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Inauguration 2009


See Yahoo News account of the inauguration.  Notice the sailor in the background of the picture saluting his Commander in Chief.

Posted:  01.20.09

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Bush booed at inauguration – sad display of bad taste

You know it’s bad when Chris Matthews says, “Bad form here” as the crowd boos President Bush (at least at the time he was president) and chants “Nah, Nah, Nah, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye.  What it is, is disgraceful.

Barack Obama said it is time to “put aside childish things.”  Some of his supporters haven’t gotten the message.  Bush made this transition as smooth as he possibly could.  He is speaking in Texas now, saying, graciously, “Today we swore in a good man and we offer up our prayers for his success.”

Posted:  01.20.09


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