Remains of Caylee Anthony May Be Found

Cross made of daisies and other flowers placed near the spot where skeletal remains of a child were found today in Orlando, Nancy Grace says only 15 houses away from the Anthony home.  It is thought to be the missing child, Caylee Anthony, missing now for about six months.  Official identification of the body has not been made.


(Photo by Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel)

The area was searched previously but this particular spot was mostly under water at the time, according the Tim Miller, Director of Texas EquuSearch.  Tim Miller started the Texas EquuSearch in honor of  his daughter, Laura, who was abducted and murdered in 1984.

I thought it was uncanny that the body was found just the next day after Cindy and George Anthony, the child’s grandparents, made an appearance on Larry King Live.  They stated last night they really believed Caylee was still alive.  The child’s mother, Casey, is in jail and charged with the murder.

Utility worker found the remains by accident.,0,5146213.story

See more @ the Orlando Sentinel –,0,3504638.story

Posted:  12.11.08


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5 responses to “Remains of Caylee Anthony May Be Found

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  2. Thank you, bellalu0, for the link to my post. The discussion has died down a bit since I first wrote it, though, but it is very much appreciated. Also, thank you for the nice compliment on my photos.


  3. bellalu0

    Thank so much for commenting, Dave.


  4. Everyone jumps…like I did…to beleive the mother did this…but you know we haven’t passed through much time if you think about how fast people are willing to place the blame and conviction… such as the case with our Jesus Crist. Let the judge and jury decide the fate. Let the facts be released…as we know the press can be misleading…such as the Iraq war….aka our president…justice will prevail…if we don’t beleive…we must all run for shelter.


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