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Update in Caylee Anthony case

From Nancy Grace tonight:

They had the tape that was made by the Private Investigators.  Hoover was taping and Dominic Casey was being taped.  They did not have any sound and were only allowed to play the visual.  I don’t know who is allowing or disallowing this but I did hear on Geraldo that Hoover had tried to get a large sum of money from Fox for the video.  Then the next night, I think it was last night actually, he had the tape and played part of it without the sound and it looks like the same one Nancy has tonight.  He said they had not paid any money for it.

The first day they were out there taping was Nov 15th.  Kathy Belich from a tv station said she saw the entire video, which is about 12 minutes long,  and listened to all the sound.  She heard Dominic Casey say,”It would be right here.”

BUT  one person said this was filmed 150 feet from where the body was found.  That’s a long ways, so that wouldn’t mean anything as far as whether the body was there or not, in my opinion.  Now, Leonard Padilla (not that I believe him) said this was filmed 12 feet from where the body was found.  Nancy keeps saying it was filmed “only feet away from where the body was found.”  Yeah, but how many feet?

I’m not sure I understand the significance of this tape.

The 15th is the day Dominic Casey was crouching down and talking on the cell phone.  He has told different stories about who he was talking to:  *told the police he was talking to his daughter who was sick, *then later told someone else he was looking there because it was a teen hangout of the tot mom, *and then he told someone else he was talking to a psychic on the cell.

On Nov. 16th they come back to the scene and went into the woods.  They seem to be focused on paving blocks and Dominic Casey is pushing a metal rod and jamming it into the ground.

They are still trying to get their hands on cell records.

Question was asked if the meter reader has contacted anybody in the Anthony family when he couldn’t get anyone to come out and respond to his calls.

Leonard Padilla said “I think he had contact with his supervisor, Scott, who lives right down the road from the Anthonys on Hopespring” and he thinks Scott may have mentioned it to the Anthonys – in August.

And now he says that the meter reader was also out there in the area on the last weekend in November, (correction) August the 29th and 30th. (Not that I believe Padilla)

Psychic Gail St. John was on and she said she “alerted” to the area on August 31th. And when asked what do you mean by alerted?  She said something to the effect she had taken a blind drive in the direction of whatever, energy, vibrations, were leading her, and when she felt like she had been kicked in the stomach, that made her feel the body was there but because of the water and the concern she might destroy evidence, she backed away at that time.

There was what looked like an old house shown on the video where they were digging down with a trowel and cutting into plastic bags.  Leonard Padilla said that house was across the road from the wooded area.  According to Kathy Belich it’s not even within comfortable walking distance and she was unable to find it.

There was a lot more but that’s the points I thought were most interesting.


*Why has there been no funeral yet?

*Why was that tape only turned over the authorities a few days ago?

*How many times did Kronk go out there?  3 calls the middle of August, end of August, middle of November, and on Dec 11th so far.

There is more to come out about him.  I can feel it like a kick in the stomach.  😐

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Music greats – Delaney and Bonnie, Bekka Bramlett

I think Bekka Bramlett is a great singer; first heard her on Imus in the Morning with Sam Cook, that’s the great Sam Cook, Live and before 9:00 in the morning. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

But little did I know until I started searching around…..no wonder she has so much talent when Bonnie and Delaney are her mom and dad.  Delaney passed away on December 28, 2008. RIP Delaney Bramlett and God bless you, Bekka.

Bekka’s website Here.

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