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Is the Honeymoon Already Over?

I am thinking, Where is the change?  What is he doing?

But Barack Obama hasn’t been sworn in and already some of his supporters are sounding a little disgruntled.  I was for McCain/Palin, no secret about that, but even I am not being too critical – at least not yet. 

For instance, this from a blogger at Firedoglake, who says, “The list of disappointments is getting long…..almost as long as Barack Obama’s arm that he used to take our money and efforts to get himself elected.  All we have seen is the short arm he has used to punch us in the face and collect street cred with villagers for having done so.”  Hmmm.

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Jeremiah Wright Sees Obama Win as “Mixed Bag”


Jeremiah Wright reminisces about his experiences during the campaign of now President elect Obama.  He says he was kind of hurt when he found out about his removal, without being told, from  Obama’s African-American religious advisory committee last spring.  He said he found out about it while watching television.

Watching the election returns on TV—Wright was apparently not invited to the Grant Park rally—was somewhat bittersweet, he told Sirius XM Radio host Mark Thompson.

“It was like a mixed bag of being proud of him and being blessed to have lived to see something my parents would never have believed was going to happen while at the same time having been put up as the whipping boy by the media to be the weapon of mass destruction to destroy his candidacy,” he said.

He went on to say he would not hesitate to offer up criticism of Obama, reinterating the statement he made before the National Press Club in April 28, 2008.  Direct quote from the transcript is:  “And I said to Barack Obama, last year, ‘If you get elected, November the 5th, I’m coming after you, because you’ll be representing a government whose policies grind under people.’  All right? It’s about policy, not the American people.”


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Chicago Will Be Obama’s Crawford, Texas

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Obamas will be keeping their home in the Chicago Kenwood neighborhood, the one they bought in 2005 for $1.65 million.  The century-old dwelling comes with four fireplaces, Honduran mahogany and a wine cellar.


During a brief outing to a South Loop deli the other day, the president-elect shook hands with diners and told one of them he isn’t planning to put the house on the market when he heads to Washington in January.

“We’re keeping our house,” Obama said, “We’re staying in there for a while. Now’s not the time to sell.”

Whatever Obama’s attachment to the home, there could be some upside for him in getting rid of it. The house is a reminder of Obama’s connection to convicted political fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who bought a vacant lot next door and then sold part of that land to Obama in a deal that led to controversy on the campaign trail.

Most of the neighbors seem to be taking the added security in stride.  About 12 blocks are cordoned off with tight security.  Some are hoping there might be an “Obama bump” in the real estate market in the Kenwood and adjoining Hyde Park neighborhoods.


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Cruise With a Ghostly Twist

James Van Praagh, popular medium and psychic, is offering “The Ghostly Voyage” in September of 2009.  Exploring Europe and the spirit world at the same time is something new for those who have done everything, I guess.  Prices range from a little over $2,000 all the way up to about $6,000.

He asks, “Have you ever had the feeling someone was watching you or dreamt a departed loved one was trying to reach you?” ” Have you ever noticed the spirit world is all around you waiting to be noticed?”

Not really.

Mr. Van Praagh says that while taking in the beauty of Mediterranean cities, he will “teach you how to  communicate with spirits, explore healing and past-life recall…..,” and who knows what else.

I would love to visit Rome, Florence, Monte Carlo, but to be honest, I don’t want to be calling up any spirits while on the high seas, with no escape route. 🙂

von-praagh He is the author of several bestsellers — Ghosts Among Us, Talking To Heaven, Heaven and  Earth, Looking Beyond and others and has made numerous television appearances, as well as hosting his own show called Beyond in 2002.

Get all the details here:


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Barbara Walters to Interview First Couple

Barbara Walters will interview President elect and Lady elect Obama on Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. on ABC for a  one-hour special.


Topics will be the transition, the economy, foreigh policy, and how the family is handling the changes in their lives.

Parts of the enterview will also air on Good Morning America,  World News, and Nightline.


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