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The Messiah has come, thank you gracious God

From Ft. Myers yesterday, worshipping at the feet of Obama:

More importantly, everybody wants to know, what are you going to do for ME, ME, ME?

Posted:  02.11.09


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Market not impressed with Geithner

Rewind to January 21st and hear Ron Paul’s take on Timothy Geithner as Secretary of Treasury, and the financial crisis in general.

“The system is so rotten.  He’s (Geithner) part of the problem.  He was basically in charge of the first part of the TARP fund.  So sombody takes 350 billion dollars, they mess it up, so we promote them.  And he’s generally been able to do that over his career.  Things don’t go well, he gets promoted.”

Whatever you think of Ron Paul, he is a voice crying in the wilderness and nobody is listening.  Nope, not listening.

We are in the hands of Timothy Tax Cheat Geithner.  Comforting, isn’t it?

Posted:  02.11.09


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