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Utility Worker Called in Tips About Caylee Case in August

New development in the Caylee Anthony case…..

And I have to say THIS IS HUGE.  The utility worker who disovered the body a week or so ago called in tips about a bag beside the road in the same location on August, 11, 12, and 13.  They are now saying that he went back to do his own “investigation,”  and found a bag and the skull, which is contrary to what was earlier reported about his going into the woods to relieve himself.  They also said that he was not there as part of his work either, because there is no meter there to read.  Curious.

The authorities are calling him a responsible citizen at this time.  But this puts a whole new perspective on this case and raises many questions.   As in is there a connection between the meter reader and the Anthony family or the so-called nanny or the defense team?

Dave has a post and some pictures he took today @ http://marinadedave.wordpress.com/

Posted:  12.18.08


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