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In major turn-around Obama now says Burris should be seated quickly

Now it is becoming a little clearer — MSNBC is reporting that Obama stepped in yesterday and told Harry Reid to more or less make this Burris “distraction” go away.

And there’s this from the Chicago Tribune:

Obama told Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and others when he visited Capitol Hill this week “that if Burris had legal standing—and it appears he has—he should be seated as quickly as possible,” a senior Democratic official said Wednesday. Obama earlier had sided with Reid’s opposition to the appointment.

What’s interesting is why did they take that route to begin with.  Maybe they thought Burris would not accept or that Blagojevich would back off but they had to know there would be problems with their stance.  And Barack Obama, constitutional scholar that he is, certainly knew he was on thin ice.  Looks a little bit like Obama flipped on Reid, doesn’t it?  He went out on Sunday Meet The Press saying Burris would not be seated, thinking Obama had his back.  Nope.  Not surprising.  But now they are all backpedaling and Burris will be seated, as he should be.

See this rendition by John Kass, Obama serves Reid taste of the Chicago way.

And P.E.B.O has made how many speeches now on the economy, I think four or five, and yet he can’t make a simple statement on the Gaza crisis because “there’s only one president at a time.”  Today he makes a — the sky is falling, major panic, need more money, hurry, hurry, hurry print more money speech…..  It makes me ill.  $800 billion plus?

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Fox Rocks – Top 4 in cable news ratings owned by Fox

TUES. JAN 6, 2009

CNN KING 1,373,000
CNNHN GRACE 1,264,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,169,000
CNN COOPER 1,035,000

I guess Chris Matthews fell off the list.  Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow fighting for last place.

Posted:  01.08.09

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Armed Forces Honor Bush

But the only coverage it got was a backhanded criticism about Iraq from Keith Olbermann, MSNBC.

From Newsbusters:

The armed forces held their traditional ceremony honoring the departing Commander-in-Chief Tuesday morning at Fort Myer in Arlington. President Bush received a standing ovation of gratitude. A big laugh came when Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, read some hand-written letters to Bush:

“Sir, nice to see that our President is still quick on his feet after eight years in office.” (Laughter.) “Next time, pick up the shoe and throw it back.” (Laughter and applause.) “We got your back.” – Master Sergeant Michael Frazier, United States Air Force.

This ceremony was skipped over almost entirely by the news media, according to a quick Nexis check. One odd place it popped up: MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, who ran the clip without the “We got your back” part. Olbermann quipped: “Boy, you know what, next time you can do what Vice President Cheney would do, and just re-enact the logic used in going into Iraq in the first place: use the thrown shoe as an excuse to invade Iran.”


Keith Olbermann is not the least bit funny. He’s going to soon be a little short on material unless he can somehow continue to blame Bush for everything that goes wrong for the next four years.

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Obama depicted as Christlike figure on CNN

These people never cease to amaze me.  CNN (see video) today/yesterday showed an image of Obama somehow superimposed over a promotional poster of the movie “The Passion of Christ.”

This little guy, Tyson Wheatley, of CNN’s “i-reports” is beside himself over it.  He says the “artist” who created this was inspired by said poster and that he wanted to create something that depicted “pressure, strength, and uncertainty” all in one place and the darn thing makes it look like he has a crown of thorns on his head.  He used passages from the “Bible, campaign speeches, and from Julius Caesar” to put that last little touch on it.

Lord.  Lord.  And we still have problems?  I’m sure he can turn water into wine and paper into money.  What more do we need?  Oh, but that’s right, he is going to turn paper into money.

CNN is actually outdoing MSNBC on the Obama worship, I do believe.

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Obama’s security car called “a rolling tank with windows”

Shortly after taking the oath of office, Obama will climb into the Mother of All Hybrids — part car, part truck and, from the looks of it, part tank.

Obama’s new ride, also known as The Beast. obamacar1

Still Under Construction

Posted:  01.07.09


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