Media Still Pushing “He’s nuts” (Update)

I’m listening to Alex Witt, MSNBC, and here we go again with the “insanity” references.  So I am going to make a list of the terms I have heard used to describe Blagojevich.

This is Sunday, several days now past the event, but I suppose the plan and method is to repeat, repeat, repeat – repeat it every time the story is reported so that it will sink into the minds of the viewers and thus they begin to dis-believe anything Blago says or has said because, oh, you see, he is “off his rocker.”  How stupid do they think we are?  Well, very stupid.

The way I understand it, these are criminal charges, am I right?  The only question is, “Does he know right from wrong?”  End of story.  If he knows right from wrong he is not crazy, he is not cuckoo, he is not off his rocker.  But if they get the message imbedded in as many minds as possible, then no one will believe him…..they hope.

Today, Sunday, 12.14.o8, as follows:

Alex Witt on MSNBC:

  • delusional
  • sociopath

MSNBC has gone to a doc block at noon so that’s it for them today.

But in prior days, I have heard the following terms used on various networks:

  • he’s nuts  (This was from Bob Beckel right off the bat)
  • lost his marbles
  • you have to be delusional, you have to be psychotic, you have to be truly unhinged
  • mentally unstable
  • cuckcoo
  • utterly mad
  • completely and totally off his rocker
  • erratic and delusional
  • I wonder if he has bipolar disorder
  • smoking glue or something

I’m sure there are more but these are the ones I have heard myself.

UPDATE: CNN at 7:00 p.m. – And I believe this is the only time today they have reported on the story at all on CNN, at least since noon anyway.  Nothing at all about the charges but the following terms were used:

  • mental breakdown
  • clearly something’s wrong

*Jesse, Jr. says*

  • lacks mental capacity
  • cannot perform his functions
  • violated a number of statutes
  • he’s mentally incapacitated
  • he cannot function

*Dr. Phil says*

  • mental instability is a legitimate concern
  • if allegations are true, you have to assume somebody is very anti-social, very little ability to have a conscience, don’t feel remorse, and feels utterly above the law.

Posted:  12.14.08   Updated:  12.14.08   7:00 p.m.


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2 responses to “Media Still Pushing “He’s nuts” (Update)

  1. stjudetheobscure

    Strange how everyone in the media picks up on the same talking points. I wonder where they got such similar ideas?


  2. bellalu0

    Talking points from the DNC or Media Matters?


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