama said, adding that his staff would meet with her to help out.

He’s right.  But what is it about these people from Florida who think the President of the United States is going to personally take care of their needs?  According to Miss Henrietta, there is a two year waiting list for public housing there in Ft. Myers.  What the president could actually do for her and for everyone else in that situation is streamline the process somehow so as the reduce the waiting time.  I wonder if there’s any provision in the “stimulus plan” to provide for housing needs, or could it be that Henrietta does not qualify?

She did receive help, though, but it was not from the president or from the government.  I believe they offered her some business cards and phone numbers to contact.

The real help came from a local woman.

Chene Thompson, wife of state Rep. Nick Thompson, R-Fort Myers who offered up a home for Miss Henrietta and her 37 year old son, Cory, to stay in until they could get something else.

See the rest of the story in the Naples News.

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