Michelle chose ensemble by Isabel Toledo for swearing-in

AP reports:

WASHINGTON (AP) — First lady Michelle Obama wore a sparkling yellow-gold sheath dress with matching coat by Cuban-born American designer Isabel Toledo for the inauguration of her husband, a choice many applauded as a cheerful message of hope and a vote for the American fashion industry.

She paired the embellished ensemble with green gloves from J. Crew and green shoes.

There are and will be many pictures of the dress and coat she wore today.  But here’s a picture (below) of the black gown she wore in Manhatten at a fundraiser during the campaign, also designed by Isabel Toledo, which is gorgeous.  It was not designed especially for her, however, but purchased in Chicago. Couldn’t have been more becoming on her had it been designed specifically for her.


isabel-toledoIsabel Toledo

See more about her Here.

I see she is wearing a gown with an over the shoulder top tonight at the Neighborhood Ball.  Who designed it?  Don’t know.  Now we know.  See post here.

Posted: 01.20.09


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2 responses to “Michelle chose ensemble by Isabel Toledo for swearing-in

  1. The new First Lady seems to have a solid sense of style


  2. bellalu0

    Coffee, it does seem so. They made a stunning couple tonight.


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