Barack Obama Visits Deli in Chicago

Today, as Congress is debating the auto industry and their requested bailout of billions, trying to avert economic disaster, President elect Obama is in Chicago, eating  a corned beef sandwich for lunch. (Is he still a member of the Senate?)


Valerie Jarrett, friend and transition team adviser, shown here with Obama at Manny’s Deli

When asked about the auto industry problems, he dodged the question.  “I got the corned beef,”  I think he picked the cherry pie, too.

Posted:  11.21.08


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3 responses to “Barack Obama Visits Deli in Chicago

  1. diogenes


    If you paid any attention, you’d probably know that Obama is not a member of the Senate anymore.


  2. bellalu0

    All I want to know is how was the corned beef?


  3. diogenes

    Corned beef is always good. But pastrami is better


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