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Bill Richardson withdraws

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell broke the story which was later released by the Obama transition team — Bill Richardson has withdrawn as a nominee for Commerce Secretary in the Obama administration.

A federal grand jury is investigating whether a financial firm improperly won more than $1.4 million in work for the state of New Mexico shortly after making contributions to political action committees of Gov. Bill Richardson (D).

The probe focuses on whether the governor’s office urged a state agency to hire CDR Financial Products. The probe is in a highly active stage at a time when President-elect Barack Obama has chosen Richardson as his nominee for secretary of commerce, according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

Andrea says this is “huge, and a major setback” for Richardson.

See story Here.

Quite a bit of controversy whirling around Obama before he even takes office.  But Richardson should be easy to replace.

Posted: 01.04.09

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