Meter Reader Speaks Out

Meter Reader Press Conference  3:30

Roy Kronk, the meter reader who found the remains of Caylee Anthony, said that during the course of his employment he discovered the body.  He says that in August he had previously reported that he had spotted a bag in same area where the body was eventually found.  “I have been and will continue to cooperate with the investigation.”  He declines to say what he saw at the crime scene.


Roy Kronk, the utility worker, at his press conference today.

Photo by Red Huber, Orlando Sentinel.  See more @,0,5614814.photogallery

 His lawyer says:  David Adams, attorney — Mr. Kronk says until today he has chosen to remain anonymous.  His participation in this matter is as a concerned citizen with a sharp eye, instincts, and perseverance.  He has no  connection with the case or the Anthonys and those speculating to the contrary could not be more wrong. He pleads for relief to his co-workers who have been the target of intrusive news tactics.  Mr. Adams says that Mr. Kronk asks that you leave his co-workers alone without further intrusion.  He thanks the management of Orange County Utilities for their support and he thanks his colleagues for their protection of his privacy and that they have sacrificed their own in doing so.

Mr. Adams goes on to say that at the present time Mr. Kronk will not grant interviews about the case.  He will continue to cooperate with the authorities. He will not be responding to questions here today.  If and when he decides to have an interview, he will make that decision known and select the appropriate interview forum.  He asks again that his privacy be respected and do not attempt to contact him.  He says, “permit him peace and quiet over the holidays” and that the story of the events will come out in days to come.

Ashley Banfield, CNN, says that Casey Anthony was informed of the news conference 15 minutes prior. (I think she meant the news conference with the sheriff and the ME,)   Her pastor came to the jail to be with her and she refused to see him.

Posted:  12.19.08   Updated:  12.19.08 7:15 p.m.


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6 responses to “Meter Reader Speaks Out


    If the meter reader found and reported this in August, I believe he is entitled to the reward money…Who agrees?


  2. bellalu0

    Denise, Is there a reward? I heard Padilla say he had withdrawn the reward he was offering.


  3. I have been thinking about this case and how this could have happened with what has been said about the condition of the way the body was found. The reporting on what was being searched for on the internet with the home computer, and the Grandparents first reaction to the smell of the trunk of their car.

    Say this woman wanted to go out partying, and didn’t have a baby sitter. There are photos of her partying shortly after the last time anyone sees her child alive.

    She sedates her child, and worries what happens if she wakes up and starts screaming or crying while she is in the trunk of the car sleeping? So she duct tapes her mouth so if she wakes up she doesn’t scream, and alert anyone her mother has “Stored” her in her trunk. I don’t think this is an accident. I think this is “child abuse” I think the way the body was disposed of shows a lack of care or remorse. It reminds me of the way people would get rid of their pets. The Mom finally remembered she left her child in the trunk of her car? Found her Dead. Has this person in jail been screened for drug or alcohol abuse?

    I can see the Defense wanting to claim it was an accident but this doesn’t fall under accidental death, this isn’t how “Human Beings” treat their child.

    This person they have in jail narcissistic to say the least, manipulative, uncaring to say this woman appears emotionally stunted, would be an understatement. I hope there is a psychiatric evaluation done.

    The Grandparents need to face reality, and be their Grandchild’s advocate. They failed this child in life, they need to make amends to her in death. I don’t for one minute believe the Grandparents, didn’t know what they were dealing with re their daughter’s true nature.

    God Bless this Innocent Child, Caylee Anthony, Rest In Peace.


  4. bellalu0

    laree, I have really been mulling this over since the body was found.

    I would like to raise a few questions just for discussion.

    1. Is it possible that she was careless in watching the child and someone took her? Or did she leave her with someone non-reliable and then couldn’t find her? Which is why she may have made up the story she did, not wanting to admit she had been so irresponsible?

    2. Does it seem likely that she would put duct tape around the child’s head and face? I can’t see that if she just wanted to be sure she didn’t wake up and cry out. It would be hard to remove and would hurt very much I would think. Maybe a cloth gag of some sort, but duct tape suggests something else to me.

    3. Was mom, Casey, into drugs or perhaps prostitution? She got money somehow and she wasn’t working. That would put her in contact with some questionable people. It’s a fact that she was partying.

    4. How did the utility worker go straight to the body when no one else could find it?


  5. bellalu0

    Just heard the 911 tapes on N. G. I don’t know about the meter reader, kind of giggling about a “freaking body.”

    It wouldn’t be the first time somebody involved insinuated themselves into a case.


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