Reid should greet Mr. Burris with respect, allow him to have his Senate seat

Dozens of black leaders and ministers gave Roland Burris a rousing send-off Sunday at New Covenant Church on Chicago’s South Side. Burris took the stage to a crescendo of drums, organ music and applause as hundreds of supporters cheered his appointment.

“We are hoping and praying that they will not be able to deny what the Lord has ordained,” Burris said. “I am not hesitating. I am now the junior Senator from the state of Illinois. Some people may want to question that and that is their prerogative.”

At New Covenant Church, Bobby Rush called the Senate the “last bastion of plantation politics.” The Chicago Democrat said blacks had been “excluded systematically for too long.”

But several people sitting in the pews during the Burris send-off said their support for his appointment has nothing to do with the him being African-American.

“I’m elated, very happy, overjoyed. Burris has served this community for many years,” said 66-year-old D. Shepherd, a retired minister from Chicago. “He’s the best man under the circumstances; it’s not because he’s black.”

Race is making this a sticky issue, especially since Harry had made it clear to Blagojevich days before Gov. Blagojevich was charged with trying to sell President-elect Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder, who he didn’t want in the post: Jesse Jackson, Jr., Danny Davis or and Emil Jones.

It could be coincidental they are all black, but regardless, I believe they should give the man his Senate seat and show him respect when he arrives in Washington.

I don’t think Harry or anyone else wants to stand in the way of “what the Lord has ordained.”  I just really don’t.

Posted:  01.05.09


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20 responses to “Reid should greet Mr. Burris with respect, allow him to have his Senate seat

  1. Bella

    The Democrats are not doing so well the start of the work week. Monica Crowley sums it up, and puts it very well. The truth is Obama has ran out of Clinton Crony’s he is appointing “Bureaucrats” Penatta for the CIA?


  2. bellalu0

    Ree, and Code Pink is throwing a fit because Obama hasn’t spoke out against the Gaza situation. I think he should have spoken out, too, but not in the way they want. I believe he should have stood with whatever President Bush said his position was, to provide a unified statement. But didn’t Hamas support him? I don’t like the way he wants to skirt issues. He was able to oppose Burris without any problem, and there again, I disagree with that, too.

    My message to Obama: Just send me some money.


  3. Cecil Jones

    It is not the right or the duty of Harry Reid to determine the legal representative for the Senate from Illinois. Like it or not, what Gov. Blago did was legal. The man has not been charged he’s been smeared by allegations. Show me the money? As for Code Pink, Gaza, and Obama; we only have one President. He’s not very good, but he does have the power to destroy us all. Be very careful for the next 15 days. Change is on the way. A “Three State Solution” is coming.


  4. I think this fits in this topic as this all started when “Blago” allegedly tried to SELL The President Elect’s vacated Senate seat. This is my response to Michelle Malkin’s post on The QVC President…Oh yes there will be “Promotionals”

    Deirdre Imus was on her husband’s program this morning she stated “It is important to get rid of Synthetic things in your life-enviorment, including people” Barack Obama the Synthetic President? What is that stuff QVC is schlocking made of? Is Barack Obama toxic?



    The Schlocking of a President…too late QVC, Blago beat you to it 🙂 You can’t be first but you can be next.


  6. bellalu0

    QVC knows how to put on a show, that’s for sure, and they can sell you anything. Well, almost anything because I won’t be buying any Obama memorabilia. I’ll just stick to that platic Jesus on the dashboard of my car. 🙂

    RIP Paul Newman


  7. it’s interesting how Blagojevich seems so unaffected by all the chaos swirling around him; it’s as if he feels right at home…


  8. Taking Questions about the Transition and Inaugural today. Beast Contributors- Feeding the Beast:)


  9. bellalu0

    I think he is sort of enjoying it because he knows he has the power to bring down others with him. Can’t tell me he is the only bad apple in the bunch. It didn’t just pop in his head one day to try to SELL to the highest bidder a U. S. Senate seat without having a pretty good idea that he could do it. He wasn’t talking to himself when he was having this elaborate discussion about it.

    And question: Who was wearing the wire?


  10. Bella,

    The folks I know in Springfield under no illusions who really run the state “Chicago” and they have a bead on who is clean and who is dirty they think Emanuel won’t last and they hope some of the folks they know are clean won’t get the “Taint” of this Scandal on them and not be collateral damage. The thing is the Springfield Folks think, this is more about being dumb. We look at these folks being reported as corrupt politicians (National Stage) The MSM is giving them more gravitas then they deserve. Inside the state of Illinois, they are familiar with the players in this drama, and look at the usual suspects through a different prism, as in who is really stupid, and got caught, they expected they would eventually get caught:) Blago is not popular down state- His father in law, has really bad reputation, no bones about it, the Folks outside of Chicago, know the score, and don’t like it.


  11. correction: are under no illusions.


  12. bellalu0

    I sort of think that as long as it is contained within the state, it’s up to the people of the state who they elect as governor or senator, whatever, but now we have Chicagoans running things nationally, and that makes it more concerning to all the people of the United States. Where is change that was coming to Washington? Was it for the worse? I’m thinking so. Is Chicago coming to Washington or Washington going to Chicago?


  13. bellalu0

    Ree, it seems everything needs to come out in the sunshine in order to determine who is dirty and who is clean. The facts should remove any taint from the innocent.


  14. Bella,

    That was my best case scenario “Sunshine” I told my Christmas Guest, who is from Springfield “Maybe now that Chicago Politics is on the National Stage it will have the effect on Chicago Politics…via the media scrutiny” Just like people laughed, and accepted corrupt politics in Louisiana pre Katrina. Perhaps Obama Presidency, will have the same effect on Illinois. You know what the two states have in common right? ACORN was incorporated in Louisiana.

    My Great Grandfather on my father’s side was born in Springfield, and a collateral line of his maternal Grandmother Jane (Cantrell) Center’s side of the family- My 3rd Great Grandmother. These Cantrells, had a place named after them, outside Springfield, called “Cantrell” it was called something else first, and renamed, I think for Levi Cantrell a cousin or a nephew of my 3rd Great Grandmother. Our immigrant Cantrell ancestor, came into Jamestown fairly early, and Capt James Smith named “Cantrill Bay” after him. William Cantrell Gent., was present at Pocahontas’s wedding.

    My Cantrell line, 3rd Great Grand Mother, Jane (Cantrell) Center, born 1801 in Bath Co.,Ky., The Joshua Cantrell Family, left Bath Co.,Ky., right before a Cherokee Indian Massacre, that killed my 4th Great Grandfather Joshua Cantrell’s brother William Cantrell. It’s a good thing we skedaddled:)

    Downstate Illinois is so different then Chicago night and day. Lots of farming goes on downstate.


  15. bellalu0

    Ree, very interesting about the Cantrells.

    My understanding is that Blago never went to Springfield but stayed in Chicago. That seems a little unusual, if it’s true. I am hearing now Reid, et al, are backing off on Burris. Obama is NOW saying it is a Senate matter and Burris is a fine man. Didn’t he say a few days ago he should not be seated? I think the Hot Rod outsmarted them. I am really surprised they didn’t forsee this quagmire. “President elect has a lot on his plate” and “Senator Reid doesn’t pay attention” is what I just heard about it. And these are the people running the country.

    Burris certainly doesn’t look 71, he looks about 40 to me, and a very handsome man, actually.


  16. bellalu0

    I just had to laugh out loud. Somebody says, “what I’m impressed with about Obama is the speed with which he realizes he has made a mistake.” Uh-huh, he has a lot of experience. lol.


  17. Bella,

    The Springfield folks accept- unhappily, that Chicago is running the state. But think about Illinois, and it’s make up. Chicago is a major metropolitan area but a lot of the state is made up of farmers with little in common with the Big Urban center. When they were discussing Blago, they basically have no respect for him. They are in a kind of wonderment, that the rest of the Country is so clueless about Chicago politics. The person they really dislike is Blago’s father in law. Blago’s father in law gets mentioned in the National news as the person who funded helped get his son in law elected. The report is they are not on good terms. The father in law is thought less of then the son in law. We don’t hear about that in the National News. The other impression I was left with was why was the National News giving these Dumb corrupt folks so much gravitas they are not all that back in Illinois. When you watch National coverage you would think that we were dealing with some kind of corrupt geniuses. Not according to the local Springfield folks. The odd thing is they have a list, and they can pick out what they describe as the politicians that are all right ,and they worry if this Blago thing drags on it will drag them down too…kind of like getting stink on you if you can’t remove yourself from the source.

    Right outside of Springfield is corn fields, check Athens- my daughter Pleasant graduated from High School in Athens. Mrs Blago would go nuts living in Springfield, having to move from Chicago…they wanted the Political Power but they don’t want the address that goes with it. The thing is Blago could really use some support right now, and after the way they treated people downstate it ain’t comin.

    My guest went home visited his folks in Springfield, then went back to school, he goes to Duquesne University, Law School, he should be graduating soon. He isn’t going to stay in Pittsburgh, which he told me has shrunk to about 200 thousand people. Pittsburgh he said, is like the suburbs now it has shrunk over the years in population, the cause probably lack of employment in the Coal or any other kind of Industry. I think Shell Oil, used to have offices in Pittsburgh?

    My Dads side of the family was living in Menard, Sangamon and Morgan Co., Ill., until they moved down to St Clair Co., then onto Wichita, Kansas. My 2nd Gr Grandfather was a Blacksmith, and an Itinerant Preacher. I think he was acting as a Methodist Circuit Rider at one point. His Mother’s uncle Ashley Center was a well know Methodist Circuit Rider out of Springfield Ill., I have another Great Grandfather who was living in Chili Hancock Co.,Ill., William Sullivan he was a blacksmith, and his place was a stopping off place for Methodist Circuit Riders…Our side of the family are only Catholic in the family, Catholic with a Big “R” because of my Dad’s mom.

    We have these Illinois roots we just can’t seem to escape:)


  18. Sorry correction, his “wife’s” uncle Ashley Center was a well known Methodist Circuit Rider from Springfield Ill.


  19. bellalu0

    My goodness, Ted Kennedy is chairing confirmation hearing of Tom Daschle and he looks and sounds great. He looks better and younger than he did before he got sick. I remember all that “eulogizing” they did when he got sick but I guess he showed them. He didn’t die.


  20. That is weird because they were saying it would take a miracle to survive the type of cancer Ted Kennedy has.


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