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U. S. Airways plane down in Hudson River

U. S. Airways 1549 – Smoke seen, plane had no power. Pilot did spectacular job landing at 150 miles per hour with no power and on the water, both engines failed.

Everybody okay. Fairly orderly rescue. The plane was headed for North Carolina from LaGuardia.

The plane circled around in the air, and he landed on the water as if it was an airstrip. It floated for a while. Commercial ferry boats, I think about five, went over and all started to assist. Commuters on the water taxis in business suits pitched in to help, getting passengers out of the cold water. Made me think of this video. There were two sets of rescues, 53 passengers taken off first, then 12 more taken.  I think that’s referring to the ones taken on the ferry boats.

They said that 150 people on board plus five crew. Some injuries akin to injuries in a car wreck, some bloody faces and heads. Nobody serious. The first wave of divers are back and they feel every person got off, but are doing a double check. Secondary group of divers going in the water around and beneath the plane. Looks like some people are standing on the wing of the plane. Looks like they are standing on the water. Triage station set up on 42nd Street with plenty of doctors and police.  New York City is ready.

Rumor of birds (Canada geese?) going into the engine. That the pilot was able to ditch the plane right in the middle of the Hudson River is a miracle. Plane low and he had three minutes to make a decision.

Report of Passenger: Heard boom, saw fire outside the window, plane made turn, they thought they were going back to airport, but started going down, people thought they were going to die and began to pray, lots of Hail Marys. Pilot said, “Brace for impact.”

Jeff Kolodjay, a passenger on the plane, was in seat 23A when he saw fire in the engine under the wing.

He said the craft circled over the river.”I thought by chance we’d make it back to LaGuardia and land,” he said.

He said the captain told everyone to “brace for impact. Everyone started saying prayers, just kinda looking at each other, not knowing what to say or what to do. How would you feel? ‘Brace for impact’ is not what you want to hear.”

See this great picture here taken from a ferry just minutes after the crash showing passengers standing on the wings of the plane waiting for the rescue.

sullenbergerThe pilot, Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger III, is being hailed as a hero for the way he was able to bring the plane down for a relatively soft landing. He went through the plane twice to make sure no one else was left on it before he would leave the wreckage.

Some say it was divine intervention and I don’t doubt it a bit.

News Flash: The release of the $350 billions is APPROVED. But I don’t think these people are thinking much about that right now. Just makes you realize what is really important.

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