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Code Pink co-founder Jodi Evans “disgusted” with Obama

Fox News Reports:
President-elect Obama is catching heat from the left over his refusal to condemn the violence in Gaza. Mr. Obama said today he is being briefed on the situation, but that there is only one sitting president at a time.

Jodi Evans — co-founder of the liberal anti-war group Code Pink — told the OpEd News yesterday she is “disgusted that Obama didn’t make a statement. He’s had an opinion about everything else. This is an atrocity and if he doesn’t call it an atrocity, it’s shameful.”

Fox News just showed footage of Code Pink protesting outside the Hay-Adams hotel in DC where Obama is staying, demanding that he condemn Israel. Fox also reported that Code Pink plans to be there every day until the end of Obama’s stay.


Cindy Sheehan, Jodi Evans, Hugo Chavez

The co-founder of the radical anti-war group Code Pink [the aforementioned Jodi Evans] has “bundled” more than $50,000 for Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and pro-troops groups are demanding that he return the money.” More Here

More ripples and rumblings among democrats.  Now I understand why BHO has not stood with President Bush in his support of Israel.

Posted:  01.05.09

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Reid should greet Mr. Burris with respect, allow him to have his Senate seat

Dozens of black leaders and ministers gave Roland Burris a rousing send-off Sunday at New Covenant Church on Chicago’s South Side. Burris took the stage to a crescendo of drums, organ music and applause as hundreds of supporters cheered his appointment.

“We are hoping and praying that they will not be able to deny what the Lord has ordained,” Burris said. “I am not hesitating. I am now the junior Senator from the state of Illinois. Some people may want to question that and that is their prerogative.”

At New Covenant Church, Bobby Rush called the Senate the “last bastion of plantation politics.” The Chicago Democrat said blacks had been “excluded systematically for too long.”

But several people sitting in the pews during the Burris send-off said their support for his appointment has nothing to do with the him being African-American.

“I’m elated, very happy, overjoyed. Burris has served this community for many years,” said 66-year-old D. Shepherd, a retired minister from Chicago. “He’s the best man under the circumstances; it’s not because he’s black.”

Race is making this a sticky issue, especially since Harry had made it clear to Blagojevich days before Gov. Blagojevich was charged with trying to sell President-elect Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder, who he didn’t want in the post: Jesse Jackson, Jr., Danny Davis or and Emil Jones.

It could be coincidental they are all black, but regardless, I believe they should give the man his Senate seat and show him respect when he arrives in Washington.

I don’t think Harry or anyone else wants to stand in the way of “what the Lord has ordained.”  I just really don’t.

Posted:  01.05.09


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