Emanuel Did Talk With Governor’s Office About Senate Seat

“I’m confident that no representatives of mine would have any part of any deals related to this seat”…..”What I’m absolutely certain about is that our office had no involvement around any deal-making, that I’m absolutely certain of. “

I guess the key word is “deals” but we shall see.  The Chicago Tribune is reporting there was, indeed, discussion between Rahm Emanuel and the Rod Blagojevich administration regarding a replacement for Obama’s Senate seat.

Rahm Emanuel, President-elect Barack Obama’s pick to be White House chief of staff, had conversations with Gov. Rod Blagojevich‘s administration about who would replace Obama in the U.S. Senate, the Tribune has learned.

One source confirmed that communications between Emanuel and the Blagojevich administration were captured on court-approved wiretaps.


It would be hard to imagine a closer representative of the President-elect than Rahm Emanuel, unless it would be Michelle.  He was the very first appointment.  In fact, Obama made this statement upon his appointment, this from Huffington Post

“I am pleased to announce that my good friend, Congressman Rahm Emanuel, has agreed to serve as my White House chief of staff. I announce this appointment first because the Chief of Staff is central to the ability of a President and Administration to accomplish an agenda. And no one I know is better at getting things done than Rahm Emanuel.”

Good friend.  Good at getting things done.  Countdown.  Under the Bus.  Rahm is fast becoming “not the Rahm Emanuel I knew,”  don’tcha think?

Typical Obama statements:
“I’m saddened by today’s verdict. This isn’t the Tony Rezko I knew, but now he has been convicted by a jury on multiple charges that once again shine a spotlight on the need for reform. I encourage the General Assembly to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent these kinds of abuses in the future.” – Senator Barack Obama

Obama emphasizes “the man (Jeremiah Wright) I saw yesterday was not the man I knew for 20 years.”

Has there ever been a more clueless person in the history of the world?

Read the Tribune story by Bob Secter @ http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-rahm-obama13dec13,0,3359611.story

Posted:  12.13.08


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6 responses to “Emanuel Did Talk With Governor’s Office About Senate Seat

  1. I don’t understand why Obama’s team is so reluctant to let on that they have had communication with Blagojevich. What seems critical is not that they’ve had communicaton, but did they engage in pay for play? I have a very hard time beleving Obama, Emanuel, or any of their team would engage in that game.


  2. goodtimepolitics

    Do you have a problem of Obama saying that he had no contact with Blagojevich 4wrdthnkndad?


  3. Yes I do have a problem with him saying his team had no contact with Blagojevich. My first thought was like so much of Obama’s administration, this feels very Clintonesque. Sort of like saying, “i did not have sexual relations with…..” To really be a “change” agent, tell the truth.


  4. RE:
    “Rahm is fast becoming “not the Rahm Emanuel I knew,” don’tcha think?”

    No, not at all. Rahm Emanuel did his job as Chief of Staff just like he should. That is, he protected President-Elect Obama. Gov. Blagojevich had to get through Emanuel to talk to Obama about a bribe, and he didn’t succeed. Emanuel stopped him cold and told him to get lost, and offered nothing but “our gratitude” for a preferred appointment of replacement Senator.

    Then, on the first day that this story broke, a couple of national news services reported that Emanuel called the FBI and reported Blagojevich. That story has since disappeared, perhaps because nobody would confirm it. The FBI won’t reveal informants, and Emanuel doesn’t want the negative publicity.

    But one thing is certain: Almost immediately, U.S.Attorney Fitzgerald busted Blagojevich, before he could appoint a replacement Senator. That was not a coincidence. You can bet on that.

    It looks to me like Chief of Staff Emanuel has scored his first victory, before he even took office.


  5. RE:
    “Yes I do have a problem with him saying his team had no contact with Blagojevich.”

    No, you have to watch the wording VERY carefully.

    Obama said that he didn’t talk about a bribe with Blagojevich. I find that believable. He didn’t; Rahm Emanuel did.

    Then Obama said that none of his staff were involved in making any deal the Blagojevich.
    Also true — Emanuel told Blagojevich, “No way,
    Jose’. All we offer is our gratitude for a good appointment.”

    The one thing that Obama did not say was that none of his staff had talked to Blagojevich about a bribe or a deal. — Because they had, but they
    didn’t make any deal.

    Watch the wording very, very, carefully.


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