Public memorial service for Caylee set

Nearly seven months after her death, Caylee Anthony will be memorialized at a public memorial service to be held next Tuesday, February 10th, at 10 a.m. at  First Baptist Church of Orlando, a lawyer representing her grandparents told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday.

The church seats about 5000 people.  The service is open to the public, but the Anthony family is reserving the right to refuse entry to certain people.

Posted:  02.06.09


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8 responses to “Public memorial service for Caylee set

  1. I think first it should be established what these people knew and when they knew The immediate family. If I was this community, I would hold a separate memorial for one of their littlest citizens, and forget this dysfunctional family. Their thinking that some how this child didn’t have her own identity? Not a doll, not a pet, a human being, an individual not a possession. They reserve the right to refuse entry to certain people? Really and if they go to prison for having any part in covering up this murder, who will they have manning the velvet rope in prison?

    Even when this child is being memorialized it is all about them, and their level of comfort.


  2. Besides baring certain people from the funeral, it’s about time, that the child is laid to rest.


  3. Bev Anderson

    Longtime fan of nancy grace…God Forgive me Nancy..This memorial seemed like an academy performance to get Casey off the hook….Question? Could Casey have attended with prison guards if she chose to???? Bev From Canada


  4. It is a total shame this little girl lost her life. The grandparents are neck deep in this mess. I hope they finally charge the grandparents too. I hope the mother rot’s in HELL! How can the grandfather who clames to be a retired law enforcement officer not be somehow involved. He has had training on how to tell when someone is lying or hiding something. He must have known something was wrong much earlier. Or was he in reality not a trained officer after all? And, why didn’t he say something much earlier. Why hire a lawyer and go silent if he is not involved?


  5. Lori

    It absolutely sickens me that the Anthony family made this just as much about Casey (and her need for love, understanding and support), as they did Caylee. Are you kidding me? This memorial should’ve been for Caylee and her (memory) alone. Casey’s name should’ve never entered in to it, esp. since she’s charged with murdering Caylee. Caylee deserved a proper memorial, to be honored, remembered and loved, so she can finally rest in peace. But NO – leave it to the Anthony family to mention ‘poor Casey’ in the same breath as little Caylee. Outrageous!


  6. Maggie

    I still think Lee is Caylee’s father. I never had seen a uncle take something so hard. This CMA was to Casey not Caylee. Whatcha wanna bet?


  7. linda from jersey

    Pitiful would be the word I would use to describe what I just witnessed. Lee obviously is still in something up to his neck with Casey and their secret pacts that he felt the need to refer to even on of all days, today. For a brief moment a few days ago, I thought George would stop the web of lies this family lives with, but today he proved otherwise. How they dared to ask for love and compassion for Casey at the memorial service for the child she brutally murdered is beyond comprehension. God is forgiving to those who truly deserve it. This will never be the case with this family of liars and murderers. Even more pathetic was watching their attorney act as if he birthed the Anthony family. Everything they do is for attention and Casey.


  8. bellalu0

    I missed the service but caught a few highlights. It sounded like they made it all about Casey. Something is wrong with this picture. And why is Cindy hanging on to that stuffed animal?


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