Utility Worker Called in Tips About Caylee Case in August

New development in the Caylee Anthony case…..

And I have to say THIS IS HUGE.  The utility worker who disovered the body a week or so ago called in tips about a bag beside the road in the same location on August, 11, 12, and 13.  They are now saying that he went back to do his own “investigation,”  and found a bag and the skull, which is contrary to what was earlier reported about his going into the woods to relieve himself.  They also said that he was not there as part of his work either, because there is no meter there to read.  Curious.

The authorities are calling him a responsible citizen at this time.  But this puts a whole new perspective on this case and raises many questions.   As in is there a connection between the meter reader and the Anthony family or the so-called nanny or the defense team?

Dave has a post and some pictures he took today @ http://marinadedave.wordpress.com/

Posted:  12.18.08


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6 responses to “Utility Worker Called in Tips About Caylee Case in August

  1. Ladybug

    I think the utility worker is suspicious, though no one on Nancy Grace seems to have figured this out. He called and said it was white. I thought she was in a dark trash bag, so if it were a white object, the body was not in a bag. Otherwise it was in a black bag and he would have thought nothing about it. He never mentioned the smell. He also said he didn’t want to be identified. Wasn’t there a reward out for her either if found dead or alive? What meter reader makes so much they don’t need money? Then, as you pointed out, he says he relieved himself and just happened to see the bag. A meter reader would also have access to the Anthoney home’s trash to get trash bags if he was the killer. Why were her clothes off? Tape on here head? He could have read Kaycee’s blog about her saying something about tape and put tape on the child to implicate Kaycee further. Did this guy tell the cops he had called before at the scene? It sounds like the body wasn’t in a bag and then a bag shows up. I also know you can smell a dead body in Aug real strong. If I was the Defense, I’d have this guy questioned and a lie detector given.


  2. bellalu0

    Ladybug, Something is not right about his scenario. And when I heard the 911 tapes where he said he wanted to remain anonymous and he couldn’t do that if it was a “freaking body” and sort of laughing. And he said he saw “something white.” He didn’t say it was a bag, however. Didn’t he say it was something white and round? I’m going to see if I can find those tapes and listen again. And did he participate in any of the searches that took place? You would think if he were so concerned, he would have.

    If a mother killed a child, accidentally or otherwise, she wouldn’t then wrap duct tape around the head and take the clothes off.


    Just listened to the 911 recordings:

    On the 11th he said: he “saw something that looked white.”

    On the 12th he said: “behind one of the trees was a (this word is redacted) and a “little farther up there was a fallen tree with a white board hanging across the tree and I saw something round and white underneath of it. And I don’t know what it is but it just didn’t look like something that should be there.” He didn’t want to call the tip line because he was a county employee and wanted to remain anonymous. The man on the phone said he could still remain anonymous and that’s where RK said “not if they find a freaking body.” (kind of laughing)

    On the 13th he said: that he had called in a tip and they wanted him to call when he got to the scene, and “I’m here.” So I guess this is where they send somebody out.

    But, I don’t know if what they played was the entire tapes of not and that could make a difference.

    Anyway: The above was from Greta and the video is @ http://www.foxnews.com/video2/video08.html?maven_referralObject=3359934&maven_referralPlaylistId=&sRevUrl=http://www.foxnews.com/ontherecord/

    Scared Monkeys.com has all four 911 calls in their entirety, it appears anyway. I haven’t had time to listen to all of them yet.

    Question: How many times did a officer go out there to the scene??


  3. zebra

    I know Roy personally (For the sake of privacy, I will not say how. His name has been dragged through the mud enough.) He called me very freaked after the 1st call in August. He was going to do nothing further, until other 3rd parties encouraged him to follow up & make the 2nd & 3rd calls. (Sorry we even encouraged him.) He was truly going to relieve himself as said. If you look at pictures of the area, it’s all private houses, no public rest areas. The only thing you are right about is that meter readers don’t make much money & by the way, the reward was for Kaylee’s safe return, not for the return of her remains. Of course no one even thought of this at that time. He just felt awful for that little girl. I know it’s hard for all of you w/ your warped minds to believe, but there are truely people in this world who care. And do things purely b/c they want to do the right thing. Just b/c you would have other motives dosen’t that everyone would. Please remember that for the purposes of the investigation you are only of the story. This is the norm in criminal investigsations


  4. zebra

    (cont. from above) We all have to keep our eyes on the ball here. We need to look at Casey’s behavior and actions, all guilty. If there is any more blame to go around, we should look to the local police who dropped ball & put ROy in this position. If they had done their job after the 1st call Roy would have been considered the hero he is not the villian he is being made out to be. Until then get a life and stop talking about things you really know nothing about.


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  6. Amanda R .M.

    Since the last entry on here was in January I know we all have come to know more about this case. Now whether the meter reader had anything to do with it what we do know is that Casey Anthony deffinatley did murder this beautiful little girl and that she did have an accomplice but I do not beileve that it was the meter reader, dont shot the messenger u know. However I do believe the boyfriend or family knew/knows something more than their telling us because someone moved her little body from the orginal place after Casey was in custody. Now the comments about her not having any clothes on and saying that her mother wouldn’t have done that come on someone to caught up in their own selfs and not giving a shit where her daughter is or who she is with or abusing her and murdering her probably took the clothes off of Kaylee cause she left her DNA or some sort of evidence that she didn’t won’t found on her daughter. All I have left to say is I hope to God almighty if they don’t justify Kaylee’s death that I hope God almighty does!


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