Update in Caylee Anthony case

From Nancy Grace tonight:

They had the tape that was made by the Private Investigators.  Hoover was taping and Dominic Casey was being taped.  They did not have any sound and were only allowed to play the visual.  I don’t know who is allowing or disallowing this but I did hear on Geraldo that Hoover had tried to get a large sum of money from Fox for the video.  Then the next night, I think it was last night actually, he had the tape and played part of it without the sound and it looks like the same one Nancy has tonight.  He said they had not paid any money for it.

The first day they were out there taping was Nov 15th.  Kathy Belich from a tv station said she saw the entire video, which is about 12 minutes long,  and listened to all the sound.  She heard Dominic Casey say,”It would be right here.”

BUT  one person said this was filmed 150 feet from where the body was found.  That’s a long ways, so that wouldn’t mean anything as far as whether the body was there or not, in my opinion.  Now, Leonard Padilla (not that I believe him) said this was filmed 12 feet from where the body was found.  Nancy keeps saying it was filmed “only feet away from where the body was found.”  Yeah, but how many feet?

I’m not sure I understand the significance of this tape.

The 15th is the day Dominic Casey was crouching down and talking on the cell phone.  He has told different stories about who he was talking to:  *told the police he was talking to his daughter who was sick, *then later told someone else he was looking there because it was a teen hangout of the tot mom, *and then he told someone else he was talking to a psychic on the cell.

On Nov. 16th they come back to the scene and went into the woods.  They seem to be focused on paving blocks and Dominic Casey is pushing a metal rod and jamming it into the ground.

They are still trying to get their hands on cell records.

Question was asked if the meter reader has contacted anybody in the Anthony family when he couldn’t get anyone to come out and respond to his calls.

Leonard Padilla said “I think he had contact with his supervisor, Scott, who lives right down the road from the Anthonys on Hopespring” and he thinks Scott may have mentioned it to the Anthonys – in August.

And now he says that the meter reader was also out there in the area on the last weekend in November, (correction) August the 29th and 30th. (Not that I believe Padilla)

Psychic Gail St. John was on and she said she “alerted” to the area on August 31th. And when asked what do you mean by alerted?  She said something to the effect she had taken a blind drive in the direction of whatever, energy, vibrations, were leading her, and when she felt like she had been kicked in the stomach, that made her feel the body was there but because of the water and the concern she might destroy evidence, she backed away at that time.

There was what looked like an old house shown on the video where they were digging down with a trowel and cutting into plastic bags.  Leonard Padilla said that house was across the road from the wooded area.  According to Kathy Belich it’s not even within comfortable walking distance and she was unable to find it.

There was a lot more but that’s the points I thought were most interesting.


*Why has there been no funeral yet?

*Why was that tape only turned over the authorities a few days ago?

*How many times did Kronk go out there?  3 calls the middle of August, end of August, middle of November, and on Dec 11th so far.

There is more to come out about him.  I can feel it like a kick in the stomach.  😐

Posted:  01.12.09


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18 responses to “Update in Caylee Anthony case

  1. I hate Nancy Grace.

    This whole family stinks to high heaven.

    I’m not one to accuse before I know for sure whats happening. I spent a large portion of my life running the streets and have worked with addicts and alcoholics for decades now as I’m an alcoholic with 15 years of sobriety myself.
    I know bullsh*t when I hear it, it became a survival skill learning to decipher it and this family is full of it, bigtime.
    I hope they all get locked up for some reason or other just out of general principle.


  2. bellalu0

    I always watch Nancy Grace.

    I think the Anthonys look like regular people, but appearances can be deceiving. Somebody said it is a family of secrets. That would account for the acceptance of the lies.

    Have you noticed that almost every murderer or criminal is a habitual liar? They have secret lives and everybody thinks they are A-okay.

    I was watching a show this week about a guy named Longo who killed his wife and three children and threw them in the river. He was fooling everybody, and even after the crime he went to Mexico and started a new life, living it up, claiming to be a journalist for the NYT. If it wasn’t true it would be funny.

    I also was watching the case where the father kept his daughter in the basement for about 20 years, having 4 or 5 children by her, even to the point of managing to get three of them upstairs and his wife thought it was the daughter’s child and that she had run away, while all the while being in the basement. Everybody thought the guy was a fine family man. Family man all right. He even had his house divided up and had tenants and they knew nothing. And had they seen something that made them suspicious probably nobody would have believed them.

    BTK another one — wife knew nothing, seemingly normal family life.

    I say to myself I just don’t believe I could live with a man and not know something was wrong. I may not know exactly what, but I would be trying to find out. But that’s just me.


  3. angie

    i believe the whole family knows its just hard to accept or tell for them but that makes them guilty maybe she was just a lousey mother until this she may have been a normal person but i doubt it she is one of the craziest people i have ever heard of


  4. Jk

    That hole fam is devistaded i feel bad for them


  5. Nancy Grace drives me nuts. She repeats the same stuff over and over again. It’s hard to watch her for more than 3 minutes then everything starts sounding redundant. Beside the Nancy Grace thing, this story about that poor little girl just drives me crazy. How can a mother not report her child missing. That in itself is suspect to me.


  6. Don you think the Grandparents, are in denial and that if they set down and put two and two together they would come up with four. and that might snap them into waking up to the fact that no matter how much they love their daughter that she is sick in the head and denial isn’t going to change that. i feel bad for them


  7. Sandy

    I am a 41 year old Grandmother of 3 boys. I had my children starting at the age 16. Even then, I couldn’t fathem hurting my babies in any way. I would throw myself in front of a bus like most people would to save their children. I’ve been watching and praying during this case and still in awe that a mother could do such a thing and the grandparents supporting her and her actions…..


  8. bellalu0

    Sandy, it is hard to imagine. Maybe she didn’t do it.


  9. Sandy

    There are too many cases over the years about Mothers killing their children. So why are so many people stunned that she did it also. Too many couples want babies in this world and would pay plenty to get one. Age to me doesn’t apply here. Casey is 22, I was 16 starting out. She should have had help along time ago or given her daughter to her grand parents. This just breaks my heart for the little one left alone in a garbage bag.


  10. bellalu0

    Sandy, it takes a cold heart for a mother to kill and then to discard her daughter in plastic bags in the bushes. Brings to mind the Susan Smith case, so you are right, unfortunately, there are too many cases over the years.


  11. Anonymous

    I just dont understand why her parents are going along w/casey? She has been getting caught in lie after lie.Now her phone record show she was not searching on her own to find her daughter.How are the parents going to explain that for their daughter.Casey was telling them and everybody else she was out there lookig.There is so much that points the finger to casey.I look at george and his grandaughter had his eyes,and he looks so sad.But if it was any one else arrested for this case im sure the grandparents would be doing everything to have them convicted.So i dont understand if they loved that little girl so much,why cant they do whats right,even if that means going against their daughter.There letting her die in vain,sitting and sticking up for the person who killed her.You know if they really loved that little girl the would except that her own mother did kill her,and if they choose to forgive her so be it.But dont sit there and do nothing but bitch that ever one is out to get them..


  12. anonymous

    i think she should have never got pregnant if she didnt want the responsibility. she should have at least let her parents take caylee, they would have been more than happy to care for her. casey anthony should be put to death! that whole situation is very pathetic! she should have more worried about her kid than drugs and alcohol.


  13. I always watch Nacy Grace!
    Here in the past few days everything is all about MICHEAL JACKSON
    well i want to be updated on the caylee case more often.I also wanted to know why the havent held a funeral service yet? or why over half the things people say about this case make no sense at all? i just would really like to know evrything at once from one place so it all makes more sense!!!! BTW….i think some shows should go back to talking about this case because i hate watching MICHEAL JACKSON on every channel!!!!!!!!!! GET OVER HIM!!!!


  14. Carnal

    aha oh yeah i remember Jackson – he’s that weirdo pedophile who molested three boys and paid one of the parents of one of the boys off. He got away with it too. Im sick of his fans trying to wave an acquittal in our faces and thinking that a piece of paper is gonna make everything he did go away.

    that he paid the money and then went into self imposed exile is enough to determine his guilt and nevermind all of the attempted abduction schemes. This guy was one of the lowest.

    and if some bozo out there says i shouldnt judge then youre a moron with no moral values. And if someone else says he gave to charity so what? if every pedophile and rapist in every prison in the world started giving to charity you want we should release all of them out into the world?

    Whats even more frightening than ridiculous is that our media is actually promoting this sack of crap and making him out to be this patron saint and its cementing for me that fact the world has gone down the toilet.

    oh sorry lol I almost forgot why i started posting. Yeah Casey hasn’t got a chance in hell of getting away with killing her own child and if all her idiot lawyer can come up with as a defense is someone else did it then Casey should starting boning up on her prison lingo.


  15. zeny

    I Love you Nancy Grace. Your the best. As a mother I’m extremely grateful for your shows. Everyone who is hating on you is going to realize oneday that what you do is for a reason. Until it happens to one of there own which i pray, it never does, then they’ll understand what your show is all about. Peace and justice for all the victims.


  16. michellefrommadison

    Good work? Nancy just settled a case for her role in causing the death of a victim and it’s costing her hundreds of thousands of dollars. That, to me, is a crime and not good in any sense of the word. Like Nancy has said before, no one ever would settle any case if they were not guilty of the crime.


  17. Betsey

    What about the black lady in the back ground (while Caylee is singing”you are my sunshine”),I’ve follow all of this story since it started & know one has ever said who she is or maybe she might be a good witness to what went on there b/4 Caylees death?Was she a nannie? A close friend? A maid?…Love your show Nancy & your twins are darling,I’m a twin also & know my mother had her hands full with my sister & I..LOL Keep up the good work, maybe share some more pictures of Lucy & John David @ “CHRIST”mas, you have my blessings 4 you & your family..


  18. michellefrommadison

    By the actions thus far by the prosecution, they would have a better chance in proving that Nancy Grace killed Caylee than they would at proving that Casey killed Caylee in a first degree manner as charged. Nancy helped to end the life of other victims before as confirmed again by her latest settlement, Casey has not. Maybe Joran VanderSloot killed Caylee?


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