More of Cindy’s email is released, other updates

Update in the Caylee Anthony case.

I saw parts of Jane Valez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace and Greta tonight.  What seemed to be new was the discussion on Greta about the email that had been mentioned last night about the email Cindy had written.

The email was between Cindy and a person named Lois Peters.  Lois Peters had apparently organized a search for Caylee in the early days of the case and she had struck up a friendship with Cindy, I believe it was Cindy, but either Cindy or Casey, something about a bracelet being made and given as a gift.  So there was at one time a very friendly relationship but there was a falling out along the way.  I would like to know what the falling out was about, and we may find out because they are in contact with Lois Peters.  Maybe she will be able to talk to reporters at some point but right now she is having blood pressure problems in that she is getting death threats.  Now who would be doing that?  And why?

This most recent email, Cindy wrote to Lois that she would not be invited to the funeral.  Lois responded back that she did not want to be around anyone who would condone the killing of her granddaughter.  Cindy answered back that Casey did not kill Caylee and that she loved her very much and that it would be proved at trial.

It came out that there were two guys with Kronk when he supposedly discovered the body, and one of them was named but I can’t remember his name right now. (It’s David Dean).  He had gone into the woods to go to the bathroom, leaving two men by the road to wait for him.  It was that night that he made the first call to police at about 9:30 or 10:00 p.m.

The deputy who finally came out to investigate on the 13th of August has several complaints against his record and is now being investigated for his part in this case.

The psychic, Ginnette Lucas, who appeared on Nancy Grace last night has come under some credibility problems.  A woman from Virginia where Lucas lives called Kathy Belich from the tv station and said that about 20 years ago she and her sister had contact Lucas about the death of her niece.  She said Lucas took all total about $5,000 from them and never gave them any information that could be used.  When the money ran out her vibrations ceased.  The murder has still not been solved.

I still am wondering just how Kronk went out in the woods for a few minutes and found whatever he found that day on August 11th and then when the deputy came out on the 13th (Richard Cane or Crane), the area he pointed to was under water and the deputy just said, I don’t see anything, and didn’t want to go into the water.  Doesn’t make sense that Kronk would be wading around in water when he only went in the woods to relieve himself, does it?

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  1. Anonymous

    Now that Caylee’s remains have been found, is there enough DNA to determine who the father is ?


  2. I am highly suspicious of Cindy’s statement that he “passed on” earlier this year. How convenient!

    There should be sufficient DNA. Whether or not that angle will be pursued is another question.

    The father may not even know he is the father.


  3. bellalu0

    I keep hearing Michael Badin referring to that, he has said they will be able to determine who the father. But I didn’t think you could do that unless you have someone to compare the DNA with. I thought the father of Caylee was deceased I guess they could rule people out. Mayber I’m wrong about that. I heard Jesse Grund say he had been ruled out as the father.


  4. With what’s available to us with Forensics, the truth will certainly come out about who committed this crime.


  5. Molly

    They already had Caylee’s DNA from the original paternity test taken with Jesse Grund. He is not the father though Casey had told him he was. Then she said it was this Ortiz guy who had died in a car accident. She said this after he had died & that he had been on his way to Caylee’s birthday party when he had this accident. He died in May, Caylee’s birthday is in August. Casey has lied so much, it’s anybody’s guess. I think she doesn’t know who the father is or is keeping it secret for some reason.
    Lois Peters’ granddaughter had had a prayer vigil for Caylee. Casey was out of jail at this time & she sent the girl a bracelet, a letter & they continued to email each other. Cindy tried to continue emailing her after Casey was re-arrested but L. Peters didn’t want her to. Ya know Casey being accused of murder & Cindy, well you know being Cindy. She tried unsuccessfully to get a restraining order against Cindy & hence the bad blood between the two. Why they started emailing again, I don’t know. So now L. Peters is also on the uninvite list to the “public” memorial.


  6. Boston

    What would knowing who the father is change the indictment? They have had the DNA on Caylee since her birth. If incest is involved it would only be important if Casey was under the age of majority and a possibly a victim of rape as well. She was 18 when Caylee was born and she did not bring charges against Lee. If they had consensual sex and as a result he impregnated her than I think this would be a mitigating circumstance at trial. Jose would be duty bound to do something with this information and it would look like a good defense if he could get Lee to fall on the sword for Casey.

    In the meantime it is cruel and unusual treatment of an innocent person to assume that anything of the sort took place.

    My guess is that the father is alive and well in the Orlando area and hoping and praying he is never identified. He is the clue to what she was doing when she “went to work”.


  7. bellalu0

    Boston: Lee? Hmmm, I haven’t heard about or thought about Lee. Who said that? I don’t know why Michael Badin keeps bringing up the father. I have been wondering. If the father is alive, every time Badin mentions the father and the DNA, I’ll bet he has a panic attack.

    What did she do when she “went to work?”

    Molly, thanks for the background on Lois Peters. Why do you think Lois is getting death threats?


  8. Boston

    I have no idea what she did or didn’t do when she “went to work” but I would say there is a fairly good reason why she couldn’t identify the father. She had too many partners.

    It is well known through Casey’s own admissions that she took Caylee with her. She was known to frequent parties and engage in inappropriate behavior with men in the presence of her sleeping child. Mr and Mrs Anthony knew about this after the fact but hinted at her unbecoming behavior prior to Caylees death. Lee learned about her promiscuous behavior first hand, through published text and cell phone records.

    Whether or not her lifestyle was a motive for killing Caylee is yet to be seen. It may be bundled into motive but the real reason Caylee was erased from her life was because she had a malignant heart coupled with a motherload of malignant narcissism.


  9. Charlotte

    Maybe the real Dad was already killed by this crazy family. They (the police) should really try to find out who he is and if he is alive or dead and if he is dead, who or what caused it.


  10. Boston

    The father’s state of consciousness whether dead or alive has absolutely nothing to do with this case.

    Dominic Casey and Howard have nothing to do with this case.

    Whether lying psychic’s saw something or heard something in the middle of the night means nothing.

    We are not concerned with a would be mysterious death of someone that is unknown. Who operates in that distorted realm of reality?

    We are dealing with the death of a child as a result of a homicide. We indicted the person who was the last person to see her alive and who had motive and opportunity to commit the crime. We have scientific evidence to confict and a Dream Team who will create all the chaos they can muster.

    How many people will Casey Anthony ruin as a result of their association with her? That to me is one of the most interesting questions I would like to have answered.


  11. They the Anothony’s are all guilty of the death of CAYLEE,they protray themselves as being a close loving family,what close family would allow a crazy daughter(and they all knew that) leave with CAYLEE and stay gone 31 days and no one check on her. Come on now IMO they all should be charged,i understand the legal issue of this but one day soon they CINDY,GEORGE and LEE will meet their maker and the only sunshine they will see is the light of fire.Ihope CASEY is convicted and gets the d/p and when the other 3 A’s pass on I hope they get a one’way ticket to hell. Cindy you should go ahead and make arrangements for you,hubby, and son’s passing and don’t think you will have to worry about creamation as all 3 of you will burn in hell!!!!!Give CAYLEE a proper burial no one is going to dig her up,only the A’S could think of something that sick. I hope until the day each of you pass on you will have nothing but torment,no happiness,misery,all the things that you ALL put CAYLEE through,i know the good LORD above saw what was going on and i believe in my heart that she died a peaceful death,something that each of you IMO will never see. Maybe you each will live to be 100 and each day of your life be filled with nothing but pure torture. That is not even good enough.You all disgust me.CASEY is the one that killed her but each of you are guilty of helping,to let a grandchild go with he CRAZY MOM nad be gone 31 days without any of you checking on might as well been the one to take the final breath out of such a beautiful child.You never deserved her in thr first place,guess GOD was maybe trying to get all of you to straighten your life out,only you were to stupid to realize it. The blood of CAYLEE is dripping from each of your hands.


  12. The DNA that came back from Caylee was only linked to one of the anthonys. I think it matters a lot who the father is. If Lee or George were the father I think it would work to the advantage of the defense Lee’s behavior has been strange to say the least. we can all agree to disagree. The truth has to come to light sometime, there just to many people involved in this for it not to. The most important thing is to get JUSTICE for CAYLEE!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Charlotte

    If the reports are true about the huge fight she had with Cindy the night she moved out, when Cindy threw her out of her house, she probably killed her in a fit to get back at her Mother. When Cindy called 911, she was in a panic, but when she saw THAT was the reason her sweet daughter was suddenly locked up, she did a complete about face. Remember the first phone call – Cindy: “Well Sweetheart, are you blaming ME for you being there?”
    Casey, “Well?!??
    Cindy, “Maybe if you didn’t lie, you would not be in jail?”
    Casey, “WHATEVER?! Just get me Jesse’s number, I don’t want to talk to you right now. ”

    Imagine that attitude after your baby being missing. I would be crying so hard, I would not be able to breath.
    I have heard that call so many times on NG, I know it by heart. What a sick twisted murdering psycho. Her mother is no better and I hope George grows some and does the right thing by Caylee. He is the only chance she has for justice.


  14. Debbie

    The father of Caylee is Lee more than likely.


  15. Boston

    I find that highly unlikely. But then again I wrote about this already and I would rather wait fo rthe proof.

    Jose would have a defense if this is true.


  16. bellalu0

    I don’t see Lee being the father, but DNA should be able to show that for sure.

    I was just reading this transcript of an interview Lee gave to the police. Doesn’t seem like he knows anything. The only part I thought raised questions was when he went over to Tony’s house to pick Casey’s things and computer and said he found the computer on and all the emails had been erased. He could have erased them himself at this point.

    Click to access 01%20Lee%20Anthony%20July%2029,%202008.pdf


  17. Jelly

    I’ve thought for a long time that Lee was the father. If so, it would explain a lot. Pay attention to the times they are together – they act more like boyfriend/girlfriend than siblings. They have also had inappropriate sexual contact in the past that has been documented. (see link) And take a look at that baby – looks like both of them. *Creepy* Call me crazy, but I’m convinced.


  18. bellalu0

    I did not know about the prior allegations she had made against George and Lee. If there is any truth to that, the whole family is living a lie. But how can Casey be believed?


  19. Jelly

    The next time you see video of her and Lee, watch them closely. They gah gah and coo and are awfully close to be siblings. It’s really creepy and I noticed that from the first time I saw the videos. Something just isn’t right…. And it would explain why Casey has not come out and named the REAL father, wouldn’t it? Hmmm….


  20. Jelly

    And somewhere I read that they were caught in the ‘prequel’, so to speak. Wish I could remember where I read that and I’d pull up the link.


  21. bellalu0

    If you think of where you read that, let me know. I have noticed a shall we say familarity between Casey and Baez. Maybe he is the father. ha.


  22. Jelly

    LOL! Maybe, but I seriously think it’s Lee. There’s a reason she won’t name the real father and the circumstances are just too uncanny….


  23. Boston

    Casey is a liar, a thief and a murderer. Those three facts are true and well documented. She was never molested by her father or her brother. Cindy would have been long gone. Cindy may not have been able to control Casey but she sure wouldn’t tolerate being around sexual deviants for five minutes.

    The DA as well as the defense have probably requested a DNA sample from Lee. If it proved he was the father he could be prosecuted for Felony in the third degree. punishable as provided in s.775.082;s. 775.083;s.775.04 under Florida law for sexual intercourse (penetration) with a known relative with the same parent.

    Why would Casey implicate Lee in a crime? She can accuse anyone of sexual battery but when it comes to known family members most people don’t talk about it and many people who find themselves in this hideous situation get support from their parents and more often than not give the child up for adoption.

    Lee is a loyal brother and from all accounts a law abiding citizen. He has left the home and is a responsible employee and is currently helping his parents during this most unhappy and chaotic time in their lives.Why muddy the waters with rank rumors?


  24. Jelly

    I am entitled to my opinion as much as you are yours, tho I respectfully disagree with parts of yours. I have read many documents and listened to many, many reports, my family is in LE and we all live in the area, I have given great observation to things, etc. And as I said, the documents and such that I’ve read over all this time are pretty damning. While I agree that many family members in incestual relationships keep mum on things, there are many who don’t. In fact, I know two families personally that have had incestual relationships occur. And there are also many families that end up keeping the babies that are sometimes a result of these ‘relationships’, as well as many families that don’t. Cindy will never admit that anything like this could’ve happened in her family, as it would mar her appearance to the rest of the world and take away from that perfect family picture she’s trying to convey. You know, just like she KNOWS and has KNOWN since the day she made the 911 call that Caylee was dead, yet she’s STILL playing the ‘denial’ game! She’s not in denial – she’s covering their butts! Not too hard to figure that one out. As for Lee, he is NOT a law abiding citizen. His hands are dirty in this, as well as George’s & Cindy’s. ***You don’t ask for immunity if you’ve done nothing wrong!*** The only ‘help’ he’s providing his parents is called assss covering.


  25. Boston

    If they get immunity and tell the court that they had something to do with the crime or assisted after the fact and raise reasonable doubt, they could cause Casey to walk free. It would also mean that they are free from prosecution. That’s what immunity is all about.They are doing a hell of a lot more than covering their butts. They may want it both ways-freedom for the whole family.

    Florida law is very clear on immunity. Lee’s attorney would have to proffer something the DA can use or it’s all over.

    At the end of the day they will want a guilty verdict for Casey Anthony and it won’t matter much if she never said another incriminating word. Once all the noise shuts down and the trial nears (maybe 2010?) all their ducks will be in a row and things will move toward some resolution.

    There are so many twists and turns and real theatre surrounding this case it makes it hard to concentrate on what we know to be true and how it will impact will be defended. I look forward to hearing what teh Dearm Team-Sleaze Team will come up with.


  26. Jelly

    I don’t believe that Casey will walk free. Yes, Florida has done some really stupid things with some of their criminals & trials, but on this one, I believe it will stick. The good people of Orlando would love nothing better than to see this whole family rot. Have you checked into any of their past in Ohio? Interesting. They are walking trouble no matter where they are. As for immunity, I certainly hope they don’t grant that. From what I understand, it’s being mulled over now. Personally, I don’t care if Casey ever admits it or not – just convict her on the evidence and call it a day.


  27. Jo

    First I do not believe Lee is the father. This family is heartless but this is too far out there. I do believe that Lee is like Casey heartless.

    I do believe the Anthony’s do know the truth and have still continued to defend Casey and be liars for her. It is like they have forgot Caylee! How these people can live with this I do not know.

    If they have broke the law for Casey which I believe they have then they should be punished the law should be the law. Main thing everyone needs to tell the truth. They need to think about this sweet baby and show the some love and respect for Caylee.

    How can the Anthony’s live with not loving Caylee enough to do the right thing? Casey is a empty person no compassion, no heart she will have no problem living with the fact she killed Caylee. Casey will just be proud that Cindy cannot have her now. How can even a parent defend someone like this?


  28. Boston

    What they cannot do and what they fail to do is partly due to parenting a person with some form of antisocial personality disorder.

    Everyone knows a mother’s love for her children. There is a point though when a child does not want to be denied the opportunity to take responsibility for their behavior.

    Casey probably received undue praise and not much responsibility and after a while felt a sense of entitlement. She may have had to deal with depression while feeding her narcissism. She had no empathy for others but worked hard at convincing the world that she was “the mother type to all my friends.”

    They were mandated legally and morally to protect Caylee. They were always about protecting Casey from herself. This was only one of their fatal flaws.

    I am sure they thought that having this child and the ensuing responsibility would make Casey reconsider her values and standards. It didn’t work.

    They tried for 22 years to keep her out of the limelight. They gave her everything she needed and wanted. They provided for their granddaughter. They knew first hand that Casey was a bad person and they certainly were not going to do anything about it. She was always on a crime spree as long as she had money to steal at home.

    Now that it is abundantly clear that they have lost all control of Casey, they will have to allow the good people of Orlando to do what they could never do-PUNISH HER.


  29. Yeah

    Lois Peters: there is more than meets the eye with her. She won’t be out and about anytime soon, sharing her story: she has been exposed as being the one that started the email exchange with Cindy. What Lois did not share with the media was the fact that she started harassing Cindy for a funeral invite not long after Caylee was found. Cindy’s emails to her are in response to Lois aggravating her with numerous emails for an answer (at first Cindy would not answer her). As for the falling out back in the summer: Lois is the reason for that. The Anthonys did a lot of nice things for the granddaughter, but when they had had enough of Lois’ craziness, they put an end to it. That is when Lois started taking things to the media, to get back at them. All of this has been nothing more than Lois trying to get attention for her granddaughter, and to make a quick buck. The Anthonys just want her to leave them alone. (Seriously, for once, the Anthonys are actually the ones not in the wrong, here. I was floored when I found out. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction) has the pics of the emails Lois sent. Also, they have the backstory on Lois’ plight to get attention for her granddaughter, from having contact with the Anthonys. It’s a sad situation.


  30. bellalu0

    I watched the “lost” video of the the jail conversation. One part of it I am almost positive I have seen before, but anyway, I felt bad for Cindy and George as Casey was twisting them in knots. It is a pretty good indication of the way things have been between them probably. They probably did not make her responsible for her actions, as boston said – ever. But then maybe she would have turned out this way no matter what they had done. I see instances where people do atrocious things and I get a little tired of the parents being the blame. I’m sure some parents do have blame, but most do the best they know how and they make decisions with the information they have on hand at the time. But stealing and lying would not be something I would tolerate.

    Example, they allowed her to steal from them, it appears, for a long time. They allowed her to lie to them, as well. They should have stopped that but once she had them and she knew they would do nothing, she had them in her pocket. Children know how to play one parent against the other, they don’t seem to have to be taught to do that, they just do it, and if you’re not very careful that’s exactly what they will do.

    When I heard George calling her Sweetie, Sweetie, we love you so much and we miss you so much and on and on, he should have been saying, Casey, tell us where Caylee is, tell us now, we know you are lying and we don’t give a rat’s ass about how you are feeling unless you tell us now. Might not work, but I would sure try it. And if Cindy and George put the pressure on her united and do not back down, she just might fess up. She would either have to convince me without a doubt that she had nothing to do with it or I would take my medicine and let her hate me.

    I have thought a lot about what I would do in a similar situation, and, yes, I would put her up against the wall, and if she wanted to hate me and cry and moan, she could just go right ahead. That is what I would do without a doubt. And as long as there was a piece of her story that made no sense, she would have to explain it to me.

    I can tell that Cindy is heartbroken in that video. I feel for her. I really do. But both of them are just going to have to face the fact that Caylee is the victim — not Casey as she is trying to convince them she is. They are in deep denial.

    I don’t believe in the abuse charges by George. Casey probably made that up if that’s where it came from, another way to manipulate her family, or that Lee is the father of Caylee. I would have to see proof of that like DNA.


  31. The pain on CINDY’S face may be a little hearbreak, but most of her pain is coming from guilt, it will eat you up. She knows that she is partly to blame for the death of CAYLEE. Miss her yes, I am sure they do, but they should have thought of that the night CASEY screamed out of the house with CAYLEE, any normal and loving grandmother would have stepped in and kept that precious child until LUNATIC calmed down.IMO they are all in someway responsible for the death of CAYLEE. Like i have said before may they all rot in hell……..


  32. Boston

    Bella-Cindy is certainly heartbroken. I respect your opinion but I would say that denial is gone and acceptance has dawned on her. I looked at that video and I think it has all come crashing down on her. She wanted to be supportive but knows first hand that all she can do now is: provide others as possible culprits, alert the media to sightings of a lost child as well as making pronouncements like, “my daughter is a wonderful mother and a devoted daughter.” She now wants to protect her grown daughter from the pains of punishment and prison.

    When Cindy gets the help she needs and comes to understand that there was nothing she could have said or done to prevent this crime from happening will be the day she embraces life and recaptures the joys of living in the moment.

    JM I’m afraid this was not the first time she ran out of the house like a lunatic. What I think this screaming match did provoke was the opportunity to commit a crime she had the means to commit. She was motivated by her own self importance and her inability to meet her own personal needs while being responsible for a child. She did not bond with this child, she never loved this child. Casey was entitled to the good life, and by the gods this “little snot head” wasn’t going to stand in her way.

    Now locked up in the county jail she describes herself as a victim. No one is comforting her. She has to work on her case. She knows nothing about the wherabouts of her child. She is in a situation where everyone is talking about Caylee, “Surprise,surprise.” She does not want to answer questions about Caylee she wants to speak to her father who hasn’t got the courage to confront her with the facts.

    Why do the Anthony’s never ask her the important questions? Because they know the answers.

    Why don’t they visit their wonderful daughter the devoted daughter? They don’t have any questions to ask.

    Do they want to discuss coldslaw and bologna sandwiches? I don’t think so.


  33. BOSTON: I don’t think any amount of help will make CINDY ealize there was nothing she could have done to prevent this. There was alot she could have done,knowing how her daughter was she should have allowed CASEY to leave party do whatever and she should have kept that precious child without any questions being asked. You know that within the 21/2 years that young CAYLEE was alive CINDY knew that CASY was neve going to put CAYLEE first. Not to mention letting 31 days go by without speaking to her granddaughter, that is absurd. So, getting help will IMO not help CINDY realize that she could not have stopped this murder of CAYLEE. The only thing CINDY has to look forward to is living a life of pure hell and guilt if she did care about CAYLEE in anyway. CINDY could have her beautiful CAYLEE with her now if she had been just a halfway good grandmother, she knew that CAYLEE was not in good hands with her mother. She chose CASEY over CAYLEE and now she has to live with that. As far as the father of CAYLEE what difference does it make, she is gone and finding the father is going to do what? If she was a product of incest would that really suprise any of us. In this bizzare case nothing is impossible.


  34. bellalu0

    What did you all think about that new jail video that came out? I’d like to get that one psychoanalyzed. There was a lot going on there. George and Cindy seemed completely intimidated by Casey, it was so odd George explaining this little scenario where Casey was the boss of a big corporation and so forth, as if he was trying to get a three year to understand something. She kept saying, “what am I supposed to learn from this?” How inappropriate.


  35. BELLALUO Where can i find the new jail vidoe please give me the link or post it on this site…thanks i can’t wait to see it….linda


  36. bellalu0

    Here you go, Jason’s Mom. This is the first of the four parts. Let me know what you think after you watch them.


  37. Boston

    Bella-I wrote about the video in my response yesterday. (see above)

    Jason’s Mom-I completely agree. Cindy could have done something. We project out own thoughts and feelings and often times what we think we might have done. What I think is critical here is that both Cindy and George know who they are dealing with. I think they suspected that she was a sociopath but who knows who diagnosed her priior to the murder. We have to look at the video and make some assumptions: They treat her like a child. They know about her temper. They know there is something wrong with her and are trying not to have her go off the deep end. It was fascinating. Cindy is guilt ridden because she knows that she raised this child and it was a direct result of her parenting that created the unbelievable human being with a malignant heart and a motherload of marcissism. I wrote about this on another blog. I could go on and on but I don’t want to post too long.

    I do not believe there was anything short of adoption which could have saved this child. If they were in group/family counnseling there may be support for a law suit against the mental health provider. There are clear and definitive instruments to use to diagnose sociopathy.


  38. Orlando Johnson

    I am the parent of a daughter with Disassociative Personality Disorder – Sociopath – that is very similar to Casey Anthony. (My daughter even has a two year old daughter.) We have been thru many hospitalizations, 10+ years of individual/group/parenting counseling, many years of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Behavior Specialists, at least 17 different meds, etc. We have been EXCELLENT parents…very involved. One thing that makes me madder than hell is when someone that has no clue what they’re spouting off makes comments such as:

    “Cindy is guilt ridden because she knows that she raised this child and it was a direct result of her parenting that created the unbelievable human being with a malignant heart and a motherload of marcissism.”

    To blame Casey’s horrendous crimes on Cindy’s raising of her is ridiculous. NOT saying Cindy is mother of the year, ok? She’s GUILTY of obstruction of justice and/or aiding & abetting at the very least and should be jailed immediately.

    These people are MENTALLY ILL, but that’s NO excuse for what she did. NO style of parenting will FIX them…great parenting and medical intervention ONLY makes the situation occasionally tolerable. To make such a statement is an incredible insult to those of us that live this life everyday. Please rethink your position because it’s about as far from reality as you can get.

    — AS FOR CASEY —

    There are many mentally ill parents that DON’T kill their children and this cretin needs to be held and severely punished for what she’s done. I DO NOT use her ‘issues’ as an excuse for her and hope she’s given the death penalty, as that’s what Caylee got.

    But for you people to dissect this situation and casually blame it on the parents is way off base. Until you live the life, you truly have no clue.


  39. Jo

    Orlando Johnson—your views are interesting and I respect you for doing the very best you can for your daughter. No, I do not have a clue what it is like to deal with a troubled child. I do not believe anyone can know till they live it.

    I think the anger people feel for the Anthony’s is based on they have been liars for Casey. Also, I know I am very angery at the Anthony’s over not laying Caylee to rest and not telling the truth and showing some love and respect for this Angel Caylee.

    Casey is what Casey is and they might not been able to change one thing. But it is what they are doing now that is so very wrong. Casey cannot be let loose again she is a killer. The Anthony’s short coming is in not being honest and wanting some kind of justice for Caylee. I want to see some real love from this family for Caylee. I want the truth from the Anthony’s and some respect for Caylee….

    They can never change what Casey is but they can change what they are making of themselves by thinking of Caylee’s memory now and doing the right thing for Caylee instead of doing the wrong thing for themselves and Casey. The Anthony’s will never have peace until they do right by Caylee and put her to rest and tell the truth.


  40. From the reports i have read and saw on TV,they have detemined that CASEY does not suffer from a mental disorder. I am very sorry about the trouble that you have been through with you daughter, but you did the responsible thing and got help at a very early age. We ae in no way blaming the ANTHONY’S for the actual death of CAYLEE, we are however holding them responsible for tampering with evedince and lying for CASEY and last for not giving the precious child a decent burial. I am sorry if I offended you in any way, and wish you the best of luck and commend you on the way you have raised your daughter. If only the ANTHONY’S were half the person you are we would not harber the feeling we do for them. And again please note all reports from the jail indicate that CASEY DOES NOT SUFFER FROM A MENTAL PROBLEM…That’s what the experts are reporting. SHE IS A COLD BLOODED KILLER!!!!!!!!!!


  41. Boston

    Dear Orlando-Mr and Mrs Anthony knew she was troubled. I am sure they went to counseling to help her. Yes, as parents they will feel enormous guilt for having raised this child, for having enabled her, for never making her face the consequences for inappropriate behavior. They are guilt ridden for not making the appropriate decisions about Caylee. When they lost control of Casey, they should have gone to the appropriate authorities (CPS) and sought help. If this isn’t guilt than tell me what it is. I amend the word “create”.

    Casey could be characterized with antisocial personality disorder. There is no known treatment leading to remediation. These patients need to get counseling prior to puberty. Long term counseling.There are a host of psychotropic meds which could help with anxiety, depression, impulse control, etc.

    For many diseases both physical and mental, biology, genes and ones environment play significant roles.

    Mr and Mrs Anthony were good and decent parents and wonderful grandparents. They spent their adult lives trying to calm down a rebellous, unsympathetic narcissistic person who had a dark and evil heart.

    I have written about them on countless blogs. I have a handle on the Anthony’s and it is a sound and compassionate one.

    I hope that you read the latest article in the Amer Psychiatric Journal-new thinking about depression and anxiety. I wish you the best with your daughter and granddaughter.


  42. Orlando Johnson

    To Jo and Jason’s Mom:

    I appreciate your responses. And please understand that I am not giving Casey any slack, nor am I giving George, Cindy or Lee any slack. They are ALL pukes in my book and should ALL be imprisoned for their actions taken after the fact. I believe they are all guilty in covering up and lying, and those that have frequently spouted off about Cindy being in denial are in denial themselves. In my book, they began the cover up the minute after Cindy called 911.

    Also, please understand that I am in no way making excuses for Casey or any of the rest of the Anthony family.

    What I have a problem with is the statement and general concensus that Casey is *completely* the way she is because of the way she was parented. Yes, some of the parenting has been twisted and incomplete at times from the Anthonys, but isn’t it that way with most parents? And again – I am NOT an Anthony fan – can’t stand ’em in fact and I feel they are the scum of the Earth! But trust me…I see a lot of myself and my spouse in the ways that C & G talk to and try to rationalize with Casey and it’s ball busting to me. But on the other hand, when you’re a desperate parent just trying to get thru the day with an inkling of peace, you do what you have to do and make comparisons to every day things on a kindergarten level when needed.

    I know Casey has not been diagnosed as having any mental problems. Just know that my daughter was called a brat for the first two years of her life because of her off the wall behaviors, etc. It wasn’t until she reached puberty that the actual – and REAL – diagnosis was made…and only because we pounded the pavement continuously till we found the right avenues of treatment and the right people to listen to us. It’s all a joke to the general public (myself included sometimes) and there are many ‘professionals’ that do the blanket diagnosis or call your kid ADHD, a brat, monster, etc because they don’t have the time, money, KNOWLEDGE or INTEREST to see things as they truly are.

    So please don’t take my words as condemnation to you all! The only real monsters are the Anthonys!


  43. Boston

    N.D. Sorry. One more thing.

    We know that Casey had some psychological testing done prior to being taken over to the jail (Bond hearing). She had no mental health issues and wasn;t on any medication. Sociopathy (ApD) is a personality disorder and not necessarily called a mental illness.

    I don’t know the extent of the testing but I would assume it was a good work up.


  44. Orlando Johnson

    To Boston:

    Your post is great. One thing I have to make you aware of tho is this:

    We called DCF (CPS, etc) in our state and begged them to get us help when my daughter was dealing with suicidal and homicidal ideation. We begged them to put her into an institution, group home, long term hospitalization, etc, just to keep the rest of our family safe at the time. You know what they told us? They told us to put padlocks on our bedroom doors, our younger child’s door, hide all of our knives & sharp instruments and hope for the best. Are you kidding me??? To make a long story short, my spouse told them to get the EFF out and don’t ever come back.

    Then we busted our butts to take control of the situation and get the needed assistance ourselves.

    As for C & G feeling guilt…yes, I definitely understand that. I feel it too. And after many years of counseling I know that I’ve done about all I can for my child and I know that I’ve got to continue to keep a damned close eye on my gbaby at all times. I also know that guilt can be turned around to be a productive thing.

    And as far as C & G not wanting to make Casey angry…I understand that too. With people like this, you truly have to pick your battles. What people don’t understand is that if “Mommy” is in a foul mood, hostile, potentially violent, etc., sometimes it’s better to let “Mommy” slide because her little one is the one who might suffer later on. That’s a real conundrum and not a pleasant situation to be in as an outsider.


  45. Orlando Johnson

    And as far as C & G not wanting to make Casey angry…I understand that too. With people like this, you truly have to pick your battles. What people don’t understand is that if “Mommy” is in a foul mood, hostile, potentially violent, etc., sometimes it’s better to let “Mommy” slide because her little one is the one who might suffer later on. That’s a real conundrum and not a pleasant situation to be in as an outsider.


    And to add to my earlier comment above:

    It’s also wrong to consistently give in to “Mommy” because she’s smart enough to learn to milk that for all it’s worth!!!

    It’s a very fine line…..


  46. Orlando Johnson


    If the work up was done in the OC Jail, I can assure you it was generic and not very in depth.

    My dad is retired from the Sheriff’s Dept in Seminole County – it adjoins Seminole County and they work hand in hand. The mental health services/etc are half ass at best.


  47. Orlando Johnson

    oops – meant to say that seminole cty butts up to orange cty, where casey is.


  48. ORLANDO; I could not imagine what you have been through and i have empathy for you you husband and your daughter my question if I may ask is: Is your dauhter married, does she reside with you and is her condition under control as to where you feel your grandaughter is safe? I know these are personal questions but I feel that you somehow have concerns that this tragic story could somehow happen to you. I ccan tell you are a very loving parent and would do anything in your power to save your daughter and grandaughter from any type of harm. My heart goes out to you and my prayers. If more people like yourself would speak up then maybe society would have a better understanding on mental illness and what it does to families. We all need to be more aware of the people around us and no be afraid to seek help. You know that there were more people who witnessed CASEY”S behavior teachers, friends, etc…just saying maybe if someone other than the parents had come forward and reported this bizzare behavior then little CAYLEE may still be alive. JMO


  49. bellalu0

    I think Cindy and George may have been in danger themselves. It’s not unheard of that an angry daughter has shot mother and father in their sleep (Sarah Johnson), especially if Casey in a sociopath.


  50. Orlando Johnson

    Jason’s Mom:

    First of all, a big thank you for your empathy, compassion, and the willingness to be open minded and willing to listen and learn more! :0)

    And just so you know, I am a woman, but when discussing my personal life and touchy parts of it I prefer to remain androgenous (sp?) so to speak. I’ve noticed that if you present as a woman, you’re pretty much dogged, told you’re weak, wishy washy, stupid, etc. If you present as a man or neither, you’re treated with much more respect and people are willing to take you more seriously.

    As for my situation, yes, I see many things that are familiar when I see the Anthonys. Shocking as it may seem, (similar to the Anthonys) half my family is in law enforcement (locally) and the other half is in the medical field in various aspects. And let me tell you – I have had many connections and getting help was damn near impossible – can you imagine the average Joe’s troubles getting help? Geez!

    My daughter ended up pregnant in another state after taking off on a hyped up wacko whim at 18 and she was/is not married. I’ve never met the father but talked to him on the phone a couple of times. He ended up being stabbed to death by the girl he was with before he hooked up with my daughter. (This I know is a fact because I’ve got the newspaper article, copy of the death certificate, etc.) We brought her back and she and her daughter are now less than 10 minutes from my house. She calls me (no kidding) an average of 6 times a day and drops in frequently. *I always insist on talking to my gbaby on the phone*. My mother lives about 17 min from them also, so she’s a backup, and the baby’s in dayschool during the day so that my daughter doesn’t get overwhelmed. Yes, there are times when I get a bit paranoid but thank God that it’s turned out to be just my paranoia. Yes, there are things that I’d do differently than she does, but I also have to try to respect the fact that she is the baby’s mother and not me – tho I definitely add my opinion – sometimes I’m rather pushy about it. All in all, things have turned out to be better than I thought they’d be, although the nervousness is still and will always be there. Lots of prayers, late night marathon ‘talk her down’ phone calls and fighting with her till she snaps out of it have also made things a bit more bearable.

    But I will do anything – absolutely anything – to make sure my gbaby is safe. No turning heads and ignoring the situation happening here.

    Thanks again for your interest and thanks for letting me vent.


  51. ORLANDO; I will always keep you in my thoughts, and yes your comment about women is true, we are looked upon as weak. Something I have never revealed in this blog nor ant other is I myself have been through a tradegy, mu husband was killed in 2000, murdered while making a night deposit for the company he worked for. At the time we had a 4 month old daughter and 9 days after i buried him i found out i was pregnant with our 2nd daughter. She was born 8 months after he died. So to say i have had an easy life is a understatement and maybe I come across a bit harsh at times, I don’t mean to I have like yourself had to deal with alot of long nights and professional help. I guess that is why i feel so strong about husband had give the guy the money but was still shot… Anyway my message is too you I think you are a super peron and a very strong person in no way are you weak. As I said you will always be with me…we are 2 strong women and never let anyone talk down to you…GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR DAUGHTER I am sure she and your gbaby will be safe, she has you to protect her….




  53. Orlando Johnson

    Jason’s mom:

    I’m very, very sorry for your loss. I can’t honestly imagine how you feel but my heart just breaks for you. What an awful, horrendous experience and life you’ve had! But you are a super strong woman of real character and you are a survivor – that says so much. All my best to you – you’re a good egg. :0)


  54. Orlando Johnson




  55. Boston

    Orlando-What a horrific experience. Can’t you petition the courts to become a conservator for your daughter. This would have to be based on evidence -real evidence and not heresay.

    This would allow your daughter 72 hours in a mental health facility. Has no one diagnosed her as dangerous? You seem to thnk she is and I cannot understand why your granddaughter is not protected. If she is on medication there should be a case file on her mental health status as well as a definitive reason why she has been given that medication.

    See that she is taking her meds, follow up with questions relative to her counseling and always tell her that you or your mother will babysit anytime she needs to attend to doctor visits etc. I’m sure you’ve done that a thousand times,

    I understand completely about the anonymity about name and gender. You just stand up to the powers that be and demand your rights. Demand that the psychaitrist inform you of your daughters progress and state that you take this responsibility seriously and that you do not want to be left out of the loop. If Mommy is feeling ragefilled or impulsive you want to know from the doctor the stategies you can use to help remediate these outcomes.

    Can you adopt this child if you feel your daughter is not attending to her mental health issues? Can you seek some form or temporary custody during uncertain and unstable times?

    The Hipa act protects your daughters’ privacy; it should not interfere with your granddaughters safety.

    I will put you on my list and think of you often. Do not give up, things will improve. There are people out there who will be able to help you.

    Talk to all the nice people here. Jason’s Mom and Bella are good, honest people. We will support you and give you our ideas and maybe even point you in a direction that you didn;t know was there.

    When you panic say something like: Lord, come to my aid in my time of need. YOu do not have to be a believer-just hopeful. If you want to say, Ala or Yaweh or Budda, pick whatever makes you feel comfortable and authentic.

    Say it once, breathe slowly and think about the breath you can feel when you are exhaling. Bring both hands to your heart, push your hands upward and breathe. Think about your breathing-listen to it. ok.

    Do this at the beginning of your day-smile when something negative happens. Sounds crazy but it will help you to reduce your stress. You do not have to feel happy but smiling will help you see that conflict is not always negative -without conflict and chaos how could we arrive at serenity?

    Every time you have an ANT pass you by -knock it right out of your head. (ANT-another negative thought). Alll these things will help you. You will be helping your mother, your husband.

    I have said too much. Please forgive this long post. I believe in what I say and I so want you to feel better.


  56. Boston

    Orlando-Jo-Bella-Jason’s Mom

    What Bella said -“I think the Anthony’s could have been in danger…..this is absolutely true if we take the evidence we have. If not completely true than we can “imply” that it could be possible.
    My reasoning:

    Amy H. changed her address to 4937 HopeSpring Drive shortly before or after the death of Caylee. Casey had told Amy that her parents were getting a divorce and would be deeding the house over to her. Amy never thought anything about it and went ahead and changed her address. Nothing was said about her moving arrangements but it would be interesting to see how far she got in her preparations to move. It won’t matter what she did relative to this case but it speaks volumes about what would have happened to Cindy and George. Was it just another lie or was there something to it? We will never know but it is something to consider.

    If the psychological screening was not through and Casey was placed in confinement and while there harmed or killed an inmate there would be hell to pay. Casey was taken off the streets not because she was a neglectful mother (that’s what got her incarcerated) but because there was a dangerouness about her and that would be reflected in the analysis of the mental health screening. Most sociopaths don;t kill but when they do it’s usually not once. Keyword: serial


  57. Boston

    Third paragraph-fist line: thourough


  58. Orlando Johnson

    Good morning, Boston! I hope this finds you warm & toasty. You’d think it’d be that way down here in Orlando, but no…….. it’s supposed to be 29 tonight!

    I sincerely thank you for your thoughts, concerns, suggestions and prayers and feel that you and I could probably discuss lots of things in great depth. I appreciate your mind. :0)

    As for my daughter and her situation, all seems to be under control at this time – as under control as possible. There are good days and bad but for the most part, all is fairly good right now. I’m lucky in the fact that I’m one of those people that can manage a smile for the public while I’m tormented or dying inside, so that’s been a real blessing.

    About 7 years ago I ‘retired’ from my job (in my 30’s) and decided I needed to devote my time and efforts to my family, the cause, and mostly to my daughter – the hell with the marriage at this point, ya know? Honestly, working an intricate job became too much for me with all the worry, lost sleep, 700 million phone calls at work and such. (I have since started my own business and work that mostly from home now. Gotta have some form of release, huh?) When I retired we were finally able to go thru the court system and have her arrested, which was mandatory and protocol to have someone admitted for a long term program. What’s really sad is that she basically did nothing wrong to be arrested and she’s the only person EVER in my family’s history to ever be arrested, but there truly was no other option. After spending a year in a ‘behavioral camp’ and having her taken off all meds and basically drying out in order to start over, things have definitely improved. Then again, maturity has kicked in JUST a tad and that’s helped too. But they say that mental illness exacerbates (sp?) during puberty and early adulthood (in the 20’s, specifically) so we’ll just have to hold on to hope that things continue on the path they’ve been on lately.

    Just please…don’t get the impression that my child is a violent & horrific monster all the time because she’s definitely not. She has issues that we deal with but after all these years, I truly wouldn’t recognize life any other way and you deal with what you’re dealt – makes you stronger! She is my daughter and I love her with all my heart and soul, even tho there are days I don’t like her behaviors, actions or ideas very much. And I will *always* be there for her and especially for my gbaby!!!

    Personally, I think Cindy and George gave up.


  59. Orlando Johnson

    Hey Boston –

    I heard Dr. Leslie Austin say on Nancy Grace (NG) last night that Casey definitely showed Disassociative/Sociopathic tendencies. I found this most interesting.

    Yep. Pretty obvious, but still NO excuse.


  60. Hey it’s been a crazy day here had no time to check in, finally have a minute to catch up on how all is doing. Have had all you guys on my mind today..hope to chat more tomm..all have a good night and thank you for this wonderful site,I really feel like I have made new friends..jason’s mom


  61. Boston

    Orlando-Your daughter will get better. Remember that the brain doesn’t fully arrive at it’s full development until about the age of 25. As she goes through life with a supportive and loving mother like yourself things will even out.

    My cousin had a son who had difficulties and he too went to a facility that took him off all his meds. He is fine on lithium and is a very loving and caring person with insight and maturity. It wasn’t always easy.

    I know this blog is about C/G and Casey and we will get back to that. Casey is nothing like your daughter. Casey has no chemical imbalances. No one should be compared to your daughter-she has a disease which needs treatment. She has what Casey Anthony doesn’t have -hope for change.

    Often times these types of mentall illnesses repond to remediation during the perimenopausal years (39 and onward). Remember too that it is the strong among us that are asked to carry the cross of hardship and life’s burdens. You are doing a great job and you need to appreciate that your daughters wellness is your triumph.

    Being Peace is a great book to read. You will find that you have done many of these things. Smiling when you could be doing something else is your special talent. No monetary reward could match its’ true worth.


  62. Good Morning BOSTON,ORLANDO.BELLU. hope everyone is having a good day. Orlando hope all is well with your daughter,and hope you boh have a peaceful day…I have been busy past cpl days moving haven’t had much time to keep up with the ANTHONY’S not to mention no cable yet..has anything new happened any closer o a burial..what is going on..would love to be filled is so cold here in S.W.VA and lots of snow..brrrrrr…anyway if anyone has any new info plz pass i along.and my girls ages 7 and 8 are starting to have problems with their father being dead plz keep them in your prayers..GOD BLESS THEM .my 7 year old came home yesterday from school upse her teacher had ask them to draw a pic of something they do with their dad that they enjoy..she said mamma i didn’t know what to do so I drew a pic of me and papaw when we went hunting…so pitiful..if all these plp that commit these murders could spend a day with the victims maybe our crime rate would drop..I don’t know I think I am grasping at straws.also need your guys opinion I still harber alot of anger and need some closure the local VICTIM WITNESS PROGRAM has suggested meeting with the man who killed my husband (if he agre’s) what do you think?….Really I need to find some form of closure as well as my daughters do…I have so many questions and by the way he was found quilty of 1st degree muder and using a firearm to commit a felony he received life plus 38 years with no possibility of getting out I however wanted the D/P. any suggestions I am free today and would love to hear what you guys have to say as I respect each of you…Have a great day!!!!Jason’s mom


  63. bellalu0

    J. M., good morning. I have not heard about your husband before reading your remarks today. I am so sorry for you and your children. I don’t know the circmstances of the murder, but the guilty person has been tried, convicted, and is now in prison, according to your statements.

    I am not a mental health profesional or anything close and maybe some others can give you better advice as far as visiting the murderer of your husband. But you asked for opinions and I have plenty of those. You stated that you wanted him to get the death penalty, Instead, he was shown mercy and got life plus.

    So why would you want to visit him? I would not go anywhere near him. I think that would give him an importance in your life that he does not deserve. I have seen some of these meetings between victim and perputrator and it always makes me sick to my stomach to see a victim putting themselves through it. Some say it helps, but it would not help me to acknowledge a person who took my husband’s life. My impression is it, in effect, shifts some blame from the killer onto the victim, by the suggestion that you have to in some way forgive him. Call me whatever, but I don’t think you have to forgive him. Why would you? If forgiveness comes to you as a divine grace then, accept it as a gift that it is, but as a human being you have every right to be angry. Don’t let anyone put on you any guilt that belongs exclusively to your husband’s murderer.

    So there you have it. My opinion.

    Hope you have a good day, and good luck with the moving.


  64. Jo

    Jason Mom I agree with BellaluO forgiveness is what God ask us to do and we should so we can have some peace. But to let this man who killed your husband be honor by your words or even by your presents to see him is giving to him
    something he doesn’t deserve.

    It is a little like the Anthony’s with Casey but she is family not some stranger but still everyone wants the Anthony’s to think only of Caylee and not of Casey she doesn’t deserve Anthony’s words or their attention in anyway. Just like this man who killed your husband doesn’t deserve the high of seeing the family he has hurt. Why, should anyone give attention to someone that has killed someone they love? People like Casey live to hurt and control and if there is no one to do that to then they see their behavier has cost them the things they love like the control and attention.

    I do not began to understand how hard this is for you and your family. And, you should do whatever will give you peace not the killer peace.

    I feel till the Anthony’s do right by Caylee they will never know peace. Face the truth tell the truth and think only of Caylee and put this little Angel to rest and show some respect.

    You have done that for your husband and now I hope you can find peace in whatever, you decide to do.

    God Bless you and your family.


  65. JO/BELLUEO: You both hit the spot I do have to forgive because that is what God ask us to do, and I am fearing that I cannot do that,yet I want to enjoy the kingdom of heaven. How do I reach that point in my life, I look at my beautiful daughters everyday and the life that they have led, not all joy due to Mamma getting the help that she’s needed and I have made some really bad decisions in the past, due to not thinking straight. How do I make this up to my daughter and give them the wonderful life that they so desrve when I am so filled with angry. My husband is talked about each and every day by the girls and I feel it is important that I tell them all I can about their father. It’s like there is no ending and answering their questions only adds fuel to the fire of my angy for this monster who almost destroyed my life. I am not young 44 this was a secound family to me I have 3 grown children that were teenagers when this happened, and they suffered neglect from me for some while after he died. I didn’t live for years I only existed now I am trying so hard to pull it all together and ralize that I have hurt alot of plp with my actions. I know that I can’t live in the past but plz help me find an in between,letting go of angry and repairing the damage I have done to so many. I know how the ANTHONY’S feel I think they don’t know what to do they are so lost in their grief and guilt that it paraylizes you, you are so overwhelmed that the simplest deed is not at all possible to accomplish. I hope you all can see what I am trying so hard to say, when you losr someone it hurts but when you lose someone in such a horrific manner it does something to you physically and mentally. I didn’t have the support of a close family if anything they came in and ripped away what family I did have, instead of trying to get me help one family member was pulling at this child and another at the other 2. They are grown now and we don’t have the best of relationships I did however keep ahold of my 2 precious daughters and we are extremely close. So any suggestions on helping me pull everything back together, I made that my new year’s resolution,and I AM DETERMINED IT WILL HAPPEN….SORRY FOR THE LONG POST FEELS GOOD TO TALK ABOUT THIS TO PLP WHO I KNOW WILL TELL ME THE TRUTH ON HOW THEY FEEL…..THANKS


  66. bellalu0

    JM, I cannot even imagine what it would be like to go through what you have had to endure.

    I have been thinking about what you said all morning, and this is a message I believe I should send to you: I think that your heartache is well knowm to God. He has said he keeps all our tears as a remembrance, and I believe he would put his arms around you and say not to worry about the man who took your husband and ruined your life. He is not even worth your thoughts. He would say, “Let me take care of him, I will do the right thing because I know his heart. Just leave it to me.” Your job wil be to gather your strength and give your love, time, thoughts, and energy to those who deserve it.”

    I think it is probably presumptuous of me to even say that but I feel strongly that you should not allow the murderer to sap any more of your life away. I always tell myself that I can’t change the past, only the future.

    Peace be to you.


  67. orlando johnson

    Good day, everyone! I am on my way out the door, haven’t had time to catch up. I hope everyone’s doing well and staying warm! I will try to get back here later tonight. You guys are truly great people!


  68. Good evening friends…another day is gone and it’s quite time for me. The girls are tucked safely away in bed, no school until Monday and they ae going to my parents tomm. to spend cpl nights. I am really looking forward to this little break..First I want to apologize about my long post this morning..I just read it and realized that I was feeling sorry for myself. I have days like that and trying my best to let them be less and far between. I have sat here thinking so many thoughts, while I was seeking pity, CAYLEE is still in a box somewhere all alone. I read all the lastest news and I read other blogs, viewed lots of pic’s and with the new reports out I am once again asking myself how in the world could a mother do this to their child. I cannot even begin to understand what type of person could be so cold,vicious,selfish, and nothing comes to mind. This poor child was duct taped put into a laundry bag, then into a garbage bag,and just tossed. While her mother was out shopping buying bra’s hoodies..and in every pic no sign of any emotion on her face. We all know now that CAYLEE never had a chance and what else did she endure within her short 2 1/2 years on this earth Just the thought of CASEY doing this to her and then put a heart sticker on th duct tape..finding her body dumped like a ba of garbage…little whit shorts..small white top and her winnie pooh blanket….gosh I get chills and all tery eyed thinking of those beautiful eyes looking into he mother’s face not able to talk but you know begging why mommy? Was Caylee scared..I have to think she was alive and talking when she was placed into the trunk because of the tape…so no one could here her….I look at my daughters and cannot imagine the fear that Caylee had….she was looking at the one person who should have protected her from any harm…was she thinking about grandma/grandpa wishing they were with her..was she crying..was this a common place for her to stay while mommy had a good time….ohhhh it actually makes me hurt physically for this child. Somehow she was let down by many plp..only 1 killed her but they were more involved…I don’t care what anyone thinks..C/G had to know Casey wasn’t stable person would do something so horrific to a stranger much less their child………. I am at lost for words right now..CAYLEE ANTHONY BUDDED ON EARTH TO BLOOM IN HEAVEN…RESTING IN HER FATHER’S ARMS..GOD BLESS YOU SWEET CHILD..


  69. kerry

    I am from Orlando and I hate the fact that they are having a public funeral. Who do these nuts think they are. They are wasting our tax dollars sending hellicopters out for a crazy grandfather that is nothing but a drama queen. Casey said he was having an affair. what kind of man leaves his wife at the house to deal with all this by herself. Sissy boy. He wasn’t going to kill himself he just wanted to go suck his thumb like the big baby he is. I wish something important would happen in this country and put these scumb balls on the last page of the paper and back under the rock they crawled under. I hate all the sympathy everyone is giving them. Also what kind of weirdos would name their kid Kaylee. Casey and Lee. Strange! Shut up!


  70. KERRY: First allow me to say that this is important to us that have closely followed this story from day 1. As far s you hoping that something importnt happens in this country, please don’t let it be another child murdered. If you are so sick of hearing,reding about this story the solution is simple turn your channel and don’t red the articles. Gerorge was not off sucking his thumb, he was begging from help and got away from the one person who was tormenting him….CINDY. I think he will seek the help he needs and come forwrd with the many answers that we all seek..but more than anything he will help provide justice for CAYLEE,a grandchild tht he loved with his heart. No one on here is giving anyone any sympathy we only try to rationalize how we would feel if it were our grandaughter,and yes it mkes you see things from a new prospective. The only one that took CAYLEE’S life was her mother CASEY the turn of events after that is what we want answers for and again I think Gerorge will provide that for us. The comment on CAYLEE’S name was nothing but rude..that is a beautiful name, and we (all that post here) have come to love this precious child. You must have some kind of interest into this case or you would not bother reading our posts, maybe you re having a bad day, maybe thi is your everyday attitude, maybe you need help like the ANTHONY’S. I have read many articles nd done alot of research read many posts and yours stands out beyound all other’s,I find you to be in pain and have alot of angry. Is it really the ANTHONY’S or do you have problems not related to them t all, like CASEY looking for someone,something else to blme. We talk about other’s things on this post although most is devoted to CAYLEE….as I said if your tired ofit all…the answer is eay turn it off…….CAYLEE I A BEAUTIFUL NAME…DON’T EVER TELL ME TO SHUT UP!!!!!The last I checked I have the right to speak when I choose as you have the right to choose what you read…….I only hope you are not this distrubed all the time..the next news may come from ORLANDO again with the name Kerry in it…..By the way where did the name KERRY come from…..JASON’S MOM


  71. Sorry about the spelling I was a little upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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