The Emanuel Brothers: Zeke, Rahm, and Ari

From NPR Morning Edition, November 14, 2008 · Hollywood is buzzing about a documentary on Barack Obama. A film crew has been following Obama for two years. One of the talent agents involved with the project is Ari Emanuel. He’s the brother of Congressman Rahm Emanuel, who has been chosen as White House chief of staff to Barack Obama. So far, the third Emanuel brother has not been involved with the project. Zeke Emanuel is a doctor at the NIH Clinical Center.

The Emanuel brothers:  First son, Zeke, middle son, Rahm, youngest, Ari. 

From a Charlie Rose interview:

The strength in the brothers’ relationship (they speak several times a day) is the product of a tight-knit family upbringing. The three Emanuel brothers credit their parents with fostering fraternal closeness nurtured at the family dinner table, where the brothers were schooled in the art of argumentation. Keeping abreast of politics, culture and history was expected, and verbal aggression was not seen as harmful, or as Rahm told Rose, “Normally a swear word is associated with epithets — in our house, it’s a term of affection.”

More about the brothers:

The Emanuel brothers personality test from hell:

Posted:  11.15.08

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One response to “The Emanuel Brothers: Zeke, Rahm, and Ari

  1. I think it is just ODD!

    How could Barack Obama sign up for Selective Service 30 July 1980, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Government Stamp 29 July 1980, when he left Hawaii in 1979? The link I provide below to his only selective service record, released by “freedom of information act” Oct 30,2008, This is By Debbie Schlussel.

    Dunham died Nov. 2 at the age of 86, two days before Obama won the presidency. She and her late husband, Stanley, raised him from 1971 until he graduated high school and left Hawaii in 1979.

    There is NO ID checked on this Selective Service Record. They would have written down his Driver’s licenses number, so Barack Obama didn’t have a driver’s licenses when he was 18 or 19 years old? If he left Hawaii in 1979 how does he sign up for Selective Service in 30 July 1980? Wouldn’t the Dept of Motor Vehicles in Honolulu, Hawaii, Have a record of his Driver’s Licenses if he had one?


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