Meter Reader, Kronk, arrested in 1992 for kidnapping

Update in Caylee Anthony case:

Roy Kronk arrested for kidnapping in 1992 in South Carolina.

In his original statement he said he was assigned to work in the area where the body was found in August and again in December and did not work there any time inbetween.  Now, his employers say that he was working in the area in November.  What was so compelling in August and December, but not in November?  Explanation by his attorney:  He was just busy and didn’t have time to deal with it.

Kronk’s attorney says the kidnapping in S. C. arose out of some sort of domestic incident concerning a woman he was living with in Florida who left with another man, went to South Carolina, and subsequently called Kronk to come and get her.  The guy she was living with in S. C. charged the kidnapping.  Charges were presented to a grand jury and eventually dismissed and expunged.

Very interesting.

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Posted:  01.09.09


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18 responses to “Meter Reader, Kronk, arrested in 1992 for kidnapping

  1. topcat08

    Big deal!!


  2. Ginger

    Bella, do you think Kronk is involved? I tend not to think so, but I’m not sure.

    Does it seem to you that maybe Caycee got exasperated with Caylee one night.. maybe Caylee had been acting up all day..well, I’m just speculating…maybe Caycee snapped, but if this is so, it sure didn’t seem to have any affect on her social life afterwards.


  3. Boston

    So what? Krong got involved with some woman who couldn’t keep her personal life together and calls her “lifeline” to help her out.

    This is just another case of this poor man being in the wrong place at the right time. Seems he likes to be helpful.

    Interesting as in intriguing? I don’t think so.


  4. sophie

    Um, do you know how EASY it is to cause a problem for someone who you want to get back at for personal reasons? All you have to do is make a false accusation. The law has to step in and investigate.

    I know people who have been arrested, convicted of a ‘sex crime’ simply because he was a landscape pool installer and while working on a site with a home that was not occupied, with the neighborhood still in development, was dumb enough to urinate into a bush, thinking that no one was living in any of the houses who would see him. He was seen by a woman from another homes upstairs window and she called the police. He will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

    I don’t think there’s a man or boy on this planet who hasn’t relieved himself where he thinks no one is looking.

    But, you sure can mess up a guy’s life by reporting it just because you are bored, a prude, etc.

    Anyone can mess up your life if they have a vendetta or axe to grind….and while if it’s a false accusation, proved to be false, it DOES stain your life record as a citizen.

    This guy Kronk is one of those poor guys who just tries to help, probably can’t say ‘no’ to someone in need.

    It just goes to show you, no good deed goes unpunished.

    These pundits who are throwing around accusations should realize the humanitarian damage they are doing….

    Why should any of us stop and be a good Samaritan? Because you know what? You might wind up having all your lifes mistakes aired on CNN.

    These ‘reporters’ are doing more harm than good.


  5. bellalu0

    Well, here’s the thing. Everybody has convicted Casey without a trial. I’m just saying that the meter reader is suspicious. It wouldn’t be the first time someone involved reported a crime or reported finding a body. Of course, he’s not guilty of anything at this point, but without a doubt he is a person interest. I think it is unbelievable that he could go right to that body when nobody else could find it. Not only did he go to it in December, but apparently he knew where it was in August. And you’ve got hundreds of people searching and Texas EquuSearch, professionals, and psychics following “energy” and nobody could find it??

    I have read many scenarios of how this crime could have occurred — all with Casey as the sole perpetrator, with a few poeple extending some guilt to the Anthonys and Lee.

    Here’s my scenario: Casey had the little girl with her but the child was just mostly an annoyance so she didn’t watch her carefully. She may have needed a babysitter and may have left her with somebody she did not know that well. In that way somebody actually did take the child, because when she returned for her, she couldn’t find her – couldn’t even find the babysitter, so she made up a baby sitter. (They say there’s a nugget of truth in all lies. Here the nugget of truth would be that the child actually was kidnapped.) We know she was out partying so she would have left Caylee somewhere.

    I guess I couldn’t be on a jury on this case because I’m not yet convinced Casey was the – or the only – culprit in this case. But then maybe I could because don’t they want a person who has not made up their mind yet until they hear all the evidence?

    The part that bothers me most about the common belief that she drugged Caylee and put her in the trunk and that is how she died. Would she then wrap duct tape around her head and take her clothes off? Especially if she only intended to gag her, would she use duct tape? You can’t get duct tape off that easily and it would stick to her face and to her hair. This little detail right there suggests that whoever put that duct tape on there did not intend to ever take it off. As does the no clothes raise questions in my mind.

    (The hole in my theory is the evidence in the trunk of Casey’s car.) But we don’t know there is real evidence of that. I’d have to wait till I saw what was introduced in the trial to decide about that.

    Now, if you will notice, I am not accusing anyone of anything. But think about it. Casey is the one who has been accused.


  6. Anonymous

    oh please!!


  7. cg

    at least bella is thinking outside the box…..


  8. Boston

    No one has convicted Casey Anthony without a trial. We are discussing this case along with you.

    The only ones who will convict are the jurors in this case.

    People are not selected for Jury Duty because they know or don’t know about a case. Being selected for Jury Duty is each citizen’s duty. Each defendant has the constitutional right to be judged by a jury of his peers. They judicial system asks that a juor be capable and willing to look at the evidence, hear and evaluate both sides of an argument and come to a group consensus and render judgement. Having a little common sense goes an long way.

    There is no common belief in the ME’s Office relative to the cause of death. If the science proves it could have been chorloform, than only they can say that. Dr “G” is the lead forensic pathologist and when she examined the bones she could not arrive at a cause of death.

    We have been given via the Sunshine Laws in Florida hundreds of formal documents, videos, interviews and depositions relative to all the principals and particulars relative to the facts in this case. We have been given what the DA says would not prejudice his case.

    One does not have to “imagine a scenario” in order to get a fair idea what might have happened, where it it happened and why it happened. There is enough information out there about sociopathy that many of us fancy ourselves armchair shrinks while comparing and contrasting her psychological well being.

    You would be surprised at the number of people who have taken the time and effort to become informed and willing to share what they have learned.

    What is oddly annoying is wanting to get into a conversation but first critiquing what other’s have done or said all the while coming to table uninformed.


  9. bellalu0

    Boston, you are so right in your comments.

    I should not have used the word “convicted.”

    All I’m saying is all possibilities should be considered. But in the end, the only thing that matters is the trial. Tunnel vision has resulted in innocent people being convicted, that’s all I’m saying. And I am sure the authorities are looking into the meter reader. If they did not, they would not be doing their jobs.

    But as you said we are all just discussing, that’s all.


  10. Boston

    I like the facts. I also like the personalities who weave themselves into a case. This is good theatre many times and makes for filling pages when someone decides to exercise his/her FIA on the Orlando authorities and the court prior to writing the definitive look at teh Casey Anthony outcomes. We will need to know who played the major and minor roles and how they impacted the case.

    That’s what makes blogging so interesting-we are all looking for the possibilities and how they factor into what actually happened.

    Personally, I think something was up at the jail and Krong got wind of it. I’d like to see his meter reading detail work product to see if he in fact was reading meters the days he was calling the police and hotline (8/11/12/13) and also December 11. Was he actually working or was he sleuthing as a result of what a “friend of a friend” told him?


  11. bellalu0

    I “heard” that he got his information from a woman at the jail. But who said that? I don’t remember.

    You see, that’s what I would like to know — everything! At first he said he was not assigned out there except in August and then again in December, but come to find out he was also out there in November.

    I didn’t think anything about it until I heard the part about the 3 calls in August. I thought, uh-oh. Then I thought, nah, don’t read something into it that isn’t there. But then I heard that 911 call where he sort of giggled and said “not if it’s a frigging body.”

    I don’t know.


  12. butta

    I dont think he did because casey said she gave caylee to a woman not a man. either way casey did it and lets go head a charge her not this man. Somebody is trying to get the attention off casey i know in my heart she killed her and justice needs to be served…….


  13. Boston

    I think all these secondary voices in this investigation (Casey, LP, Howard, Kronk, et al) will never factor in unless it can be proven that they obstructed justice.

    Remember too that the DA has more than enough information and evidence which could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey was the last person to see this child alive. She was the one who had the motive to kill and she certainly had the means. This is what will be explored in the case in chief.

    Looking at these “secondary voices” (my quote) I think it will be interesting in years to come to see how they navigated life as a result of their involvement with the Casey Anthony case. It may not be pretty.


  14. Janice

    If Casey was my daughter…I would get the FBI to let me go in a room with her for 5 mins and I would get the truth! I don’t think her mother thinks she did it, but her father who rarely speaks, knows she did it.


  15. Dj

    Here’s a twisted thought: I think Caycee is a skank, my impression of the meter reader(Kronk)isn’t much different(something is shady about him)Maybe Kronk & Casey hooked up and they both killed little Caylee. The vacant(Gonzalez)house was close to the area where the remains were located maybe they fooled around in there, killed Kaylee for some unknown reason, put Kaylee in the trunk for a couple of days, then ditched her body in the water. Caycee even said from jail to her parents that she”feels Caylee isn’t far from home” ….


  16. angie

    all i have to say is look at this woman on tv does she look innocent she doesnt even care that her beautiful little girl is dead ive seen and heard enough the police bug me okay there were water because of rain they search lakes and rivers all the time im glad i dont have them protecting me oh yeah and the parents know shes guilty how could they not


  17. paul mccartney

    please this is sick


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